Trump forgot Puerto Rico. He has now forgotten Florida’s Panhandle.

The people of the Panhandle shout they have been “forgotten.” Trump hears them not. Or if he does, fails to care. Months following a category 5 hurricane, many are still living as if the hurricane came through a week ago.

Money is the problem. So much money is being spent on the 17 wars the U.S. is engaged in world wide, that not enough is left to accommodate other needs.

Yet Trump keeps talking about the wonderful job he and FEMA are doing in the Panhandle. Panhandle citizens know first hand he lies.

Florida is important to Trump politically. He only won the State by 1.2 percentage points.

Trump is appearing this evening at a political rally in Panama City, Florida. Panama City in the heart of the Panhandle. Panama City still suffering from Michael.

Ballsy on the President’s part. To appear where the people are generally upset with him.

Will the rally be a true reflection of how the people of Panama City feel? I would hope so. Though I doubt it. The facility holding the rally will be packed with Trump supporters. Those who refuse to see what Trump is.

They will be bused and otherwise brought in for the rally. Can’t let the President look bad! Even though he has once again failed Americans following a natural disaster.

Last night my podcast show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Talked of many things. Stressed two.

One the Colorado school shooting yesterday. One student killed, several wounded. The two shooters students themselves.

Columbine is down the road. This year the 20th anniversary of a school shooting where 12 were killed and 1 injured.

Authorities say the shooters were “infatuated” with Columbine and motivated by that deadly shooting 20 years ago.

Will we ever learn? Will we ever correct the gun situation?

The dike is leaking for the NRA.

I hope it gives way. The sooner, the better.

The other topic involved China and the tariff war. Trump threatens to raise U.S. tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent friday if no deal is reached.

I can recall Trump during the campaign. He said…..I love tariff wars…..I know how to win tariff wars.

The tariff war with China is killing us. Ask the mid west farmers how they feel. Those who have soybeans, rice, wheat and corn they cannot sell from last year. Don’t know whether to plant this year. Banks in many instances turning them down for loans, calling in mortgages.

China was the farmers’ best customer.

Take a look at the 25 percent tariff a moment. Trump thought, I am sure, when he first started talking to the American voters that any tariff would punish China. Does not work that way. The U.S. imposes a 25 percent tariff on Chinese goods. China does not pay it. U.S. consumers do. The 25 percent is added to the cost of the goods being sold. The American companies buying the Chinese products get stuck paying it. They then add it on to the cost of the goods being sold to their American customers.

Good job, Donald!

Generally, Key West is aware a storm is on its way before it gets here. Not yesterday. An unexpected rainstorm. Big time. The deluge 1.92 inches.

Jokingly, people were swimming in the flooded intersections! I have seen such activity on occasion following a heavy rain storm.

Today, busy.

A doctor visit at 1. I have been feeling poorly lately. Tired too much. At 4, a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. The pedicure restful.

Then, I don’t know what.

The turtle nesting season is upon us. A happy occasion. The birthing of turtles.

The pregnant turtle comes onto the beach at night. Digs a shallow hole and lays her eggs. Covers them and then returns to the sea. At some point, the hatchlings will break out of their shells and sand. Then follow the moon light into the ocean.

Mama turtle and her babies must be protected during the process. The beaches are closed at 11. Those living near the beaches are asked to keep their  beach side lights off or at a minimum.

The hatchlings follow light to the sea. They sometimes assume a condo light is the moon and travel in the opposite direction. Getting run over by cars in the process.

Street lights along Smathers Beach are not on during hatching season. It was discovered the new babies saw the street lights and reacted as they sometimes do to condo lights.

The turtle nesting season is from 4/15 to 10/31.

The Washington back and forth re the Mueller Report, Russia investigation, etc. is bringing out the worse in our government officials. I direct my reflection directly at the Republicans. They need to stand up for America.

All this back and forth needs a Judge. A tough hard ass Federal one. At some point soon there will be one. I hope he is a John Sirica.

At that point, an accelerated path to the Supreme Court is required. It can be done. Whether the Supreme Court will accept an accelerated procedure remains to be seen.

The Supreme Court presently can be described as a Republican one. Occasionally they forget their political bearings and vote for the Constitution. Hopefully this will be one of those times.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The horrible Oklahoma bombing was about the guns and the right wingers’ ridiculous paranoidal crazed dumb fear that the Government wants to confiscate them. The NRA has made a living by feeding into that fear and Trump also glommed onto it and fed it in order to help his election prospects.

    • Meanwhile people die at an alarming rate, yet we practically shut down everything because of a singe Ebola death.

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