The title resounds of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, the  humorous and enjoyable movie of yesteryear. Without the sex.

I experienced a most enjoyable evening last night. Dinner with Jane, Brian, Linda and Rick at La Te Da. Jack Baron brought us together. Jane and Brian are avid blog readers. Linda and Rick may be also. However, I did not pick up on it in the varied topics we discussed. Some serious, many funny.

Jane and Brian are Baron collectors. Many pieces. 

Jane had most on her cell phone and showed them to me. Acrylics, prints and figurines. She and Brian are into retirement and now live in a large RV. Their new home is filled with Jack’s works. Brian is into the dealers and costs. He appeared adept at negotiating price.

All live in northern Florida. They are spending a few days in Marathon. Swam on Sombrero Beach yesterday. A lovely place. Never put my toe in the water there. However, I have always been impressed with the beach when I drove by on US 1.

Brian and Rick are brothers who operated a building construction business. Now retired. Jane a retired nurse, Linda retired as a safety inspector from the insurance business.

There was much to discuss. Trump, of course. We are birds of a feather in that regard.

I mentioned how I have missed the last 3 major holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. These people are great! I have an open invitation to spend any I wish with them. We were not new fiends, we were old friends who got together for an evening of fun.

I shall be talking with Rick later in the week. He had his aortic valve replaced in his 50’s. He is well versed with the problem. I cannot wait to spend some time with him on the phone.

We shared experiences all night. We were one of the first tables to be occupied. Drank a bit before ordering. Sat and chatted long after finishing dinner. We were the next to last table to leave.

My new friends forever: Jane, Brian, Linda and Rick.

Trump made history yesterday. First President to be federally indicted. Quite  distinction. He should be proud. In due course, he will be twice as proud when he is indicted for January 6.

The Guardian described Trump’s arrest and arraignment as “ugly,” but also “democracy in action.”

Trial proceedings should be televised. I appreciate it is against present rules. The media should apply for an exception. The trial will be the most important in American history. The people need to see it to help heal the division that separates us.

Not many appeared outside the Miami Courthouse. The rants to come, carry guns, etc. never achieved. I suspect the results and articles concerning January 6 put the fear of God in many who did not want to recreate the scene. Not worthy of a jail term.

It happens! Fortunately, only 3-4 times a year worldwide.

The dead wake.

The most recent involves an Ecuadorian woman. Bella Montoya. Declared dead. At her wake, she surprised family members when she showed signs of life from her coffin. Bella began hitting on the side of the coffin and breathing heavy.

Just 2 weeks ago in the India railroad wreck, a father refused to accept his 24 year old son’s death. He went looking for his son’s body in a makeshift morgue. A hand hanging from under a body cover was seen twitching. It was his son’s. He was alive.

Davie, Florida is moving to a 4 day work week.

Instead of a 5 day 8 hour schedule, municipal employees will now work a 4 day 10 hour shift.

I see nothing wrong with it. The public is not cheated. Employees still working a 40 hour week. The employees themselves will enjoy a 3 day weekend.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice: “My opinion is the streets of Key West should be paved before we spend any more on bike paths.”

I agree!

Not because I am anti-bike, rather because our streets are a mess.

Such a pleasure now to drive Bertha Street. Repaved. A delight!

Time to look at other long and busy Key West streets like Eaton. A bumpy ride throughout.

I had such a good time dining out last night that I am going to follow it up with lunch today at Harpoon Harry’s. Thanksgiving turkey dinner special.

Enjoy your day!

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