Love Shirley Valentine!

A 1989 British film. Warm and touching. The story of a middle aged woman who visits Greece and decides to remain. Her love and life come into play. The wakings and complexities of middle age.

The film touched me. I have reseen it several times on television.

When on the London stage, it was a one woman show. The film was expanded to include many characters.

Key West’s Fringe Theater is performing Shirley Valentine May 17-27. I do not know how many in the cast. What I do know is I plan on seeing the show. Everyone should.

Last night, another evening at the Chart Room. The bar full. One seat at the far corner of the bar available. Said hello to John.

The gentleman next to me said, “You’re Key West Lou.”

It was Mark from five years ago. He had a better memory than me. We had met in the Chart Room five years ago. We spent a couple of hour last night chatting.

Mark 55. He has spent most of his adult life in what I would describe the sophisticated medical supplies field. Does a lot of traveling. Off to Munich next.

Married, lives in Boston.

Politically, a Trump fan. Made our conversation even more interesting.

Hope we run into each other again in the days he has left in Key West.

Left the Chart Room hungry. Was heading to Hot Tin Roof when I recalled the cupboard was bare once again. Skipped the Hot Tin Roof and headed to Publix. One of my purchases was a barbecued chicken which I enjoyed later at home.

The Minimal Regatta coming! Technical name the Schoonerwharf Minimal Regatta. The 26th annual one. May 28.

I am providing early notice so you can get ready to participate, if you so desire.

The race is directly in front of Schooner Wharf. The boats all man made. Materials skimped on, of course.

The following represent ALL the materials that may be used in the boat’s construction: 1 sheet of plywood, 1 pound of plywood fasteners, 1 roll of 2″ x 60 yards duct tape, and 2 2 x 4s.

Success is not dependent on sea prowess. It is all dependent on constructing a boat that does not fall apart and sink.

A fun time!

The Minimal Regatta reminds me of what grown people do in Key west. Return to their childhoods!

Several years ago, I wrote a lengthy column in KONK Life on embalming. Surprisingly, the only country where embalming is a common practice is the United States. Not legally required by federal law. A few state laws mandate it.

Lincoln’s funeral train brought embalming to the attention of the American public. The train was carrying Lincoln’s body to Springfield, Illinois for burial. The trip took 13 days. Traveled through seven states and 180 cities.

Decomposition of Lincoln’s body was a concern. Especially the decomposition odors that would emanate  from it. The decision was to embalm.

A popularity for embalming grew slowly over the years following Lincoln’s burial.

This past week Trump signed another Executive Order. This one establishing an Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Commission seats are being filled rapidly.

Trump’s puppet Vice President Mike Pence is chairman. Commission members appointed thus far are state officials. Most of whom already have a track record of supporting state laws that minimize a person’s right to vote.

A stacked deck.

Trump continues to believe he would have received 3 million votes more had there not been irregularities at the polls. All information/investigation to date reveal no voter fraud.

Wasted money, wasted time. To satisfy one person’s ego.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “SHIRLEY VALENTINE

  1. A commission of election integrity would be a good thing considering hillary and this last election. And only people that can legally vote should be allowed to vote. Maybe a few well needed changes or laws will come of it.

  2. I’m not sure about the 3 million number, but, it does seem to get progressively higher as states look into the matter. Harvard, NYU School of Law and Pennsylvania government just to name 3 have submitted reports of substantial voter fraud. The NYC facility however stated this fraud was unintended, whatever that means.

    Every state that I’ve looked at requires an age minimum, residence requirement and US citizenship. There have been substantial documentation of illegals voting, but, apparently being unintentional, mistaken or improperly informed makes that OK.

    The electoral college is in place for a reason, I happen to think a good reason. Mr Trump won, he is our President. Some just can’t accept the fact that their gal lost.

  3. I think you sued me in a class action lawsuit in … 1990 or so. I won, btw. Paid nothing but legal fees. Landfill lawsuit, was that you? I still have the phone-book thick papers listing all the defendants. I merited 2 mentions!

    If it was your law firm, P&P. If not, please disregard.

    Now on to the reason that I really commented. You say what a waste of money and time Trump looking into the voting fraud is, but you applaud investigating the Russian connection.

    Are you a hypocrite, or just a standard-issue predictable liberal? (As if there is a difference!)

    BTW, if you’re living la vida loca in Key West, what are you doing getting your knickers all tied up in knots over politics anyway? Bocce getting boring? Too much good weather?

    Of course I don’t expect you to publish my reply. That’s ok, why would you? But I am going to bookmark you blog and read it. PS, I was doing a search on Muzzy G and that’s what brought me here. Have a nice day.

  4. Chauncey, Louis is a liberal and that’s what liberals do – talk down conservatives, Republicans, GOPers or anyone that is not a liberal. Louis is a true liberal.

  5. I find it laughable that Trump can’t let go of losing the popular vote. As always his effort is more about Trumps fragile ego than anything else. Integrity in the voting process is always a concern and while there have been isolated incidents in the past, many are less nefarious in nature than fraud. For Trump to allege three million bogus votes going to HRC is typical TCT (trump conspiracy theory) Maybe he should sign an executive order to assist in investigating Russian interference in our process instead of doing his best to turn that into another one of his favorite conspiracy theory’s of “fake news”
    Given the sum of all the drama Trump brings to the WH, it is amazing so many continue to have confidence in his sinking ship. America can do better and it will without him.

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