Trump’s record regarding women is well known.

Trump appears to enjoy and respect the company of totalitarians. One being Turkey’s Erdogan. Both reflect anti-female sentiments. Erdogan far worse.

Turkey is moving towards the passage a Marry Your Rapist law. Controversial. Expected to pass.

Muslim women in most Islamic countries are poorly treated. Definitely second class citizens. Even worse.

The Marry Your Rapist bill helps protect men accused of having sex with underage girls. The men would be able to escape punishment by marrying their victims.

Far out!

Most Turkish families are poor. The rapist would be able to “buy out” of punishment by making a financial deal with the girl’s parents.

Should not be a surprise. Endrogan has been known to say a woman who did not bear children was “incomplete.” He is well known for his statement that women’s equity with men is “against nature.”

Obviously sex and women treated differently where a man is concerned. For example, Turkish clerics insist girls as young as 9 are ready for marriage.

Grocery shopped at Publix yesterday. Ran into Dink. I have not seen him in several months. He has been ill.

Dink’s Dad was a close friend of Ernest Hemingway. He was his driver and fishing companion.

Dinner at Roostica last night.

An interesting experience.

A pleasant woman sat next to me. A local. Enjoyed our conversation.

When she was ready to leave, she took her napkin and wiped her plastic straw. Then she took a plastic bag out of her purse and placed the straw in it.

She saw I was looking at her with a strained expression. I asked why, pointing to the plastic bag and straw.

Her explanation simply was this was her way of protecting the reef and contributing to climate control.

All I could think was a little bit here and there can go a long way.

As I frequently comment, Key West is going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. The City Commission is money hungry. Pigs when it comes to raking in more dollars to the City’s coffers.

Someone commented to this blog recently that in recent years, parking at Smathers Beach was free. No more. Pay station kiosks.

Four dollars an hour! Four hours at the beach costs $16.


Syracuse won again yesterday. That makes 5 victories in a row. All against ACC opponents. Syracuse beat Pitt 69-61.

Go “Cuse!

Our country is on a march to madness. Caused by Trump and his Republican supporters. Trump screws everything up and the Republicans blindly follow him.

California has passed an abortion coverage mandate. Newly found supporter of anti-abortion and now a pro-lifer Donald Trump says if California does not change its position, he is going to cut off some federal funding to the State.

Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. Has been for 47 years. All must have respect for the law. Not Trump, however.

Reagan and the 2 Bushes were pro-life. None however threatened or cut off funding because some State took an action consistent with Roe v. Wade.

The Republicans owe us a good President down the road. This one has been bad!

Recall a few weeks ago the Iran retaliation to Soleimani’s assassination. Missiles fired at 2 U.S. air bases in Iraq.

Trump announced no American personnel injured. Several days later, we learn 7 soldiers were injured. Brain concussions. They were sent to hospitals in Kuwait and Germany for treatment.

Now we learn that the total injured is 34. All with traumatic brain injuries. Some are being treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington, others at their home bases.

My question simply is why lie about the number injured. From 0 to 11 to 34. Does anyone tell the truth about anything in Trump’s administration?

Trump is about to benefit Israel again probably to the detriment of the Middle East.

Trump announced yesterday he has a Middle East Peace Plan. It will be announced either before monday or on monday. Netanyahu will be in Washington for the announcement. His political opponent Gantz has been invited also.

The plan is purportedly the brainchild of Jared Kushner. It primarily resolves the Israeli-Palestinian situation. So claims Washington. The Palestinians have already said no, suggesting it aids Israel over them. The Palestinians will not be at the meeting.

The Plan is being touted as “the deal of the century.” Trump said, “I love doing deals.”

I sense another screw up in the making.

Hollywood keeps making Jesse and Frank James movies. All good. Reflect part of America’s history..

Each movie has their mother being killed when the Pinkerton men threw flares in the window of the house she was in. They thought the James brothers were inside. They were not. Only their mother and half brother.

Truth is their mother was not killed. Both her arms were blown off. Their half brother was killed.

Whatever, the result was bad.

The U.S. Congress passed the 18th Amendment in December 1917. Prohibition was the law of the land. Liquor outlawed for 15 years.

