History repeats itself. No question about it. Some learn from history. Good and bad.

The NFL, National Anthem, kneel, don’t kneel, Trump’s influence, continue. Not soon to be resolved. The NFL’s recent proclamation re stand or remain in the locker room added fuel to the fire.

A similar situation existed in Nazi Germany. Involved German football players, standing before a game, shouting with outstretched arms Heil Hitler.

Christmas Day 1933. Metz, France. The German team the Karlsruhe Football Club. Playing a French team in France.

Anti-German tensions had been running high. The French sensed a riot in the making. They asked the German team not to Heil Hitler! If they did, the French team would not play and the German team would receive no compensation.

The German Club capitulated to the French demands.

Hitler was furious.

A German newspaper described the situation as “Footballers In Disgrace.”

Hitler banned all German football teams from playing outside Germany till further notice.

Hitler’s influence was obvious. As was the fear of him by the German Football Association. The German Football Association issued a written “encouragement.” Actually, a mandate. The teams were to expel Jewish players, the players were required to give the Hitler salute before and after games, swastikas were to be displayed in stadiums.

Forced patriotism.

Was Trump aware of the German football problem when he came out with the National Anthem position? Does the NFL stand in the shoes of the German football Association? Are Heil Hitler and standing for the National Anthem forced patriotism? Comparable in any fashion?

Ivana Trump in a 1990 Vanity Fair interview claimed husband Donald kept Hitler’s book My New Order by his bedside. The book a compilation of Hitler’s speeches from his earliest days to the 1939 Phony War.

Did My New Order contain references to the Heil Hitler/football problem?

I sense the NFL/kneel or no kneel/National Anthem problem is history repeating itself.

Some readers will disagree. I see the comments coming already. They will distinguish Heil Hitler from the National Anthem, the German players not having an alternative to remain in the locker room, Trump not being Hitler, etc.

My response in advance: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it is a duck.

A busy  Memorial Day.

Spent the daytime working on tonight’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. It changes right up to show time based on what happens during the day.

Join me. The show is fast moving, interesting, and in many instances revealing. Nine my time.

Terri was singing last night with Dueling Bartenders. Picked her up early and delivered her to Aqua. Terri’s driving days are over.

Enjoyed Tom, Rick and Terri performing. John from the Chart Room showed up. Donna came in from work.

John joined Donna, Terri and me for dinner at the Conch Republic. We shared three large trays of oysters. Excellent!

Last but not least, Alberto. Typical of tropical storms, Alberto fizzled out.

No problem in the Keys, except for excessive rain leading up to Alberto’s arrival.

Alberto hit the Panhandle a tropical storm. However as it passed over and onto land, was down graded to a depression. Which means continued heavy rain for a few days in north Florida and States beyond.

As I drove along Smathers Beach on my way to pick up Terri, I noticed white caps. Not high. Many in number. Side by side, one behind another, rolling up to the beach.

So many white caps rare for Key West. Too late for Alberto. Not sure why they were there.

Enjoy your day!

21 comments on “SOUND FAMILIAR?

  1. Of all the Trump “accomplishments”, his lauding of the NFL decision is the most despicable. Is it time to start flying our Flags upside down yet?

  2. According to what I have heard and seen in my time, R Barr fits the description of your typical Trumpster.

  3. Hey Patrick – I see where earlier today the New England Journal of Medicine released a Harvard Study on the deaths in the AFTERMATH of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. They’re saying that over 4600 people actually died, which is tragically over 70 times the official toll Trump’s people have put out. They are also saying that the toll will probably end up over 5000, when everything is finally and officially said and done.

    Weren’t you the one who insisted for several weeks it was only 19 people and wasn’t going to increase all that much? Weren’t you the one who said the people of PR basically deserved the pain and suffering because they weren’t doing enough to help themselves? Weren’t you the one that said the people on the ground who were saying the devastation was far worse than was announced by the WH and more specifically Donald Trump, the PRESIDENT of the United States, were falsely claiming at the time? Weren’t you the one who was COMPLETELY praising Trump for all he was doing and how he was handling things, particularly how he was handling San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, by putting her in her place? Weren’t you the one who mocked and criticized the rest of us who called you out about your pigheaded and shameful outbursts on all of this? Turns out they were completely right and you weren’t – not even close.

    How can anyone ever listen to you again on anything?

    How do you sleep at night?

    • mickey is back !?

