9/11 gave birth to new protective measures. Bush 2, Obama and Trump initiated actions to more fully protect the U.S. A problem has arisen. Trump once again has gone too far.

Many of Thump’s initiatives as bad as the federal government climbing into bed with a husband and wife.

Trump is a control freak. His goal to dominate everything. He understands not the Constitution and the limits it imposes on the Presidency.

His habit is to go a step too far.

A recent Trump wrongdoing involves the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Tennessee’s State Police.

They are no longer employed by the State of Tennessee. They are employees of the Department of Homeland Security.

How he accomplished it, I do not know. However, it is fact.

Once again, Trump is wrong. The State Police being taken over by a federal agency cannot be legal. A clear violation of state rights.

Does it scare you? It should. The state trooper giving you a speeding ticket has powers far beyond that of a normal state trooper. Why? My speeding ticket is none of the federal government’s business!

Is there another reason? Can it be to place “troops” in Trump’s control in the event he deems such necessary? Like refusing to leave the Presidency because he plans on declaring the November 3 election “rigged.”

Whatever way Trump turns, he continues to make life for the American people more difficult.

Coronavirus has brought many new and different ways as to how the American people live. One is the way people shop. Pandemic buying the new vogue.

Actually called “eCommerce” shopping. More and more are going to delivery shopping.

The second quarter of this year found a 44 percent spike in delivery orders. Areas that have expanded include groceries, building materials, garden supplies, and furniture.

Walmart a perfect example of a company prospering via the increased delivery demand. Walmart’s sales were up 97 percent in the second quarter of this year compared to the second quarter of last year.

America has been recognized till recently as the smartest nation in the world. First in most things.

I don’t have to tell you not any more. Trump has made it possible for the U.S. to lose its #1 ranking in many areas.

Coronavirus is one. It is literally killing us. The whole world has been affected. Some countries have taken way more aggressive steps than the U.S. to eradicate the problem.

Australia for example. Australia is using high tech “surveillance drones” to catch people outside not wearing masks.

The University of North Carolina was the first institution of higher learning to close down. After one week of in class operation, it has told students they must go virtual to continue their educations. The high numbers of new virus infections demanded the course of action.

Yesterday, Michigan State and Notre Dame advised they were closing down in room classes.

Notre Dame experienced 146 coronavirus cases in the first 8 days it was open.

Notre Dame is shut down for 2 weeks. A wait and see period. Michigan State for the entire semester.

It appears the people have won in the Post Office battle. It was announced by the Post Office’s de Joy yesterday that all recent cutbacks, etc. were suspended till after the election. Mailboxes will be returned to where they stood, mail sorting machines put back in place, overtime permitted, employees paid for overtime, and whatever else was involved.

This is a President Reagan situation. Recall his deliberations with Russia. “Trust, but verify.” Everything must be rock solid so Trump cannot do something negative again a few days before the election.

Coronavirus has added a new phrase to our language. Pandemic proxy. Means in effect that more people will be voting by mail than at the polls. The reason being no one wants to get the disease. Especially the old.

Florida’s primary was yesterday. A huge senior citizen state.

It was reported this morning that mail in voting dominated. Few actually voted in person in comparison.

Bodes well for Biden.

The media was flooded this morning with reports concerning the Senate Intelligence Report re its investigation into the 2016 election,  Trump, and some Trump colleagues. The query was whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 election and who knew what when.

The Report was positive. There was interference and named who.

There were suggestions of perjury. Some involved had lied during the Mueller investigation and before Congressional hearings.

The Report was slightly less than 1,000 pages.

The Report could be Trump’s Waterloo.

Wikileaks is involved.

U.S. persons involved, including Trump, openly accepted Russia’s help. Recall Trump’s statement on TV back when: “I love Wikileaks!” Why did he say that in the middle of a campaign?

The Russian information was received and used to help the Trump campaign.

Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. His e-mails were a considerable portion of the Russian help provided.

The Report makes clear Trump’s claim that Russia helped him was a “hoax” is a bald faced lie.

Recall also, at some point Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager. The Report indicates Manafort owed millions of dollars to Russian banks at the time.

Everyone tells us Russia is doing it again. Already interfering in the 2020 election. We seem to be doing nothing about it. U.S. intelligence has warned Trump. He refuses to take their advice. I doubt he will pay attention to any of the items contained in the Senate Report.

Mitch McConnell has issued a statement that he doubts the Senate is likely to pass a stand alone bill re the Post Office. Typical politics at its worst. The problem a simple one. Put the Post Office back where it was a month ago and give the Post Office $25 billion to assure everything is covered re mail balloting.

Sally Yates spoke last night to the “Democratic convention.” One line sticks in my mind: Trump “trampled on the rule of law.”

Oh, to be one of the very rich! To do things like sending men to Mars.

Silicon Valley has produced a ton of millionaires. Some are interested in “biohacking.” A process that could produce “eternal life.”

Biohacking is making alterations to the human body to keep it younger. A fountain of youth, in effect. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel.

The rich involved want to be “immortal.” Can’t knock them for desiring such and putting their money where their mouths are.

PayPal founder Peter Thiel is a leader in the biohavcking movement. His plan simple. Inject the blood of a teenager into an older person. The practice is known as “parabiosis.”

