Something wrong with the American people. Their actions do not make sense.

Coronavirus kills. The epidemic not even close to being over. Yet they want out of their homes, onto beaches, back to work, etc.

Whether they are aware, they are being led by the nose by Trump. Even if they dislike him and are not going to vote for him in the next election.

They want to be free!

To me, they want to be dead!

Coronavirus moves at a rapid rate. Unbelievable the increasing numbers afflicted and those dying.  Reentry into the outside world the past month has not helped.

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an excellent and detailed article re the increase in confirmed cases and number of deaths.

New updated models are frequently coming out. The White House has its own. It is a combination White House/Fema compilation.

The White House/FEMA model indicates 25,000 new coronavirus cases a day. It projects 200,000 a day by June 1. Less than 1 month away. Keep in mind at all times that this virus moves with lightning speed.

Recent death numbers indicate 1,750 per day. By June 1, 3,000 per day. A 70 percent rise.

The projected increases attributed to the reopening of the economy.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation issued a new report also.

The report projects 135,000 deaths by the beginning of August. Deaths now 68,000. A doubling between now and August.

Trump has the habit of minimizing cases and deaths. To make himself look good, I suspect. A few months ago, the number was in excess of 2 million. Suddenly Trump announced things were better and the number would be 50,000-60,000. In 2-3 weeks time, he has raised that number to 75,000-100,000.

The Institute attributes the increase to the rising mobility in the U.S. People are abandoning lock downs, want to work, go to the beach. Another factor is the easing of social distance measures. People are in more and closer contact making virus transmission easier.

Most medical experts believe we are reverting. Reverting back to roughly a month ago when coronavirus patients were lying on gurneys in hospital hallways because there was no room.

An “only in Italy,” not the U.S., occurrence.

Italy was hit heavily with the virus.

A bunch of transgender prostitutes showed up at Rome’s Beata Vergine Immacolta Church. They needed help of all sorts. Food, shelter, medical assistance.

The transgenders were originally from Argentina. The pastor suggested they contact the Pope. He is from Argentina.

The group did. The Pope reacted instantly. The Pope’s alomer was assigned to deliver help.

The Catholic Church hardly has a global reputation for approval of either transgenders or prostitutes. It was considered surprising that the group went to the door of the local parish for assistance.

However in Italy everyone knows when the chips are truly down, the parish is the last line of defense.  When all other doors are closed, when family and friends walk away, when the state seems distant and unresponsive, the parish is always there.

Does Italy stand alone in this regard. I doubt most Catholic Churches in the U.S. would respond similarly. An exception would be Key West. A community that accepts everyone. Churches of every denomination included. We are one human family.

Roughly 2 months ago, I wrote about toilet plumes. Invisible plumes that shoot up when the toilet is flushed. The admonition was that the seat should be down.

Human defecation contains coronavirus, if the person who defecated has the disease. Even where the person is not aware they are a carrier.

The flushing shoots aerosolized feces into the air. Sometimes as high as 15 feet. The older the toilet the further the virus is spread. It touches other parts of the bathroom in the vicinity of the toilet.

Why a repeat of the article I shared? It was announced yesterday by I don’t know who that a study should be made of sewage. Public sewage. It would be a quicker way for predicting the virus’ onslaught. Testing was failing in this regard because grossly insufficient testing has been done.

I do not recall who made the statement. I was half asleep with the TV on.

A commentor to this blog said re Trump: “When his lips move, he’s lying.”

Who am I to argue?

Another asked that I remember when Obama was President. We could go outside.

Trump’s mind is fertile when it comes to creative thinking. As the death toll goes up, Trump tries to cast it as an achievement.

Trump cheers on the Governors as they ignore even White House guide lines in the race to  reopen.

A 5 year old boy driving an SUV on an interstate. For real!

The youngster lives in Utah. Told his mother he wanted a Lamborghini. Mom said no.

He took the family SUV and started driving to California to buy a Lamborghini.

Mom called the police when she saw her son and the car were missing. A State Trooper found him driving along on the interstate. He had to sit on the edge of the seat to make his feet reach the pedal.

The officer knew what was up. He asked the 5 year old where he was going, etc. He said to California to buy the car.

