A unique Key West experience are fire ants. You have not lived till you have been bitten by a few. Nor the extreme itching that accompanies the bites.

Why fire ants this morning? Two reasons. The Citizens Voice and the Truman Waterfront Park Amphitheater.

This morning’s Voice carried the comment: “Anyone who wants to sit on the ground down here obviously has never heard of fire ants.”

The relatively new Amphitheater has a large grass area where it has been suggested people can sit on the grass. To their detriment! As your derriere, butt and legs will discover. Not one or two bites. Many!

You don’t feel the effects for several hours. Then the itching, pain and suffering sets in.

Small red hive-like lesions develop. Appear to become puss filled. Not puss. Dead skin. Most times accompanied by a black head on top.

A good 2-3 weeks before total relief is experienced.

I had my first experience some 20 years ago. I was playing golf. My approach shot was just off the green. I took a pitching wedge and putter with me. Laid the putter on the grass as I hit onto the green with the wedge.

Then picked up the putter. Immediately, I was full of red ants. Tons of them. Up my arms, under my tee shirt, up my legs, and into my shorts. Even my privates were under attack.

I had laid the putter on a fire ant hill.

I did not know what had invaded me. Never had heard of a fire ant. Knew I had to get them off my body. Swiftly stripped to nothing. Jumped around and knocked them off.

The guys I was playing with all laughed. Experienced Key Westers. I insisted I had got them all. They laughed. Wait!

That night it started. Red inflammation and pimples. A day or 2 later the red puss followed by the tiny black heads.

I was dying! What to do?

Went to Walgreens. Talked with the pharmacist. A woman with no heart.

She said every 3 days you take a sharp knife and cut the heads off. Then dab the sore with cotton soaked in alcohol. The red pimples and puss will return. However, you keep cutting them off. In about 3 weeks, everything will be fine.

I looked at her and said, “You’re nuts! You want me to take a knife and cut them off!”

She look at me as if I was stupid. She could have cared less. She turned around and walked away.

I went home and tried the knife routine. Could not do it! The mere thought of cutting myself made me squeamish.

There had to be a better way. I came up with it! I took a clean rough bath towel and rubbed them off. A little discomfort. No big deal. A hell of a lot better than cutting them off!

Bring a folding chair if you intend to sit on the grass at the Amphitheater. Be admonished however that your legs will not be protected. Some will crawl up them and do their dirty deed.

Better you go to the movies.

Dueling Bartenders last night. Rick Dery at the bar. Jodie Campbell guest performer.

Jean Thornton at the bar. First time I have seen her in months. She is back till after Fantasy Fest. Sheila and Sally, also. Afterwards, Jean and I had dinner together at La Trattoria.

A special evening. Love the lady!

Donna has been having a string of bad luck. The fall and cut to her head. Another fall and she broke her kneecap badly. Stomach discomfort this past week.

The stomach discomfort turned out to be diverticulitis. In an advanced stage. Her colon had perforated. The hospital did not pick up on the perforation during her first 2 visits. Her nausea overwhelming because of the hospital’s failure to diagnose the perforation. She had shit in her body! She was sick!

She was back in the hospital yesterday. I am sure they are filling her with appropriate antibiotics. Made she get well soon.

Goombay begins friday. The for real Fantasy Fest sunday night. The event is the talk of the town. The local conversation piece. Properly so. It is an exciting event!

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. There is so much to talk about. Trump and Syria at the top of the list. I am going to enjoy ranting and raving.

I have a bit of a problem tonight. My show is 9-9:30. The Democratic debate 8-11. I will be missing a good half hour of the debate.

Accidents happen. Some can be extremely serious.

A sad occurrence saturday night at the Key West Airport. Husband and wife in a private plane. Just the 2 of them. A Cessena 172.

The husband went to drive the plane onto the runway. It would not move. He went outside to check. Told his wife to remain in the plane.

The tire blocks had not been removed. He was removing them. His wife left the plane to help. She exited the plane and walked around to the front. Directly into the propeller.

She lost an arm and foot.

With all due respect (the lawyer in me), Trump is ignorant, knows not what he does. Causes all kinds of problems. Screws up everything he touches. Destroys people and reputations.

And last but not least, I fear he is going to get us into a worldwide conflict.

A week ago sunday he had the famous telephone call with Turkey’s Erdogan. Following the call, Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of Syria and Turkey was free to do whatever it wanted. He made it sound like the decision was his. Erdogan had nothing to do with it.

Erdogan moved on the “permission” the next day. Turkish troops rapidly moved into Syria. Their goal the Kurds in the northeast region of Syria. The Kurds our friends. In word only from that moment on.

Trump immediately announced that if Turkey did anything to endanger American troops, he would in effect kill Turkey with economic sanctions. Another tariff war. Note that tariff wars take months if not years to really make an effect that can be felt.

In one week, everything is a mess. The Kurds are being defeated. Turkish soldiers are executing Kurds on the sides of roads. Isis prisoners are escaping jails. Two hundred seventy five thousand persons have been displaced. And as of yesterday, U.S. troops are in a bind. Caught between opposing forces. The word is an airlift will be required to get them out.

Four nations now engaged. The U.S. not one of them. A real danger exists that our soldiers will be hurt. Perhaps a war beyond Syria’s borders will begin. World War III will have its beginnings in the Middle and Far East.

Don’t say no! Trump is playing with fire. I find it amusing that he is the arsonist that began this mess and somehow he wants to be the frieman to put it out.

Trump has let the fox in the hen house.

Word is coming out of Washington that Trump did not take Erdogan seriously when he said sunday night he was going to invade Syria and get the Kurds.

Unquestionably, the U.S. has betrayed the Kurds. A reporter said he was asked by a Kurd who he was. An American journalist, he responded. The Kurd said, “Oh, the chickens!”

Ballsy Trump has demanded an immediate cease fire. No one is listening to him. World leaders have come to know what he is.

It was announced yesterday that Trump directed Pence to lead a delegation to Turkey to bring the bloodshed to an end. The best that can be expected is a Neville Chamberlain peace in our lifetime return message. A peace that will last as long as Chamberlain’s did.

John Bolton got dumped by Trump a couple of months ago. I never liked Bolton. Decidedly a warmonger.

Bolton is turning out to be as if a woman scorned. He is going “to get” Trump.”

Yesterday Bolton commented that Trump was involved in the effort to get the Ukraine to investigate Biden. He called the effort involving Trump, Giuliani, etc. as similar to a “drug deal.” He referred specifically to Giuliani as a “hand grenade.”

Enough for tuesday morning. Again, please join me at 9 tonight for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Dear Louis… I fear it is only you and I who know who Neville Chamberlain was and the implications. Ok… maybe there are a few more than just the two of us. The rest will have to Google it.

    Pence will to to the region and return… nothing will have changed… the place will be a bloody quagmire… the Russians will move in… and Trumpsters will declare what a magnificent victory it was. All as the Kurds are slaughtered.

        • The name Neville Chamberlain has been bantered around on this blog a lot. Usually by the “you hair’s on fire” right wing freaks who are constantly looking for a tough guy president who’ll spit in the face of anyone who doesn’t want to bomb Iraq (or whatever) but would rather look for a peaceful solution. The name (and praise) is often ignored when the more peaceful process is used successfully, or when a Republican is doing it.

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