Somewhere in this great land of ours is a 15 year old young lady living brightly with a new heart. Not her first. The first came when she was 2 months old.

It worked good till Mother’s Day this year when she had a heart attack. Followed by 13 more. Widow maker ones.

She had been an active teenager. In fact, her whole life found her involved in normal activities. She participated in school sports. She was particularly adept at dancing and was a member of her high schools’s state dance team.

Doctors said time for a new heart.

She waited 10 days in the hospital till a compatible one was found.

She is back in school and intends to participate in the same events she had before her recent heart attacks. Both she and her doctors have given her a clean bill of health.

Bright and cheerful before and after. She has gained a new perspective on life: “Always remember that there is this light that’s always gonna come to you.”

Ah, the religious in life. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Liked and disliked.

The French Revolution began in 1789 and lasted 10 years. The people took over the government. Hated the royalists who had governed earlier and any who sympathized with them.

The religious for whatever reason seemed to side with the royalists.

The September Massacre took place September 1792. “Mobs” put many to death. Savagely. No guillotine. Three Roman Catholic Bishops were slaughtered, together with more than 200 priests.

Their political leanings and not belief in God the cause.

I have written for several years re U.S. preparedness to militarily engage. I questioned whether the U.S. was still the strongest nation in the world. Came to the conclusion it was not. China was.

I wrote a lengthy article some years ago comparing the strength of the U.S. and China. China was ahead in every respect. Especially as regards a Navy.

I also wrote several times over the years questioning where all the allocated monies for the military in the U.S. budget were being spent. Pointed out several audits reflecting billions of dollars were gone and could not be accounted for.

Even Trump saw how behind we were. From the time he took office, he has sought and received significantly increased monies to build up the military.

I am not impressed with what has been done in 3 1/2 years.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s 2020 annual report to Congress on Chinese Military Power spelled out how far behind the U.S. was, especially concerning the Navies of both.

The report stated in effect China had the world’s largest Navy. One which was getting better.

A comparison revealed China had 350 naval vessels. A good number new. Whereas the U.S. 293. Most older.

The U.S. was stronger regarding carriers. Eleven to six. However the report suggested carriers would not be the primary naval weapon of the future. China’s ships were of better technological quality.

China superior re anti- ship missiles. Some of which had the capacity to travel faster than Mach 5. Some believed to have the capacity to reach U.S.shores.

Trump basically got all the money he has requested for the military. How has it been spent. We should be advised.

Some short time after taking office, Trump met with China’s President Xi. It was reported at the time that Xi told Trump the U.S. had wasted money on Middle East wars for 17 years and gained nothing. Meantime, China had stayed out of wars and put their money into developing their military and infrastructure.

Labor Day 1935 fell on September 2. The Hurricane of 1935 struck that day.

It was the most intensive to ever pass over the U.S. It hit landfall near Islamorada. A category 5. Winds 200 mph. Tides 18-20 feet.

The Overland Railroad was being built. Right were the hurricane hit. The workers mostly immigrants.

Living accommodations for the workers were tents.

There was some prior warning a bad storm was on the way. A train lefty Miami to rescue the workers before the hurricane hit. It was almost to them when the hurricane struck with such strength that it blew most of the railroad cars off the track.

Four hundred were killed.

It was the end of the Overland Railroad. Already hurting financially, there were no monies to resurrect the project.

This is the 186th day of my self-quarantine. Twenty six weeks. One half a year. I have only left the house for doctor visits and hospital tests.

I’m getting edgy.

Over the years, I have developed a dislike for holier than thou persons who in back rooms sin like hell.

The most recent to be identified is Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki. Jerry having been till most recently President of Liberty University. The son of Jerry Falwell now deceased.

Sex seems to be the problem.

Larry Flynt first published Hustler years ago. Photos of naked women, sensual stories, etc.

Jerry Falwell went after Flynt. Big time! Sinner! Fornicator, etc!

Flynt retaliated with a photo of Falwell and some words Jerry Falwell would never speak.

Falweell sued. The case went to the Supreme Court. Falwell claimed he had been defamed. The Supreme Court said the picture and words were not actionable. Freedom of speech applied.

Flynt wrote one time re religious leaders: “They actually work to increase the sum of human suffering. They are peddlers of religious snake oil.”

Modern day Elmer Gantrys.

Some of Trump’s utterances bring to mind…..You can’t fix stupid.

The Kenosha shooting. A police officer putting 7 bullets in the back of a black man.

Trump when questioned about the Kenosha shooting and others involving police and black persons responded in an unbelievable fashion. He said the police were under stress. He compared their shooting blacks to missing “a 3 foot putt.”

In the various shootings, he suggested the police “clutched.” There was no intent to harm the black person.

The World Health Organization announced 170 countries had joined under the auspices of WHO to work together to find a vaccine for coronavirus.

Trump refused to join. He said the group were to be led by the “corrupt” WHO and China.

I suspect the real reason Trump refused to join is he wants to go down in history as the person responsible for the discovery of a Covid-19 vaccine. Perhaps receive a Nobel Prize as a result.

Kentucky Derby saturday. I will be watching it alone at home sipping a Beefeaters. I generally watch at Don’s Place. Not this year.

Tuesday Talk last night. A good show. A different show.

I wanted to mention Trump as little as possible. Give everyone a break.

I did it! Only mentioned him a few times with regard to one topic.

People have to be tired of Trump, politics. etc. A big world out there. Many things happening.

Enjoy your day!




13 comments on “SECOND NEW HEART FOR 15 YEAR OLD

  1. Fauci knowingly allowed Trump to bully him into not emphatically recommending people wear face masks, when the Covid Pandemic firs hit back in January/February 2020. This should forever disqualify Fauci from ever running for president, having failed to have protected the American people when it mattered and could have made a difference.

  2. Nancy has no Mask. But She wants me to were one. Typical liberal socialist leader. Does Nancy care about those who are trying to follow the rules on covert 19. Will Joe follow the rules?

    • Sandy, who with his pseudonyme Sergey and others, is a foul mouthed, persistent pest, who only trolls Lou’s website for some sort of Perverted “jollies” His attacks on Nancy Pelosi are frequent, gratuitous and only exceeded by his attacks of Jews and the Chines (as he likes to call them) but never on the communist Russians. In the past he has attacked her for wearing a mask and now for not wearing a mask. He only wants to start a fight, never adding anything useful.

  3. Sandy! Where have you been, dude? These people have been accusing you of being me, or vice versa, for weeks now. It was amusing at first, but it’s getting tiresome. It’s time for them to call YOU school playground names again!

  4. I would like a 15 year old to enjoy a Friday night game than have a old lady, using her white privilege, sinking in the back door , to get her roots done with out that lawful mask on be the number 3 in power.
    The old wrinkled fart has shown to us all that she is just about her own place in life. At least AOC is not so vain.

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