      I have friends with family in PR. They are where I got my info from and will believe what they have to say. Arrests are still being made, Crooked bureaucrats and business men are still selling supplies black market.

      Its difficult to rebuild an infrastructure that was a mess before the hurricanes.

      Just what have you done to help with the hurricane problems ? I spent 2 months in Florida helping with clean-up.

      I sleep pretty well.

      • Patrick – This isn’t about me Patrick, this is about how wrong YOU were about all of this, way wrong. Please don’t try and change the subject. I too have friends in PR and NONE of them were telling me the garbage you so willingly spewed. They told me Cruz was right and that Trump was way wrong. Turns out they were right and YOU were not. You kept insisting that the damage wasn’t so devastating and that only a few people died, probably be more, but not that many more. You were bigly wrong about that, somewhere around 70 times more than the Trump WH is still claiming. The catastrophe in PR was at a minimum, three (3) times worse than Katrina in New Orleans was and has had far less aid and help towards recovery. Then and all this time since. you have continued to deny, deflect and diminish the extent of the tragedy, constantly blaming the victims, even now. I asked you then and I ask you now, have you no shame?

        I am also not really surprised you say you sleep pretty well – you have no soul.

        • To mickey and ronnie, once again you guys make up your own stories. Never did I say PR was not devastated. Two historic hurricanes crushed them and I’ve never said differently. The islands infrastructure was a mess from disregard/ lack of maintenance for decades before the storms which increased the problems and I said that from the beginning. I also did not blame ALL the victims, only those that hindered the recovery and those that continue to do so today. The death reports were the death reports, are they apt to change, sure. I’m thinking everyone at that time could be wrong. Were my numbers wrong, OK, maybe they were wrong. I said what was reported at that time.

          You brought this subject up, now deal with it.

          The Florida Keys got hit hard and I talked to people in the old neighbor hood that said they were without power for 59 days when I was there is Nov.. I’m not going to argue with them, I’ll take what they say. This is an area with good infrastructure before the storm. From recent pictures I’ve seen and conversations from folks there the area is still a mess. So, is PR still going to be a mess ? Absolutely and I’ve said it would take a decade for them to recover. You want to spin what you think I say to suit yourself, go right ahead, thats what you do.

          Now, answer my question. All you want to do is criticize and lay blame. I worked/ volunteered to help with the clean-up once we were in our area. What have you done other than lay blame and bitch.

    • I remember his posts, last fall, right? He wasn’t very pleasant, nasty really. Couldn’t understand what he was really trying to say, apart from Trump was right and those awful Puerto Rican people people were bad, bad people. He kept going on how they were about to invade Florida. Mostly ranting incoherently. I thought maybe he was a drunk.

    • I think Sloan has checked something. Was unable to post for a few days. Appears to be working. Thanks. I’m sure everyone will be glad that I’m back.

        • So Patrick, I guess that explains why there were so many duplicate repeats of your posts over the weekend (see 27 May 2018), your mail client cache built them up as you posted (and reposted) then let them go once your host straightened itself out. Problem now explained and problem now solved.

          You do know that this now proves your lies about never posting here under different names, as you frequently claim? I guess everybody now knows you are a liar as some have always said about this all along. Funny how most liars end up getting caught by their own stupid mistakes.

          • Wasn’t me ‘Anonymous’ as I’ve I’ve said many times before. You can keep on making all the stupid statements and accusations you like, doesn’t make them true.

        • Yep, Probably Randy. Others were having some issues with repeated posts and I was unable to post. Sloan checked it and was able to post using my name. I don’t know what the issue was.

  4. The official death toll by the Puerto Rican director of public safety is 64. Other news agencies have tried to conduct their own investigations and numbers are as high as about 1100. Its also stated that these numbers can not be all attributed directly to the hurricanes without further investigation. Other higher numbers are being reported but there is controversy over the figures because of the number that previously left PR due to its existing poor economy and record keeping.

  5. Andy on May 30, 2018 at 9:24 pm said:
    Are you still denying the Puerto Rico thing? The whole world knows the truth, You watch too much Fox News.
    end quote

    No, I’m not. But, mickey is. Remember, he is the one that brought PR back up. But, you are right about me watching Fox news. I like fair and balanced and being given the choice of making up my own mind rather than being force fed a strictly liberal fake news agenda.

  6. Hi Linda. Are you suddenly trying to play nice today ? Actually, its a term of endearment. I look forward to the banter.

  7. So nice to find somebody with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this website is one thing that is wanted on the web, somebody with a little originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

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