It has already been tested successfully on mice. The mice had a “massive rejuvenating” experience. The males were chasing the females.

Thief does not believe in the “ideology of the inevitability of death.”

NETFLIX has a series beginning tomorrow concerning  what has been described herein. It is titled appropriately BIOHACKS.

Key West’s local elections were held yesterday. Mayor Teri Johnston was reelected by a large margin in a three way race. She won with just under 60 percent of the vote.

Actor Peter Gallagher is 65 years old today.

I met him some 25 yeas ago at Atlantic Shores. He was with two lovely ladies.

We all had our clothes on. We joked that qualified us as “voyeurs,” which was true that day.

We chatted a bit. A nice guy. Very friendly.

I have not seen him featured in a movie in years. I assume he is in retirement.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Please, enough with the politics and get on with your otherwise excellent blog. I get it, you don’t like Trump, I don’t either. But quit letting Trump suck out all of the air in your blog, because that’s what’s happening. Please, more Key West and less Trump.

    • Perhaps I should call this Key West Lou Pandemic Blog. Because that is what it is. Apparently you do not read all my blogs. I have now been in quarantine for 168 days. Only exception visits to doctor and hospital. Key West is basically closed down. When I wrote much of Key West, I was out every evening and the town was going full blast. Not so now and for a while. How long it will last, I do not know. My friends stay home also. The Chart Room continues to be closed. If you wish more Key West, I will have to go out and subject my 85 year old body with a bad heart and other maladies to the virus. No way. Ergo, all I am left with is Donald and whatever I can discover through the internet.

      • Keep on keeping on, Louis. Your thoughts and observations on ANY of the current events, including Trump, COVID-19, etc. are always welcome. I, for one, look forward to whatever you have to say in your daily blog, whether it’s about KW, May Johnson, hurricanes, local government, world events and the list goes on. It’s always a disappointment when you need to miss a day now and then.


    • Forget about this guy Lou, same old suspicious post about you blogging too much stuff about politics and that you should just go back to writing about Key West stuff, just after you embarrazzed him by exposing Trump for having been so clearly proven to have colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 elections. Just his way of trying to change the story from what he doesn’t want to hear.

      Nothing new from him, once he follows up with his crocodile tears about his opinions not being taken seriously and that he’s out of here and will never come back.

    • Hey Jeff – I’ve been reading Lou’s blog for over 10 years now and he always posts about politics. But I guess you already know that and just want to change the subject. We’ve heard this all before and we all know how you’ll end it. Let me be the first to say adios and good riddance, AGAIN.

      • But he always does come back, because he’s just a troll with various denial problems. Doesn’t ever dawn on him he has loser ideas and bad opinions, blames everybody else.

  2. Duh

    Trump attempted to coerce schools to reopen with in-person learning by threatening to withhold funds. Now grammar schools, high schools and colleges are having to close down again because of Trump’s bumbling and foolish handling of the pandemic.

    What did Trump or anyone else espect when kids are being sent back to school.

    Well Duh

  3. Lou’s comment about the post office reversing its position is only partially correct. Postmaster DeJoy has pledged to suspend any further removal of mailboxes, sorting machines and other infrastructure until after the election. But in a conversation with Nancy Pelosi today he said he had no intention of putting back the equipment already removed.

    • Nor has he reversed several other impediments he has put in place that have nothing to do with cost cutting and EVERYTHING to do with mail in voter suppression.

    • Trump is definitely attempting to kneecap the post office in order to hamper the delivery of mail-in ballots. Postmaster DeJoy is feeling the heat from the public, and has stopped removing equipment. Can any more be done about it before the election? Speaker Pelosi thinks so. She is recalling the House members to vote on a bill called the “Delivering for America Act,” which would prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to operations or level of service it had in place on Jan first. So far, so good. But there is a problem.

      We all learned in fifth grade that a bill cannot become law until pazzed by both the House and the Senate and signed by the President. Since the Senate is in recess until September and Trump is not likely to sign the bill anyway, I don’t see what Pelosi hopes to accomplish. Unless, of course, the whole production of recalling the House, grilling witnesses, Nancy’s signature with cameras rolling, and sending the bill off to the empty Senate is just political grandstanding. Nah. Surely not.

      And maybe, just maybe, while all of this hoopla is going on, the House could take another look at crafting a new coronavirus financial aid package for the millions of Americans who desperately need it. I believe the Senate would return for that, and support a bill limited to unemployment relief for individuals and families.

      • o, are you saying that since Palizzi can’t get anything done without the Senate approving it, which they won;t and even if they did that Trump wouldn’t sign it any way, that she sheould just do nothing – so that you could then complain how she is doing nothing, like you have always done. seem to me, no one, that you are of two faces, and really ‘no one!’ after all. The problem is the Republicans in the Senate and Trump and YOU should be making that clear and criticising them directly in stead of ‘back door’ criticisms of Palozzi

  4. A pleasure to watch some interesting adult political speeches on TV with the Democratic convention. Next week starts the doom and gloom scare speeches, from the Republican convention. I for one will give that a pazz.

    • He also said that HE will decide if it was rigged and fair. Although I don’t think that is within his powers, he has NOT let that get in his way before. It is also being reported that he has already hired a team of lawyers in each of the states that determines this (the EC states of importance) apparently to automatically and immediately contest each count.

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