I said this when Mueller’s report came out. I say it again. He failed!

He did not view his job properly. He was “Special Counsel,” not a mere FBI investigator. His responsibility gave him additional powers. He was not limited by FBI rules, regulations, and policies.

As a result, Trump walked. He is still in office. The label he was “impeached” means nothing if not convicted of violations that would have resulted in removal from office.

Bill Clinton the perfect example. America still loves him!

Mueller also conducted himself like a pompous ass. Recall he did not want to testify before a Congressional committee. If he did, he said he would only go so far. Not explain his responses. His position was everything that was to be known was written in his report. Read it! was his charge.

Mueller failed to spell out clearly the charges against Trump.

As a result of it all, Trump’s impeachment did not stick.

Yes, Mueller indicted several underlings. Meant nothing. Impeachment a big thing, especially the impeachment of a sitting President. Mueller should have gone for the jugular!

Now comes Robert Stone. Trump took care of his friend. Commuted his sentence. Flynn will probably receive a pardon or commutation.

Stone’s commutation a shame. Proves clearly that under Trump, justice is available to friends of the President. A benefit not available to the thousands of others sitting in jail for crimes smaller that those committed by Stone.

Some insignificant. What of those of color who have been sitting in jail for years for simple marijuana convictions?

Trump appears to have a desire to be a “war President.” Not just a coronavirus one, a shooting one.

He is threatening to invade Venezuela.

We have already had 20 years of insignificant wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. I thought we had learned our lesson.

Trump does not care about the Venezuelan people. Trump wants to take over Venezuela for the oil. Venezuela has the largest oil deposits in the world.

Russia and China want those oil deposits, also. Any Trump action against Venezuela would be met with serious opposition by Russia and China.

Several months ago, Trump had American troops on the Venezuelan border ready to go in. Russia immediately sent planes and troops to Venezuela. They were sitting on Venezuelan airfields waiting for the Americans to invade.

Trump chickened out.

News reports last week indicated Trump was provoking an India/China war.

Trump is back to being anti-China. His great “trade deal” never happened. Trump’s present aim is to cause China as much aggravation as possible.

Why doesn’t he have the same attitude against Russia?

Trump views himself as the “noble warrior.” Reminds me of the witch in Snow White. She used to look in the mirror and ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?”

The mirror today would respond: “Donald, you are!”

Trump rails against U.S. enemies. Those he perceives to be enemies. Such is why he views himself as the noble warrior.

He is anti anarchist, Marxists, immigrants, and now a new group. Americans!

One reason he is attacking a majority of his fellow citizens is that he is planting the seed of doubt as to the validity of the 2020 election should he lose. The far left Americans “who corrupted” the voting process will be to blame.

Trumps announcement early last week that the U.S. was withdrawing from WHO was pure stupidity! No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I am referring to WHO, not Trump. Trump makes too many mistakes.

We need WHO as much as WHO needs our dollars. The U.S. must continue to be a part of global organizations. Trump obviously thinks otherwise.

One of Biden’s first tasks upon election should be to have the U.S. rejoin the many global organizations the U.S. was a part of before the Trump wrecking ball hit.

Robert Unanue is CEO of Goya. A major producer of goods found on supermarket shelves. Especially supermarkets in poorer neighborhoods.

He recently came out publicly in support of Trump.

The backlash big time! Many organisations have called for a boycott of Goya goods.

Unanue is a major corporate leader. His company and he personally make big dollars. I have to believe Unanue’s annual salary is well above $1 million.

In addition to Unanue’s words of Trump support, Republican politicians are racing to his side because of his Trump support. Texas Senator Cruz is one of them.

Florida getting hit badly by coronavirus.

I blame first hand and up front Florida’s  Governor De Santis. Inept and incompetent. Trump’s lap dog. Follows Trump blindly.

The proof of the pudding is that Trump has several times recognized De Santis as the best Governor in America.

The number of Florida cases have exceeded 250,000.

In one day last week Florida experienced the highest number of new cases for any one day: 10,360. That same day, Florida experienced 95 new deaths.

De Santis wants our children to return to school. Parents and people in general have to be crazy to follow De Santis on this point based on his coronavirus track record to date.

Fantasy Fest has been cancelled.

The mini-lobster season occurs on the last Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. People come in in droves to dive for lobsters. I speak of visitors/tourists.

