Say hello to Faustino Gonzalez. Nickname Tino. Tino to everyone who knows him.

First however, some remarks re my absence for a few days. My platform was not functioning properly. Pure aggravation.

I thank the many who not knowing the actual reason, nevertheless commented their get well wishes, etc., thinking I was sick. All appreciated.

Then there were those few who never understand anything.

My blog. So if I want to throw a few jabs. My prerogative.

Those who made “sick” comments about my condition were it illness, do me a favor and go read someone else’s blog. You are the sick ones.

Then there are those who for example think I should get an editor to do my work. Not understanding I do the blog because I enjoy it. In spite of the aggravations sometime involved.

I retired at 70. Now, 84.

I found when I retired I was spending most of my days in bed. Not healthy. I also discovered I was lacking mental stimulation. Something that was a part of my entire career.

I had to do something. Began the blog 14 years ago. Had no idea what a blog was. Came across a story about blogs on the internet and was off and running.

Loved it! Still love it! The blog pops up on 14 different sites and has 70,000 subscribers worldwide.

I do the blog the same time I got up mornings during the 46 years I was a lawyer. No later than 6 in the morning, I am at my desk researching and writing that day’s blog. Takes roughly 5-6 hours.

Keeps me out of bed!

I also do a podcast tuesday evenings. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Requires 5-6 hours preparation. A fun trip however.

Every now and then I do local radio show. Fill in, help out.

In the meantime, I have published 2 books and presently am working on 2 others. One for 4 years. The Italian one.

Am I mentally stimulated? You better believe it! So  why would I want someone else to do the writing for me?

Sure I complain. Who does not in this world. I get frustrated also. Who does not. Such is life.

I honestly believe that if I were not so engaged at 84, I would be sitting in a wheel chair in a nursing home with my tongue hanging out.

My limitation at this stage is my health. Nothing I can do about it. I try to watch things. See many doctors. Perhaps too many. Always concerned.

My health now limits my evening activities. Can’t do 6-7 nights a week anymore. Lucky to get 2 in.

That’s the way it goes.

Having vetted a bit, on to Tino Gonzalez.

Met Tino years ago in Key West. He and his lovely wife Maria were snowbirds. Owned a home in Key West for 10 years.

Originally from Chicago, they decided to sell and spend most the year in Chicago near the grandkids.

Tino is now 72. A relatively short guy. Tough acting as most short persons are. Masks his warm heart.

Tino is third generation Mexican. Grew up in Chicago’s Italian neighborhood. Still lives there. Bridgeport. Known as a “cops and robbers” neighborhood in his early years.

A political stronghold. The area rich in patronage. Home to many police and fire officers.

The name ‘”machine” is sometimes applied to the neighborhood. The first Mayor Daley lived there 21 years. His son, Mayor Daley #2, 22 years.

The neighborhood has a very large Italian-American club. The Old Neighborhood Italian American Club. Six hundred members strong. The building an edifice.

Many TV shows and movies are filmed in Chicago. Most in Bridgeport.

Five years ago, Tino noticed people were being hired as “extras.” He started going each day and waiting to be selected. Five years later, he is in great demand as an extra. Plays every possible part. Never speaks however. Extras do not talk.

Paid well, however.

Tino much in demand. He is doing 70 plus shows a year. He has appeared in Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, the Batman TV Series, and many more.

Tino in his other life was a career Air Force member. Had the misfortune of crashing while in a helicopter.

His new life interesting. So much so that I want to share it with you. The game plan is to run a pic or two of Tino while performing. Together with a very few words as to who he is playing and in what show.

Initially, the pics might be from shows 2 years old. As Tino and I work out a system, they will hopefully be current. I may be able to provide the name, date and TV outlet for the show.

Today’s pics are of Tino having been beaten by a bunch of thugs and chained. The second pic is of the police treating Tino.

You will be amazed as this series of pics develop as to the many parts Tino plays. A man of diverse talents.


Enjoy your day!















































  1. The “editor” suggested would be an app on your computer (like maybe a word processor or something simpler) where you would compose and ‘edit’ your daily blog, saving itself to a file on your computer every so often and never lost. Then, when you are don, you would only need to up load that days content to you your blog (WordPress) and be done. I think you’d find that way would not only keep you from losing a day’s work, but also be a much better platform for composing and writing.

  2. Lou, Sorry I wasn’t clear about the use of the word “editor”. I meant exactly what Tammy wrote…use an editing program on your computer, such as Word. Write your blog offline and Save it. Then when you are ready to publish, transfer it to your blog. You will never lose another post.
    As I said originally, have Sloan show you how to do it, it is very simple an will save you much aggravation. She will be able to show you how to do it in just a few minutes of your time.

  3. keep on blogging, Lou. We enjoy the daily commentary. There will always be a few haters out there with their “sick” comments addressed to you. We can only pity them. May their posts go unanswered and ignored.

  4. Lou, thank you so much, very simplified and easy to read. BTW I am 77, but thanks for the extra years so to speak.

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