A Lamborghini costs $200,000. The boy had $3 in his pocket.

No one knows where he learned to drive.

Restaurants opened in Key West yesterday. Not all. Some will open later in the week.

The rules are only 25 percent capacity and social distancing.

No big rush yesterday to eat out.

Charles P. Toppino died on this day in 1958. He is recognized as a pioneer developer of the Florida Keys. His family has followed in his foot steps.

Mr. Toppino is most famously known as the Man Who Built U.S. 1.

Don Shula died yesterday. At age 90. A sportsman never to be forgotten.

Shula coached the Miami Dolphins. He was considered the perfect coach. He was in fact the NFL’s winningest coach.

Shula made professional sports matter in Florida.

A sad situation. Florida has achieved a grim milestone. More than 1 million workers have filed unemployment claims.

Tuesday already! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou time. Tonight at 9. A lot to talk about.

Join me for a fast moving half hour of Louis ranting and raving. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!

22 comments on “WE ARE DYING AT A RAPID RATE

  1. People are being impatient and foolish. We can fix this is we put our minds to it, but it will take sacrifice and effort. I think we got off to a bad start with our leadership treating it like it was a hoax. Things are going to change when people have someone close to them suffer and die. Then maybe we’ll all start to realize we’re not going to return to the way it was and that we’ll need to wise up if we’re going to return at all.

  2. Led by the nose or not, Americans will not meekly sit indefinitely behind shuttered windows and doors, without income, without jobs, without sufficient food, and without opportunity to move ahead in life and career. It’s not in our DNA. We aren’t stupid. We all weigh the hazards in our lives and compare them to our freedoms. We set priorities. Last year more than 39 thousand Americans died on our highways. And yet we all drive, don’t we. We each have considered the risk, accepted it, and moved on. This is not ignorance of a threat to our health; it’s acceptance. It’s what we do.

    • They will if they’re dead. These last two or three months we’ve had 70 thousand people die of something we can’t even see, nearly double the people who die every year of automobile accidents. At that rate alone it becomes over 200,000 dead by the end of the year, azzuming the curve is flat.

      We can’t slow the amount of car accidents by doing some thing, like closing restaurants, schools, beaches or asking people to social distant, for a while. But if we don’t temporarily do that with this virus, it has the potential of killing us ALL.

      I believe your cavalier attitude to this emergency IS ignorance (or political grandstanding) and NOT what we should do!

      This is not a freedom issue, and those of you who are pushing that false meme are misguided, ignorant and foolish.

    • ‘Accept the risk and move on’ ??

      Let’s consider what has already happened with the meat packing business, chicken, pork AND beef – because they did not do whatever it took to survive and were forced to work or lose all their benefits. If that is any indication of what other industries or even the general public can expect by ignoring reality and finding a better way, we’re all fu*ked. Let’s not let a little (or a lot) “as long as it takes” inconvenience and sacrifice create a much bigger, perhaps unsolvable and irreversible problem. Let’s ask those dead workers about ‘freedom’ on not working, that wasn’t a choice either.

      We can’t get (buy or steal) processed meat because of the unchecked coronavirus that has ravished the meat industry due to under protected workers, but we can go under protected to the beach, armed protest at the Michigan State Capitol buildings, or some shooting range?

      • I am not a young man. And I have an underlying health issue. So I am at risk. But I have lived a life full of risks, doing a job that others might consider dangerous. I’ve been injured and even shot at. But now I have needs that must be met, and I will continue to meet those needs as well as the needs of those who depend on me. Every trip out in public requires a balance of need vs risk. I will always carefully consider that balance, but I’ll be damned if I will be shut away “for as long as it takes” by well-protected, well-fed and well-paid bureaucrats.

    • Ronald Reagan imposed gas rations and reduced the speed limits during a crisis during his administration. Clear violations of our freedoms! We need to violin those snowflakes that now think this coronavirus is just some sort of hoax inconvenience that’s ruining our freedoms. Try dying, it’s the ultimate loss of freedom.

  3. Just reach back with your elbow and flush before standing up. Some fresh air will be drawn into the bowl from under the seat and the bad air will go down the drain with everything else.