They bring the dreaded virus with them. Conveniently will infect Key Westers and non-Key Westers. Spread the virus without a care.

The Key West City Commission wisely cancelled Fantasy Fest. They do not have the power to cancel the mini-lobster season. Only De Santis has and he has refused.

A few more comments by those opposed to reopening schools. All directed against Trump, of course.

“He is mad people actually are for their kids, DAMN. Dude got Daddy issues big time.”

“Is this man ready to send his son to a public school in the Fall? I want a reporter to ask him this question.”

“It’s like he is actively trying to lose the next election.”

“Now we all know, this monster needs to be stopped.”

Enjoy your Sunday! Remember to wear your mask, social distance, and wash your hands.






  1. Just reading between the lines here, but it seems like Lou doesn’t care much for Donald Trump. I could be wrong.

  2. “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.”
    — Roger Stone on Trump commuting his sentence
    The question becomes, what exactly does he know?

  3. Just a little more than 100 days and it will all be over Lou. What will you write about then?

    Trump is so far behind Biden he will easily lose. All the polls say so. Why be worried? It will be a landslide, because everyone hates Trump.

    • Lou can write about anything he wants, including the sarcasm on the right about how he’s lost anything to write about, when Trumps leaves office.

      Lou has been writing this blog long before Trump came along and has never been shy about calling out incompetence or corruption when he sees it, regardless of political affiliation.

      Nor do I think will he be intimidated by smart azz comments from some of his readers like you.

  4. I agree with you Lou about Robert Mueller, he, a Republican, more than anyone must be blamed for the demise of our so called Democracy and rule by Constitution.

    Our Constitution is just a piece of paper, worthless if not held to an agreed upon rule of law. Nothing in our Constitution says that a president cannot be held responsible during and while he is president, another one of those belief’s forced on us by the politically conservative right wing Heritage Foundation.

    • Sandy is a pest who frequently posts on this site only to start fights and then complain about other people being hostile towards him. He frequently lies and often denies things he himself has said. He has often been vulgar and always unapologetic.

        • And he was right, wasn’t he?

          So am I

          You are a proven pest on Lou’s blog, who frequently posts on this site only to start fights and then complain about other people being hostile towards him. YOU also frequently lie and often denies things you yourself have said. You are often vulgar and always unapologetic.

  5. So, President Trump again, cowardly waits until late on Friday to commute his long time friend and former business partner Roger Stone, of duly convicted federal crimes, then hightails out of town directly to the swamp. Just one more promise not fulfilled.

  6. “Just one more promise not fulfilled.” You can keep your doctor. Was that Joe or Oboma who said it.

    Or was it Joe’s Son who said what a good friend RED CHINA is
    with their gift bugs which keep giving.

    • Total misrepresentation of that issue and what you might expect from the regularly dishonest troll poster Sandy.

      • Just ignore Sandy’s posts, he only posts on Lou’s Blog to start arguments, usually having to misquote even Republican talking points, too. Like c*ckroaches and mosquitoes, just ignore him!

  7. As a result, Trump walked. He is still in office. The label he was “impeached” means nothing if not convicted of violations that would have resulted in removal from office.

    As to impeachment meaning nothing, I have a different take. Just like losing the popular vote (something trump and his supporters say means nothing) bothered Trump to his core so will impeachment. It is a part of history and he just ahead of Bill CLinton. Defeating Trump isn’t about joining his con game it is about getting into his head, exposing him for what he is to as many as possible and letting him continue his pattern of self destructive behavior as a result.

  8. The Key West City Commission wisely cancelled Fantasy Fest. They do not have the power to cancel the mini-lobster season. Only De Santis has and he has refused.

    I watched DeSantis in a recent clip with Trump, he was clapping “enthusiasically” like a North Korean in the presence of Kim Jung Un. It seems puppetry is common to both countries.
    DeSantis rolled the dice and lost. His pushback on the Tri State NY area leaders for introducing a 14 day quarantine for travelers from a number of states including Florida (long after he did the same for NYC area travelers to Florida) put his hypocrisy on full display as well.

  9. Maybe children are not affected as much by covd as adults are because their immune systems are not fully developed yet?

    • Who says they’re not as affected as much as adults? Most of the recent uptick in Florida, Texas and other places is with younger adults and children.

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