Muggy. How muggy? Very muggy? And as the song goes…..We have only just begun.

We are into the north’s mid summer at the moment. Present humidity similar to New York City in August. Key West’s extreme humidity period August and September.

Not complaining. Merely sharing.

I was walking from my car to Dueling Bartenders around 6 last night. I was feeling the humidity in the middle of a short walk. Passed Side Door. Heard “Louis!” Turned around. It was David. Let me by you a drink, he said.

Never made it to Dueling Bartenders. My Happy Hour was at Side Door.

Big time air conditioning! A relief!

Met another David. David the bartender. Erin and several others, also.

Game plan after Happy Hour was dinner somewhere and then grocery shopping. Opted to skip dinner. Went directly to Publix.

Last night represented another good evening in Key West. Quiet. Pleasant. Enjoyable.

Tonight, tonight…..My podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9. I hit hard and fast. Topics many. All interesting. Some you may not agree with me re the positions I take.

Saturday’s Kentucky Derby will be with us forever. Properly so. Sports Illustrated described these post race days as a “Kentucky Derby Hangover!”

Kentucky is not the only place having a Churchill Downs. The Florida Keys does also.

There is a road named after the track. Churchill Downs. Have to look for it. Located at mile marker 104 bay side at a tiny bridge crossing a Key Largo canal.

A measles update.

Not getting better, getting worse.

All because some were not vaccinated. Exemptions permitted legally. Erroneous rumors re autism. Etc. Never again. The result dangerous. To society as a whole.

Measles is highly contagious. Can cause blindness, deafness, or brain damage. I know personally. I have a cousin who is close to my age today. When 4, came down with the measles. Deaf since. Fortunately new and more sophisticated hearing aids have given him some relief in recent years.

The numbers tell it all.

In the first 2 months of this year, 34,000 cases in Europe. Thus far this year in the U.S., 764 cases. The numbers still rising.

In my earlier life, I traveled often to Martinique. Club Meds were popular back then and we vacationed often at the one on Martinique.

Martinique a charming French island. Beautiful beaches. Bananas growing everywhere. Goats on every hill.

In the late 1800’s St. Pierre grew. This Martinique city became known as the Paris of the Caribbean.

On this day in 1902, it was wiped off the face of the earth! Mount Pelee erupted. The boiling ash swiftly buried St. Pierre. All died in that moment, except for 2.

Student loans. A campaign issue. A problem for most  who have graduated from college in the past 40 years. Pay as you go became simple for students. Certain financial institutions happy to provide students with loans. Pay when you graduate!

Too much money into the hands of the students. The drive to educate everyone went overboard. Kids were borrowing for anything and everything. Many loans made to finance foolish events.

Presently, there are 44 million students who owe $1.6 trillion.

The debt pressure is weighing heavily on the graduates. Impacting their health. Recent studies indicate a significant number have or are considering suicide as a result.

I believe we live in an era where the rich pay little or no taxes. The 1 percent.

Came across an item that surprised me. I share it with you. In 2017, the top 1 percent of California earners were responsible for more than 47 percent of the State’s income tax collections.

True or false?

I need a fact checker.

I have not had time to research the California situation. If anyone has knowledge, please share in the COMMENT section.

Enjoy your day!


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