The Key West City Commission met last night. Changes in rules intended to protect against coronavirus were adopted. Overall, a win for bar owners and restaurants.

There is the old saying that a squeaky wheel gets the oil. So it was last night.

There were about 40 demonstrators outside City Hall carrying signs supporting open bar seating. Some, a removal of the requirement to wear masks.

I assume that certain bar owners did their lobbying for liberalization of the rules.

From my perspective, the City Commission did bad and good.

The Commission voted to allow bar counters in restaurants to open. Open seating permitted. With restrictions. Groups of 6 seated at bars are allowed with 6 foot social distancing between the groups. Food must be ordered. No drinking without eating.

Who enforces the new rule. Prior to last night, police and code enforcement officers were the enforcers. No more. Now it is the bar owner.

Is the buck being passed here? Concededly not a pleasant job.

Failure of the bar owner to enforce the new rules can result in being closed down for up to 10 days in the first instance. A second time and the penalty is extended for up to 30 days.

I disagree with permitting the bars to open as indicated. Coronavirus is no where under control. Allowing drinking and eating at the bars means more customers. The additional customers will primarily be those driving down for a few days.

Recognize that it is impossible to wear a mask while eating and drinking.

Labor Day weekend a few days away. There will be an onslaught of tourists. Guaranteed a couple of weeks down the road and coronavirus cases in Key West will be on the rise.

Face masks. The Commission delayed loosening mask restrictions for 61 days.

Such will not make much difference. The tourists who have been visiting recently generally disregarded the mask wearing rule. Probably will continue to do so.

One hundred eighty thousand plus have died in the U.S. Key West will make a significant contribution in sick and dead in the second half of September.

The History Section in today’s Key West Citizen made mention of a Carnival Stag Show involving the Navy which resulted in a sex orgy in 1953.

Search as I could, I could find no additional details than those set forth in the Citizen.

The event was called a Charity Carnival Stag Show. It took place 9/3/53.

Whatever occurred had to be flagrant. The Secretary of the Navy gave reprimands to Admiral Irving T. Duke and Lt. Commander Benjamin Berry.

No rest for the alleged “wicked.”

It was reported ICE worked hard in arresting illegal immigrants in July and August. Two thousand were arrested. The largest sweep during the Pandemic.

Two thousand a large number to be apprehended over a 2 month period. Where were they confined during processing? Had to take several days or longer. Was any protection provided to protect them against coronavirus?

The President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world. A President’s health is of extreme importance.

Recall last year when Trump was suddenly taken to Walter Reed Hospital. Whatever the purpose, he was in and out in less than a day.

The public has never been told what the President’s problem was. The public has a right to know. Especially if Trump’s cognitive abilities were impaired.

The issue as to what was wrong has resurfaced. Yesterday, Trump in a tweet denied having “mini-strokes.” No one said he had mini-strokes. Trump was the first to even use the term as he did yesterday.

Trump apparently refuses to let us know. However, he did have the White House physician issue a statement. The White House physician is considered the Physician to the President. His name Dr. Dean Conly.

Conly wrote yesterday that the President was “healthy…..I expect him to remain fit to execute the duties of the Presidency.”

A California State Judge issued an opinion affecting those applying for admission to University of California schools. The decision to the effect that SAT and ACT tests could no longer be used in determining admission.

The decision’s reasoning was that the tests disadvantaged low income students and students with disabilities.

The decision bugs me a bit. I and many I know come from “low income” families. Many with disabilities. Like blind. We made it. Those deprived today can make it also.

Not even 7 this morning and today’s blog done. Woke around 2 and could not sleep. Did my research and then grabbed some sleep. Up and at the blog itself at 6. Done!

The reason I am an eager beaver with today’s blog is I have a doctor’s appointment later this morning.

Tomorrow more testing. A 2 1/2 hour one at the hospital. Hope I can get tomorrow’s blog out.

Enjoy your day!


