Coronavirus has changed the way w live in many respects. And will continue to do so. Some changes will be permanent, others temporary.

The Democratic Convention opened last night. The new way. No thousands of people cloistered close hooting and hollering. Instead the new rules for living in a Covid-19 society applied.

I enjoyed most parts.

The opening left me proud and happy. I was an American experiencing an important American event. The children dressed in red, white and blue singing the National anthem moving. They were the emotional highlight of the Convention’s first 45 minutes.

I enjoyed listening to John Kasich. Former Republican Governor of Ohio.

Kasich has what it take to govern. The old way, the right way. I admired his career in Congress. Followed his actions closely.

A good man.

He crossed over and spoke at the Democratic Convention. Spoke loudly what he thought of Trump. He is not a new comer to the anti Trump group. Even before Trump was elected, he was against him. He saw the evil and without fear spoke out.

He is Republican fodder for the Republican nomination some year in the future.

Kasich’s words right on: “America is at a crossroads.”

Michelle Obama the best of the best. History will remember her. An exceptional first lady, an exceptional person.

Not afraid to speak ill of Trump. Not really ill. She spoke truth. The man is evil.

One of her comments stayed with me: “He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do this job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment.”

The most emotional words came from Kristin Urquiza. She spoke of her Dad who died from coronavirus.

Her father had been a staunch supporter of Trump. Her words powerful: “His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that he paid with his life.”

New Zealand’s President is a woman. Scares the hell out of Trump as most women do.

She and Trump have had words in the past. Trump is attacking her again.

Why? New Zealand’s success in dealing with coronavirus.

New Zealand followed the rules and appeared to have defeated the virus entirely. More than 100 days past and no new cases. Then suddenly last week 4 in one day in Auckland. In a family.

Today, the number has risen to 7.

New Zealand does not want to go back where it was when the virus had overtaken everything.

The first step last week was to close everything down, work from home, wear masks, etc. Yesterday, it was announced a new plan was also under consideration. Managed quarantine facilities. Stated simply, quarantine camps. Infected, in you go. Not just the infected person, the entire family.

Such it is believed would prevent spread and eliminate the virus quicker.

Some New Zealanders are not happy with the plan. Referred to their home country as a “police state” if such occurs.

How bad can it be? Full medical staff will be available. Care will be the same as in a hospital. One added benefit, if infected badly and death imminent, the infected person’s family will be at bedside.

I appreciate it is easy for me to talk. I am here and neither sick nor in one of New Zealand’s quarantine camps.

One thing is certain, however. The plan should dramatically help in keeping the spread of the virus down.

Send the kids back to school?

A real issue. A hot one.

My observation involves a university. The University of North Carolina. Student body 30,000.

Opened last week with in person classes. Lasted one week. Closed. Back to viral learning.

In the one week time frame, the coronavirus rate increased to 13.6 percent from 2.8 percent at the beginning of the week.

What will be the numbers when children return to school?

I believe bad. Perhaps more than North Carolina’s percentage wise. Trump will then have screwed up again. He is a master at it.

The opposite of Obamacare? Trumpdontcare.

Trump’s most recent cry is that he is trying to save the Post Office which is sick. His words nothing less than an attempt to save his ass!

Today is Primary Day in Florida. A local election day.

In addition to primaries, people vote for local officials, budget items, and special issues.

I voted 2 weeks ago by mail in ballot. The type of mail ballot Trump claims is ok.

I hope so.

Tiger Wood’s son Charlie is now 11 years old.

A golfer already!

Two sayings come to mind. “Like father, like son.” And, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Charlie played in a tournament in Palm City, Florida this past weekend. He participated in the 11 year old category.

He won.

The kids played 9 holes. Charlie shot a 33. Three shots under par. Knocked in 3 birdies.

Tiger intermittently caddied for his son along the way.

Competition tough. Second place finisher shot a 38, only 5 strokes behind.

Ah, tuesday night! Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou.

So much to rant and rave about.

Join me. Nine my time. A quick half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



  1. So, it turns out Manafort, Wiki Leaks, Putin and Russia were indeed all closely behind Trump’s 2016 Election effort after all and this the conclusion of the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee.

    All of you idiot Trump supporters who insisted it wasn’t true and all some kind of set up to undermine this president by the Democrats and/or the deep state now look even more foolish and purposely ignorant.

    Tell us again why we should believe you again about ANYTHING.

    • There’s nothing new here. The Senate report confirms what we already knew from the Mueller report.

      (1) Moscow meddled in the 2016 election
      (2) Manafort and other Trump advisors posed a security risk by talking to Russian agents during the 2016 campaign.

      But neither the Mueller report nor this Senate report established a conspiracy or coordination between Moscow and members of President Trump’s campaign. No collusion.

      • Bull Sh*t, you don’t need to have a signed contract to know there was collusion, nor do you need to be very smart to deny it. Don’t forget, Manafort was Trump’s Campaign Manager, making him a colluder, simply by default.

        You only need to be either blind, a tool, or stupid, to try and make the reality otherwise. And we all know you can’t fix stupid. Especially if you have your head up somebody’s azz so far that you can’t get it out.

        Total collusion! As such, the entire campaign was treasonous and corrupt.

        • Lots of opinion there, but short on facts.
          Russia meddled in the 2016 election (Fact)
          No collusion with Russia found by Mueller or Senate committee (Fact)
          End of story.

          • There are NONE so Blind as those who WILL not see.

            You are not giving correct facts, just BS YOU are calling facts and you have no authority to declare when this story is ended.

            Manafort is described in the Senate as a Russian azzet, he was also Trump’s campaign chairman, which speaks for it self, doesn’t it. That’s what you call collusion, there is no other definition.

            The Mueller report has never been released, only Bill Barr’s summary, which is like what you would be describing as horse dung if Janet Reno exonerated Clinton in a summary of the Ken Starr report of the Lewinsky incident.

            Your insistence that there was no collusion is a wish, not the truth and free thinking Americans know that, especially now with the Republican Senate confirming just that.

            • When someone believes that everyone in government is lying to him, that’s called a paranoid personality disorder.

              Unless you live inside the beltway. Then it’s called situational awareness.

              • Well, when some people believe that the government is always telling you the truth, like with Trump’s government, that’s called being blind and dusional.

                Unless you live inside the beltway. Then it’s called “fool the people.”

          • The Senate intel report clearly confirmed that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia in 2016 election! Lot’s of sources for that now.

  2. Just watched NBC nightly news. The big stories are removal of mailboxes and sorters (when was the last time you actually mailed a letter?) and Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC convention (new photos of him online today getting a mazzage from one of Epstein’s victims). Remember when the big stories were about financial aid to out of work citizens? Or caravans of illegal immigrants on our border? Or chaos And violence in the streets of Portland, Seattle, Chicago and NYC? Are all of those problems no longer newsworthy? Does your nose hurt from being led around by it?

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