Little 300 foot Cow Key Bridge is the only way in and out of Key West. Assuming you are not traveling by boat or plane. The State is scheduled to begin construction soon on the bridge. Reconstruct it.

Initially, it was reported the work to redo the 4 lane bridge would take something like 1.5 to 2 years. At least one lane would always be closed.

A disaster! Totally unreasonable! Had to be a better way!

The State finally advised the job could be done in something like 200 plus days. Still a long time.

Someone commented in the Citizens’ Voice this morning that someone should take a look at Fast 14 for a quicker way to renovate the bridge. I did. An amazing revelation!

I-93 is a major interstate in Massachusetts. Fourteen bridges required reconstruction.

No big deal. The fourteen bridges were replaced on weekends AND the work was completed in 10 weekends.

Work done by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The bridges on I-93 near Medford.

The job was titled Bridge Replacement Project.

Why completed so quickly? The new bridges were pre-fabricated.

Why can’t Cow Key be pre-fabricated? Was such considered in the planning phase?

Lets have some answers. It is going to be like living in hell to live with the long term construction presently contemplated.

Yesterday, a writing day. Per usual, did my blog in the morning. The desire to write overwhelmed me in the afternoon. I wrote and rewrote into the early evening parts of one of the books I probably will never finish and publish.

Key West is a “sitting duck.”

Cruise ships, airlines, and spring break. Key West lies naked. Coronavirus could have a ball here!

Today’s coronavirus update.

Trump was to visit the CDC in Atlanta today for an update. He canceled this morning. Instead going to Michigan for a last minute rally.

Why not the CDC? Because Trump is a coward. He knows the professionals will be all over him because of the way he is handling the coronavirus crisis.

The World Heal Organization estimates the virus’ death rate at 3.4 percent. Scientist/medical expert Trump disagrees. He claims the U.S. attack is mild, many never even see a doctor. He estimates deaths will be less than 1 percent.

Pence told us monday that by friday (today) close to 1 million tests would be available. Late yesterday, Pence had to back track. The number will be less than 500.

He assures us however that 1.2 million will be available by next friday.

William Schaffner is an infectious disease specialist at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He says the U.S. is not paying proper attention to the production of the test kits. He claims the U.S. is “tottering along.”

Some testing data.

The U.S. is way behind in testing. Many other countries are not. As of March 1, South Korea has tested 109,000, Italy 23,000, the UK 13,000. The U.S. only 472.

One of the sources for such information is the CDC. It was reported today that on March 2 the CDC removed from its website’s “Total Tested” column the U.S.

Trump not wanting us to know?

The medical experts say one thing and Trump another. Donald will never realize he does not know everything. Trump is giving us false reports. He and Pence should remove themselves from any reporting and leave it to the medical experts. We have to know the truth!

The Vatican reported its first case.

There are photo pics of tourists in St. Peter’s Square. Most are wearing face masks.

China has invoked “force majeure” to protect its businesses. Force majeure exempts businesses from their contractual obligations. As of March 3, 4,811 force majeure certificates have been issued.

The 4,811 certificates amount to $53.79 billion that will be delayed or never payed.

Iran has 2,922 reported cases, 92 deaths.

Pompeo said earlier in the week that Trump had offered to help the Iranians. Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh accused Pompeo of lying. No such offer of help has ever been made. The Minister says, “The United States is lying.”

Muslims are extremely religious. Iran has closed down 60,000 mosques in a effort to contain the virus.

Japan has decided to go ahead with the Olympics which open later in the month. Japan claims its is “impossible”to cancel the games. Sounds to me like money is more important here than human lives.

Stocks are falling again today. European stocks fell sharply at opening this morning.

Since February, various travel businesses in China are suffering big time. Taxis and on line ride hailing are down 85 percent. Railway, highway, and air passengers 80 percent.

Japan has imposed a 2 week quarantine on South Korean visitors already in Japan. South Korea upset.

So much for coronavirus for today.

I have been worrying about ICE for 2 years. Even more today. Especially with Trump’s “war” on sanctuary cities where he is backing up ICE agents with the elite Border Patrol and “special agents.”

A confrontation is inevitable. First between ICE, etc. and the immigrants they are pursuing. Soon to be followed by a confrontation between ICE, etc. and local authorities. Governors and mayors are not going to permit Trump’s thugs to come into their communities and push people around.

Then what? Scary.

The “special agents” involved number 500. I cannot figure out exactly what they are. I have discovered they conduct long term investigations into dangerous criminals and traffickers. Such characteristics are not consistent with those of immigrants illegally here.

These “special agents” are involved with the sanctuary cities problem via an “enhanced arrest campaign” till December 31.

The Republicans never give up! The bully label applies to them. Sen. Ron Johnson wants to issue a subpoena for a witness in the Biden/Barisma matter. One that has been investigated ad infinitum and no wrongdoing found on the part of either Biden.

Interestingly, Johnson came out with his plan soon after Biden swept Super Tuesday.

We can only hope Senator Mitt Romney will stand for right and in opposition to wrong once again. He is on the committee. If he votes against the issuance of the subpoena, the vote will fail.

Enjoy your day!





  1. “Trump was to visit the CDC in Atlanta today for an update. He canceled this morning. Instead going to Michigan for a last minute rally.

    Why not the CDC? Because Trump is a coward”.

    Hmm, well I guess I’m in the Twilight Zone then, watching President Trump on TV right now, at the CDC in Atlanta.

    • NO, Trump DID cancel his trip to the CDC this morning. But the fall out and criticism was so bad he was forced to rethink the optics and re go, forcing everyone around him to drop what THEY were doing and accommodate his whims.

      Lou got it right, Trump canceled his morning visit to the CDC. It is your criticism that’s the cheap shot.

  2. I know Dems want to slam Trump for anything he does. But at least make sure you know what you’re talking about first. Look kind of foolish otherwise.

    • That’s the thing with trump, the only people who look foolish are those that try and defend him for the bad things he does.

        • Yes true, but he DID cancel his morning trip and announced that he would be going to Michigan instead, just as Lou said in his blog, before having second thoughts and going much later in the day, after Lou had already published his blog.

          You are the one who looks like a dumb@ss!

      • It is amazing to me that some pompous @ss would come on this site and say that anyone who slams this president, who himself can’t seem to ever give a speech or response to any question without distortions or outright lying, and suggest we’d better make sure to “know what you’re talking about first” or WE’D look kind of foolish?

  3. The problem with prefabing the construction pieces for the Cow Key bridge project, is getting them there. Can you imagine the hew and cry from crabby “locals” up and down the various Keys necessary to get the stuff there, about how it slowed down getting anywhere for them? Just look at the out cry about the problems they think they’re going to need endure (extra 15 minutes) with the present proposal, not yet even started.

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