Senator Bernie Sanders understands “hardball” when it comes to Saudi Arabia. He has called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Saudi Arabia, an end to military aid, a cessation of selling them weapons, an end to its price fixing oil cartel , and a call to the Saudis to let Putin defend their monarchy.

Love letting Putin defend them. Putin has exhibited to the whole world in recent months Russia’s failure when it comes to military prowess.

As I started the blog, I heard on a TV news program that Biden threatened the Saudi’s with the military pullback 2 years ago and the Saudis capitulated. I do not recall the issue.

No time to screw around. Hit ’em quick and hit ’em hard!

Bess Levin reports: “The DOJ thinks Trump still has classified documents because, Hello? That’s exactly the kind of shit he’d pull.”

Trump picked two “winners” for Senatorial candidates. Oz in Pennsylvania and Herschel in Georgia.

Oz delivered a speech thursday night at a $5,000 a plate fundraiser. I suspect the fundraiser was for Matt Gaetz since his in laws sponsored the event. The dinner took place at the Lynn Air Museum.

Oz delivered his speech standing next to what once was Hitler’s car. The car also bore a swastika.

The vehicle a 1939 Mercedes-Benz Model G4 Offener touring wagon. It was delivered to Hitler late in 1939. The Fuhrer used the car in Obersalzberg, Berlin, and Poland. He used it till the French seized it at some point.

Some believe it was no accident Oz stood by Hitler’s swastika bearing vehicle. There are those who believe it was intentional and for the benefit of the fascist elements in the Republican Party.

Herschel Walker has changed positions on the abortion, money, etc. issue headlining the past few days. He now admits a relationship with the woman who accused him of paying for the abortion. Also, “I could have sent some money.”

The woman yet unidentified, added yesterday that Herschel encouraged her to have a second abortion re a second pregnancy. She refused and did not. In addition, she confirmed he is the father of one of her children.

I am a music fan of Great Balls of Fire. I am not a fan of its author who made it famous. His personal life too much on the negative side.

It was this day in 1957 that Jerry Lee Lewis recorded Great Balls of Fire. Anthony Lewis sang it in Top Gun. The song is sung in the new Maverick film, also.

On this day in 1918, Sergeant Alvin York displayed heroics at the Argonne. He killed 20 plus German soldiers and captured 132. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts.

Gary Cooper later played Sgt. York in the movie Sergeant York.

Religion can be twisted. Its word not so much. Rather in its application.

A Mississippi Reverend refused to baptize the baby of unmarried parents. The Reverend Dewayne Warren of the Hickey Grove United Methodist Church the culprit. He made the child bear the “sins” of the parents. The Reverend accused the parents of “living in sin” and irregular attendance at church.

The Reverend’s conduct was not well received. It was met with furor. One woman said, “This is not Christian behavior…..we are called to love everyone.”

My concept is we are all God’s children. How dare the Reverend deny the child God’s blessing!

Eugene Robinson is a Washington Post columniust and frequent visitor to Key West. In a recent column he had to say this about Ian: “After Ian, Florida can’t rebuild the same way. It can be better…..There will be another hour as bad as Ian or worse. The best way to defend the Florida lifestyle is to reimagine it, not sentence it to perpetual destruction.”

Robinson is right on. Damaged Florida must be rebuilt taking hurricanes and other type storms into consideration. It might mean rebuilding Fort Myers a few miles down the road for example. Strict codes will have to be adopted and enforced. It all works!

I was out again yesterday at lunch time.

First, a manicure with Tammy. It was like she was waiting for me to come through the door. She could not wait to tell me her large salon had been flooded.

Three inches of water throughout. She and her husband had prepared for the possibility. Rather than sand bag the entrance door, they bought some sort of spray and sprayed the area. It was intended to prevent water from surging in. It failed.

Her deductible too large for an insurance claim. The water had to be cleaned out. It stunk she said. A foul water smell coupled with the smell from the major fire across the street. Two manicure chairs not working properly afterwards. Fortunately, damage overall not that bad.

The cleanup crew came in. Tammy, husband Rick and their two high school children. They cleaned from 9 am to 7 pm non-stop. Got the job done.

I took a ride afterwards to other parts of Key West I had not yet seen. Debris everywhere. In some areas, mountains of it.

The cleanup has been ongoing. Trucks everywhere. Machinery loading the debris onto the trucks.

An excellent job being done.

Followed my cleanup expedition with lunch at Hogfish. At the bar with Julia.

My day was not yet ended. Veronica showed up at 4. Not expected. Jungle medicine. She beat me up for an hour. Tough hands. Strong strokes. When she left, blood was circulating everywhere throughout my body.

Enjoy your day!



  1. For a long time now, Republicans have tried to label Democrats “fascists” because they like how that sounds, ignoring the fact that most Anti-Facists (“antifa”) are Democrats, or at least liberals. Truth is, they (Republicans) don’t really know what they’re talking about, they just slur anything and everything they don’t like – truth be damned.

    Hanging around Nazi’s and giving Nazi signs and symbols, on the other hand, has become a real Republican “thing.” Can’t we now honestly say “Republicans are openly aligning themselves with Fascism and Nazi policies.

    Time we wake up!

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