  4. I think Trump may have finally told the truth today when he said we need to reopen during pandemic because ‘there’s no win one way or the other.’ That doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to this and do nothing, rather that we need to redefine “survive” as a win and do things correctly. Trump has clearly shown time and time again how NOT to do the ‘right” thing, so we need to get a grip and make that the topic of discussion, not irresponsible rants about ‘freedom’ we are never going to have if we don’t fix the problem in the first place.

  5. The basic Trump plan, there will be blood, let the chips fall where they may. We must get the ball rolling again.

  6. I believe most people who post here are like Lou. They can go for long periods without going to work because they don’t need to have a job. They have a comfortable income and lifestyle with food in the fridge and no worries about the bills due on the 1st of the month. They can piously pronounce that we are all in this together and we must quarantine for as long as it takes. Is this you?

    Well tell that to the guy who is out of a job, out of savings, out of food, and will be homeless next month. You think this guy wants to go to the beach or a firing range? No, you fools. He wants to go to work. He is frightened and desperate. He fully understands that people are dying. But the biggest worry for him is keeping his family from living on the street. Tell him again that this is all about “irresponsible rants about freedom” and “inconvenience and sacrifice” for as long as it takes.

    Look at the real people in real neighborhoods you sanctimonious elitists. People need to work. Apply every practical safety precaution, but open the economy .

    • But the responses on this blog were all about ‘loss of freedom’ not about economic hardship. Nor is anyone here saying we should never open up the economy by letting people go back to work. Only you and FOX news are bringing up the issue and specifically using the buzz word ‘elitists’ in a pejorative way to push your masters wishes.

      Let’s be smart about this and think things through for once. Another hour, another day, another week, another month, whatever may make the difference between not only saving your job and you bank account, but it could also save your life.

    • I see this issue as a similar to us here in the keys after a major inventory. Yes we all needed to get back to work then too, but most of the places we used to work were gone and our houses had trees or somebody elses house trailer on them. There was no electricity or running water. It was several weeks before we were even allowed back onto the keys and then weeks or months before we were even able to have any semblance of a reasonable life, let alone normal life.

      This Carona Virus pandemic is far worse than the hurricane ever was as far as people being sick or dead and you want to defend people marching into government buildings with guns demanding their freedom back? Talk about snowflake sanctimonious.

      We need to be smart and careful or we’ll actually make things worse. Stop talking about “elitists” and start coming up with solutions, that will work and not make things worse. Don’t forget that opening a beach is NOT putting food on your table or paying your rent. Sacrifices and inconveniences are to be expected and just one way to solve this problem, not something to be mocked because Trump and FOX news wants to make this all about elitists causing all hardships.

      • Oh, Lord. I truly wish FOX news did not exist. Without it where would liberals find justification for what they believe is the guiding source for all conservative thought. This is especially laughable since liberals don’t watch FOX to begin with, and they have no idea what FOX is actually reporting.

        • FOX news has been spewing negative and provably false and biased garbage for years. Now, when it suits you, you want to clutch your pearls and say poor me? You own it @sshole, live with it.

          Try google using the terms “Elitist” and “FOX” and watch it light up.

    • Hey “No One”

      Google Laura Ingraham Elitist and you’ll get page after page of specific instances where “Elite” is awkwardly shoehorned into statement after statement.

      Then try googling Tucker Carlson, the same thing happens almost as if they are paid by the number of times they use the word.

      Tell us again how you just came to use the word so awkwardly in YOUR post on THIS blog

      • Oh please. The term “elitist” has been used in a political sense since Barry Goldwater ran for President. The term shows up in statements on political issues from all sides. Even Senator Hillary Clinton frequently used the phrase “elite opinion” to denigrate her political opponents. Joe Biden accused Elizabeth Warren of promoting elitist policies. To believe that FOX news commentators are somehow responsible for it’s frequent use today is simply ridiculous.

  7. “Something wrong with the American people. Their actions do not make sense”

    Yes- no kidding, look at how many supported Trump and still do.

  8. “Restaurants opened in Key West yesterday. Not all. Some will open later in the week. The rules are only 25 percent capacity and social distancing.”

    Can they break even with limited capacity? Doubtful.

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