12 comments on “BAR OWNERS WIN AGAIN

  1. Key West is between a rock and a hard place.

    The Rock: The collection of small bars, restaurants and boutiques with private ownership is what makes Key West the town it is. Without the tourists… without the folks at the bars, these businesses are dying. And… without these local businesses Key West would be taken over by big corporations and as you know, too much of that has already happened. Without tourism, the Key West we know won’t survive.

    The Hard Place: The pandemic still isn’t under control… not even close. By letting tourists back in larger numbers, which opening the bars will do, more will get sick. Would the same number get sick in the long haul? Not likely if there is a redily available, effective vaccine by let’s say, next March. With the bars opening now, some businesses might survive, but there are some people who might not.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. This should not be presented or discussed as an “all or nothing” situation or solution. What can be done to help the merchants, their employees, the customers, the citizens of Key West and everyone else. Surely their can be a “best way” if we insist on it. One thing for sure. Every single merchant, especially the BAR owners should be required to be as “at risk” as their employees and their customers.

  3. I went to follow in the foot steps of our #3 in command and get my hair done. My roots are showing. But I got sent home to get a face covering. No white liberal female privilege here. I am just white-no privilege here. But I do have the privilege of paying my taxes.

  4. We have a president who is having strokes and hiding that from the public. We have a vice president who claims that he doesn’t know why Trump was rushed to the hospital and doesn’t find it odd that he wasn’t tp;d, or doesn’t feel it is an issue important enough to be kept in that loop, ans Sandy Feet only want’s to talk about any of that but yet want’s to talk about Nancy Palosi having taken off her Covid mask while having her hair washed? No wonder there are people on this blog who dismiss Sandy Feet and his other alias’ as nothing but a crank troll. I’m beginning to think he’s a fool too. A fool to think anyone would read his crap, or care whatever dribbles out of his mouth.

    • Dismiss me all you want Annie but tell me what does Lou know that Nancy does not?
      She has no mask on while in side a shop which by law should be closed while Lou sits in his home. Now repeat this after me: DO as I say Not as I due and follow your leader with out question! Which mail box are you placing your vote(s) in?
      In the last NY primary only a few month ago 84,000 MAIL in ballots were ruled no good.
      Trump was rushed to the hospital-not. Just an other false “news” story by CNN. I liked Ted Turner, He was a great Sailor.

      • Sandy do you RELLY want to make ANY kind of argument accusing ANYONE, let alone Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the United States Senate and 3rd in Line to the presidency of the United States, for taking off her mask, in a private (NOT PUBLIC situation), for a very short period of time, during the washing part of her hair cut? Good lord man, are you a tool or just a JERK, especially when the President and the Vice President are almost always seen in PUBLIC places NEVER wearing a mask. I don’y know when Mrs. Pelosi, or anyone in the entire world has ever advocated wearing a mask for that kind of situation, EVER. Your accusations and FORCED argument has to be the most absurd smear I have ever heard from anyone, even YOU.

        And your pile on about the NY primary votes is horribly misleading, at best, and the President NOT being rushed to the Hospital completely factually wrong. It happened and is not being denied by any credible source.

        I’m beginning to think you are NOTHING but one of those Russian misinformation bots we hear about, always just spreading garbage.

  5. Hair salons are closed to the public in Ca. And you are right. Pelosi is not the “public” She is the leader of the Democratic party and as such she should not through the law aside. Remember “Do as I say, not what I do!”
    Yes and now KW will let you drink with out a mask on.
    There are some folks in Town who see the light. We need the Tax dollars. Any idea how much we are in the tax dollar whole?

  6. Private event, anyway you cut it, axxhole, and not worthy of anybody’s time or effort. Except of course a jerk who’s just trying to start trouble and would rather ignore real problems aplenty, to make noise and detract from FAR more Important issues.

    • What’s more important, Nancy Pelosi taking off her mask while washing her hair during a private, invitation only event, or lying to the American people in a public event by the President of the United States.

      Let’s try and keep things real Sandy

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