Many believe the 18th Amendment was the first attempt at prohibition anywhere in the U.S. It was not. The first was a law passed by Tennessee on January 26, 1838. It made selling alcoholic beverages in taverns and stores illegal. Misdemeanors.

Drinking not prohibited, merely sales. I assume the Tennessean frontiersmen continued making their own hooch.

Enjoy your Sunday!

34 comments on “MARRY YOUR RAPIST

  1. I worry about you Lou, and the people of Key West. They think that $4.000 per hour for parking is something only they have to endure and blame their money hungry local government as the cause. You all need to get out of yourselves more. Much of the country pays that and more for parking and equally high or higher prices for local goods and services, like garbage and such. The problem is that city workers (including teachers) want to be paid a living wage and with income inequality what it has become with our economy out of control so that the rich can support THEIR habits, cities and states have to charge big bucks for their local services. Try living any cheaper elsewhere you guys. Not gonna happen!

    • And part of the parking fees go reduce the Real estate taxes of Key West home owners. Do your parking fees pay part of your home town real estate taxes?

  2. It has log been a Republican mantra (when it suits them) that states should do more to govern themselves because, they say, states know what’s better for them, then the federal government ever could (when it suits them).

    But now, the republican party, under Trump wants to punish any state that doesn’t go along with whatever he wants and not a peak out of the blind and always compliant republican faithful. How come, does this too suit them?

    Anything goes (when it suits them) with these idiots

      • My interpretation of the Constitution or your interpretation of the Constitution? That seems to be the whole point of the original post. Republicans seem to want to interpret to Constitution what ever way they feel like when ever they want, then cram that down everybody else’s throat in the most condescending and patronizing ways.

  3. Prohibition sure did stop the drinking……not. Just made it more popular, made criminals out of a lot of people, and fueled the Mafia. Gosh, sure sounds a lot like illegal drug usage.

  4. Trump taking a pro life position is in line with his past beliefs except he also felt a woman’s right to choose was as important. Seems he is abandoning the latter for votes- so he has become quite the typical politician. What amazes me is with his history of Weinstein like mentality toward women, and serial philandering not one oops? I don’t see Trump being considerate enough to glove up. Of course, it wouldn’t matter if he funded a dozen abortions, his following is that lost.

    • I am fine. Thank you and all others who have expressed serious concern. Platform has been sick. Pain in the ass! Will know later today if everything ok. Do not want to write and lose it or can’t get into blog halfway through. This morning is first time I have been able to communicate. Hopefully next blog tomorrow.

  5. Twitter and Facebook are good options to let your readers know you have technical issues and nothing more serious, if you are so inclined.

  6. Louis,
    Please ask Sloan to show you how to use a simple editor to write your blogs, then SAVE them, before posting. It will make your life much easier and is very simple to do. Invest 10 minutes with Sloan and all will be less frustrating for you

  7. Lou, you tweeted that by the end of the day Trump will have avoided impeachment.

    He was definitely impeached. He wasn’t removed from office. Two different things.

      • Actually a huge accomplishment for the American people! Donald Trump was impeached for cause and the American people, actually the entire world, shown how completely corrupt the Republican party really is.

        Now if Trump and his band of thieves can be kept from cheating further, he and maybe ‘them’ can be thrown out of office for good!

    • Stupid reason to reelect a fool and an idiot. Chances are that if he is reelected we’ll be at war with someone important and a lot more blood will be shed than with a few proud boys and some mal contempt neo-Nazis, upset that they will no longer be allowed to stab jews whenever they want

  8. Dear Anomymous,

    Sometimes I completely agree with you. Then somtimes I completely disagree with you. It’s almost as if you have dissociative identity disorder. It semes you have more faces than Eve.

    Kokomo Man

  9. Look at it this way, Trump being re-elected lessens the chances of you shooting it out with your neighbor if he loses the vote but refuses to step down.

  10. I am a Republican and I own a gun. I plan to gladly take out any thug that tries any violence in my neighborhood should Trump go down in the next election.

    • Trump losing will knock the wind out of the alt right wing as fast as it emboldened them when he “won”. For the majority it is their nature to puff the chest, talk some crap and commiserate. Perhaps some marching and chanting about white power or some other nonsense. That is where it will end.

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