President Biden in a talk last night in New York used the term “nuclear Armageddon.”

Let’s hope not.

Biden added,  “The nuclear risk as high as during the Cuban Missile Crisis.” Could be. With one difference, however. The first nuclear bombs to fall would have been in our back yard.

I still vividly recall the American and Russian ships in a standoff in Cuban waters. Two vessels moving towards each other. One Russian, the other American. We were seconds from war. A matter of feet. Suddenly the Russian vessel turned and a nuclear war was averted.

It was a your heart in your throat moment.

Today’s is Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday. May he not live to see a 71st.

He is enjoying his 70th with his finger on the nuclear button. Causing fear in millions.

The Russian people were rumbling in the streets yesterday. They are becoming increasingly fearful. Their “leader” is bringing them to the brink of an all out war that will also be fought on their soil. Not their cup of tea.

Will Putin survive? Will their be a coup?

Ian’s impact becoming more evident with each passing day.

Fort Jefferson Davis in Dry Tortuga took a beating. Sustained significant damage.

Ian was a Category 3 when it hit. Winds 120 mph.

Damage to Key West more than I realized. Yesterday was haircut time. Visited with Lori. Then lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. Followed by a drive around town.

Debris more than the day before. Tons of it curbside. Trees, foliage, furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. Salute’s had just finished bulldozing the sand out. Sand had filled the restaurant.

Everything I saw surprised me. It was much more than I had realized.

Enough debris that Key West through Monroe County made swift application for federal assistance to aid in the cleanup. Federal officials moved swiftly in response. Wednesday night, Florida’s Major Disaster Declaration was amended to include Monroe County for Category A debris removal. Means debris. Nothing more. Debris which is removed within 30 days. Again, does not include anything else. Like housing assistance, for example.

The cost of debris removal has been estimated at $5 billion. There is no cap. If more, so be it.

Biden made a good move yesterday re pardoning simple marijuana federal offenses. Clean records for all. He recommended states follow suit re simple pot offenses, also.

A criminal record is a criminal record. It follows a person for years. Affects employment, housing and educational opportunities. Biden’s action will help thousands, if not millions.

Note that at least 20 states have legalized marijuana for nonmedical use at this time.

The January 6 Committee has rescheduled its “final” public hearing for next thursday at 1 pm.

Herschel making the Georgia Senatorial race interesting. I suspect he is lying through his teeth. What surprises me is the reaction of Georgia voters. MSNBC interviewed 6 mature responsible appearing persons. Knowledgeable appearing also. All 6 believed the bad things mentioned re Herschel. Nevertheless each took the position that retention of Senate control was more important than Herschel’s indiscretions.

We live in a screwed up society!

Enjoy your day!



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