Major negatives occurred this past week under Trump. Should not be surprising. We have come to expect them. They go with the man.

Jon Meacham on Meet the Press yesterday described Trump and White House comments re Fauci as “Junior high school” and “childish.”

Many times during Trump’s time in office, the question has been asked, “Who will speak truth to power?” One is and has been Dr. Anthony Fauci. He has never deviated from truth nor said anything merely to accommodate Trump.

The move began last week to undermine Fauci. Simply because he speaks the truth and lies for no one, even the President of the United States.

The rift between the two goes back to April.

Note that Fauci is the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

Over the weekend, the White House released a “hit list” of sorts. A “hit list of questionable statements” by Fauci. Very similar to a campaign research document.

Donald, you cannot destroy Fauci. He is goodness personified. For roughly forty years. Under several Presidents.  A significant portion of the American public believe Fauci re coronavirus issues. A small minority, Trump.

A David/Goliath battle. With only Trump fighting. Fauci the little guy. He won’t even need a sling shot.

Secretary of Education DeVos is as inept and incompetent as the President. Trump appointed her because she and her family are well connected to the Republican Party and donate big time dollars.

DeVos was on TV over the weekend pushing Trump’s “plan” to reopen the schools. She did him little good. Her lack of knowledge re the issue was evident. She was unable to directly respond to questions.

FOX News’ Chris Wallace could not make her look good.

I came across an interesting comment on the internet this morning: Parents can gamble with returning to work, parents will not allow children to be used a guinea pigs.

The CDC has its opinion re reopening of schools: Reopening of schools is the “highest risk for coronavirus spread.”

Trump had scheduled a political rally in New Hampshire recently. It was cancelled by the White House. Reason given, the weather.

Turns out it was not a bad day weather wise. Some sprinkling rain early morning. Sunny the rest of the day.

The truth outed over the weekend. The Trump team could not get enough people lined up to attend. To hold the rally would have resulted in another Tulsa.

The wall, the wall, the wall! One of Trump’s keys to successful election in 2016. The same “wall” will represent one of his major failures in the November 2020 election.

A certain portion of the “new wall” is eroding in Arizona. Three miles in the Rio Grande Valley. Experts claim the wall will topple into the river if not fixed.

The three miles cost $42 million to build. Apparently too much money for the actual work to be done. Some describe the design for the 3 miles as a Lamborghini.

The work was done by Fisher Industries of North Dakota.

Trump up in arms. He claims 2 reasons for the wall’s defects. The first that the defects are intentional and were done to embarrass him. The other that the work should not have been done by a private contractor.

The Florida coronavirus numbers continue to sky rocket. Yesterday a record for new cases in a single day: 15,299. Test positivity rate a whopping 19.6 percent.

The virus is out of control in Florida.

I blame Trump and our idiot Governor De Santis who blindly follows him. To this day, De Santis refuses to mandate masks anywhere under any circumstances.

There was one non tragedy yesterday. A typical example of American determination and following the rules. New York City announced that yesterday it had zero deaths. Zip! None!

The first time since March.

I attribute New York’s success to a Governor who stumbled a bit at the beginning, but realized he was wrong and took the scientific road recommended. Andrew Cuomo.

Florida, Texas and Arizona are where New York was several months ago. Will they learn as Cuomo did? Or will they continue listening to their Pied Piper Donald Trump?

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  1. Why is a “mandate” even necessary? What kind of people do we have walking around out there who vote and work and raise children and can’t do the right, simple thing and just wear a damn mask?

  2. Almost all of whom are Republicans, proving yet again that they cannot be trusted with anything, regardless with how much they beg to be taken seriously.

  3. To his credit, Doctor Fauci has avoided most of the political BS brought on by the pandemic. My only criticism is that early on, when coronavirus had arrived in this country and was known to be a pandemic, Fauci and Birx told the American public that wearing of face masks was not necessary or helpful. That was not true. And as infectious disease specialists they had to know it was not true. Granted, masks were hard to come by and were needed in hospitals, but to claim that they were not needed by the public was deceitful and wrong. People died because of it.

    • You can see it in the once-held daily Coronavirus briefings that Brix and Fauci were walking a tightrope between science and reality and Trump and crony ignorance and deceit. The fact they needed to do so coupled with Trump’s refusal to wear a mask and set the national example as a true role model, idiotic statements on things such as vanishing viruses and injecting disinfectants, are why this nation is where we are right now.

      All Trump and his oligarchs care about is getting the serfs back to work making them money whether that’s by lies, deceit, or withdrawal of monetary support. How many serfs die or get very ill is not a relevant consderation. One need only watch how the Republicans stumbled over themselves to send billions to major corporations but now hesitate to help serfs to see the reality of where they stand.

    • That’s old and misleading news (and unnecessary gazzlighting), from a time before ANYONE quite knew what we were dealing with and it was not yet even considered a pandemic. Besides it wasn’t just Fauci’s opinion, that was what just about everyone was saying back then.

      We do know now, from other “leaks,” that it was the official decision of most medical advisors, including everyone in the White House, that it was ‘policy’ not to encourage the use of masks by the public, because we simply didn’t have enough to go around and what we did have should go to medical people before there was a run on them by hoarders and unscrupulous entopreneurs, from wrongly depleting what little we did have.

      Blaming Fauci for this now, is a bit over the top and very FOX newsy, when the real reasons are considerably more complicated.

    • Funny you should bring that up, “No One” especially today.

      That is almost the exact words on that exact same argument made TODAY on Trump’s white house smear campaign against Dr. Fuci. I am sure that a pure coincidence between you and them, including FOX’s wall to wall coverage of everything to do with this attack on the good Doctor. It’s just odd that these talking points match your post so closely at almost the same time too.

      • I didn’t choose to bring up Fauci as a topic today. Lou did. I don’t know or care what Fox is saying today. Or CNN or MSNBC or Sesame Street. I began by praising Fauci for staying above the political fray, and I still say so. If we are still allowed to criticize another citizen (which may not be true anymore) then I would still criticize him on the mask issue. If my immunologist told me that a mask was not necessary to help prevent the spread of a contagious disease I might ask him what medical school he attended in New Guinea.

        • Do what you want, I just found that your choice to use the exact same criticism, on the exact same day in the exact same way (words) that FOX did (based on the smear campaign made by the white house on this same day) was a curious coincidence). That’s all.

          BTW, My immunologist, who I consulted right away because of my lung conditions, told me that a mask is probably NOT going to work unless everybody was wearing them and that wasn’t likely to happen very soon. That I a//ume was because, at the time, they weren’t available yet, so when I heard Fuci say what he said, I was a//uming he and my Doctor were on the same story.

          This was in the beginning of February, when Trump had just shipped 9.5 million dollars of PPP aid to China, to help THEM deal with what we were told that this Flu thing was no big deal and would be over by March. Fuci was standing behind him and rolling his eyes, that told me more about what was coming and I started wearing a mask then and there.

  4. Plan B: Everybody in America lays in a 2 month supply of food. Then when everybody is set, Trump says “go” and everyone gets in their houses and stays inside for 2 months. Ta daaaaaaaaa, game over.

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