Many topics of interest today.

Yesterday was primary day in Florida.

The votes were all counted by 10 last night.

Voting by mail set an all time high. A record.

The vote was less than it would be if a major office were involved like President or Senator. Nevertheless, significant.

We are dealing with whores as regards the Post Office issues. Trump and DeJoy leading the pack.

Tuesday DeJoy announced removal of mailboxes and sorting machines was “suspended” till after the election. Yesterday, he told Pelosi that the boxes and machines removed would not be returned. He was merely stopping further removals. What was gone, was gone.

DeJoy has swiftly learned Washington ways. He speaks with a twisted tongue.

Six hundred thirty five sorting machines already removed.

Now for the beauty of it all. Word is DeJoy has hired an outside PR firm to ward off any public election fears.

It need not be said. We all know the Post Office is important to the everyday life of the nation.

What is happening today is not the first time the mail was not moving.

Post Office employees went on strike in 1970. A wildcat one. Low wages the issue.

Nixon declared a national emergency. Called out the national guard to work the post offices. Not a legal move. However no one called him on it.

Thirty percent of postal workers refused to work. The strike lasted 8 days.

Pictures show bags of mail stacked up in Post Offices. Reminded me of garbage strikes in New York City.

Americans were irritated. Politely stated. Pissed off a more accurate description.

The Vietnam War was ongoing. Mail to and from loved ones not moving, welfare checks not being received, small businessmen were saying they might have to go out of business, draft notices were not being received.

The scenario is about to be replayed. With one significant addition. Mail in ballots.

A  gigantic mess in the making!

Never fails! The vermin come out of the wood work and Trump supports them.

A group called QAnon in the news.

QAnon is a far right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against Trump and his supporters. A group has gathered around the theory.

QAnon supports Trump to the ultimate.

Q the leader. No one sure whether Q is one person or more than one.

Some of the theories/beliefs of QAnons include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros planning a coup while simultaneously involved as members of an international child sex trafficking ring.

Also, certain Hollywood stars are pedophiles.

They presently are pushing drinking a particular industrial bleach as a “miracle cure” for Covid-19.

They claim children are being abducted in large numbers to supply a child trafficking ring.

They are considered to be anti-Semitic.

Some of the milder QAnon theories include that North Korean leader Kim Jong un is a puppet ruler installed by the CIA and that Angela Merkel is Adolph Hitler’s granddaughter.

QAnon believes Trump is battling sex trafficking world wide. They view Trump as a “patriot.”

Trump’s reaction to the group typical.

He knows not much about them. However, Trump says they appear to be people who “love our country…..they supposedly love me.”

Trump failed to answer specific questions at a press conference yesterday as to whether he agreed with conspiracy positions taken by QAnon.

By so doing, Trump in effect embraced proponents of QAnon’s conspiracy theories.

Germany has begun an interesting study. Has to do with “universal basic income.”

Simply stated, the government will provide X number of dollars per month to persons.

The study is a 3 year one. The 120  Germans participating will receive $1,400 per month during the 3 years.

Another group is involved in the study. Those receiving the payments will be compared to 1,380 not receiving them.

Finland tried universal basic income in 2017 and 2018. Mixed results. Finland is considering trying it again. Coronavirus the motivation.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Bannon, Another one of Trump’s swamp rats, now arrested. Got’s to find me a parlor to bet when he too get’s pardoned.

    • Disagree. Nothing about a pardon for Bannon would make Trump look good. Trump pardons when it helps Trump or pleases a substantial segment of the population.

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