Can the President ever be believed? Can the people of the U.S. believe his word good enough to be taken to a bank?

Were his representations re the 1,000 U.S. troops in Syria being immediately withdrawn based on (1) ignorance or (2) an intentional lie?

About one week ago, Trump announced he had ordered the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria. This followed a telephone conference with Turkey’s President Erdogan.

I thought his move stupid. For all the reasons everyone has been talking about. Additionally, I thought it impossible to move 1,000 troops and equipment out “immediately.”

Friday the rumblings began. Troops still there. Only a handful removed. The reality was only 50 had been removed. Two groups that had been serving at 2 small observation posts.

Prior to friday, Trump had made statements on wednesday and thursday that U.S. troops were gone from Syria.

Wednesday: “We have not soldiers in the area, you know. We’re getting out of endless wars. We have to do it.”

Thursday: “We are out of there. We’ve been out of there for a while. No soldiers whatsoever…..We have no soldiers in Syria.”

In the past few days, it has been reported that certain of the remaining soldiers had been fired upon by Turkish artillery forces. So heavy that the American troops came close to shooting back.

The Washington conversation and media reports this past weekend clearly indicate U.S. troops still in Syria.

Another Trump lie? Or merely an indication that Trump lacks the necessary intelligence to lead?

Beware that his ineptness does not get us into a major shooting conflict. One that would be partially fought on our shores. One where many U.S. civilians would be killed.

The amusing facet of the whole mess is that Putin is coming out the winner. Everyone involved, except for the U.S. at the moment, is acknowledging Putin is the one to resolve the issues involved.

Putin not a benevolent benefactor. His interest the crude oil Syria controls.

Trump sitting in the grandstand at the moment taking everything in. Doing nothing. Perhaps nothing the best thing. He could only make things worse.

A local mess evidenced this past weekend. Who is correct, I do not know.

The issue involves the Poker Run. The past weekend was the 4r6th running of the Poker Run. Up to 3 years ago, a Key West event. A charitable fundraiser. Conducted by the Sunrise Rotary. Raised monies for local charities.

Three years ago, some local “biker gangs” from Miami joined the event. Reportedly caused havoc.

Sunrise Rotary threw up their hands. We’re out! They were there as volunteers. Not to control or oversee hoodlums. The big reason they claimed was that the event was too much work for volunteers and was not bringing in enough money.

My recollection is liability insurance became a problem also. Someone decided insurance was required to protect the City. The “gangs” brought a fear factor with them. A $1 million policy or something like that would henceforth be required.

Who would pay? The City or Sunrise Rotary. Neither would. Marked the end of Key West’s involvement in Poker Run.

The Run has been taken over by the Peterson family out of Miami. Motorcycle dealers. They also have a personal connection to the event. The family’s father Phil Peterson was one of the founders of Poker Run 46 years ago.

The event turned into participation by 10,000 to 15,000 bikers each year.

Recall a few days ago, I mentioned that I would be on Duval saturday night to look over the bikes. Very expensive machines. Usually parked along Duval. In special places on many Duval blocks.

I was disappointed saturday night. I saw a total of a dozen bikes from the time I left home til the time I returned. Three coming down U.S. 1. A few in the Pier House parking lot. None parked on Duval. The city had barricaded the parking spots. An obvious sign the bikers were not welcome.

This year and last year the Poker Run has involved 5 restaurants/bars between Big Pine and Key West. Official stopping off places for the bikers.

Such is the biker story involving Key West. Except for Duval merchants, no one seems to care. Many claim the bikes were noisy and disrupted the peace and tranquility of even Duval Street.

The Miami bikers did not help the situation either.

I have much more to cover this morning. Too much more. Would be at least double which I usually write.

I am stopping at this point. The blog would be too long. Also I believe the American troop problem in Syria and Key West’s abandonment of the Poker Run both of unusual significance. Worthy of being set forth alone.

Dueling Bartenders and La Trattoria tonight!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Empty words from Trump. He said he would impose terrible sanctions on Turkey if they went too far. Everyone is seeing him for what he is… full of BS. The King wears no clothes.

  2. I should add… Republican President Theodore Roosevelt’s approach to foreign policy was, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” In particular, “act justly” and “never bluff.”

    In Trump’s foreign policy, he speaks stickly and carries a big soft.

  3. After what Trump just pulled, if I was Israel or any of our other “allies”, I would be re-thinking my position in the World.

  4. We have no formal treaty with the Kurds. We have a formal treaty with the Turks–It is called NATO. The Kurds were not their when we landed on the beaches of France during the 2ed war. The Kurds were not there. Some Kurds pledge their allegiance to Russia, to Iran. They are not ONE country like Turkey. And Turkey has 50 US nukes on their soil.

    • China has locked the Muslim Wiggers. Are there any Muslim NBA players? Their quietness shows the their quest for the dollar and not their belief’s.

    • and is that why Trump is imposing sanctions on Turkey?

      Good Lord, you just can’t seem to get anything right, can you Sandy?

      Why do you think no one takes you seriously?

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