Lost several days last week because of platform problems. Thrilled to be back!

So many thoughts left unwritten. I have picked out those that still have interest and share them with you today in a Morning Stew presentation.

Per the usual, there is no order in which they appear. I write as the topics appear in my notes.

Syracuse/Duke last night. Syracuse lost 97-88. A good first half. Syracuse began sliding in the second half.

Syracuse played well in January. Won 6, lost 1.

Syracuse lost last night for 2 reasons. They were unable to control their offensive backboards. Also, Duke’s in your face defense prevented Syracuse’s 3 point game.

Occasionally, I have written re myths surrounding George Washington. Like…..He did not chop down the cherry tree, he did not meet with Betsy Ross in 1776 re creating an American flag.

Another myth involves Washington’s teeth. Poor. Down to nothing at some point in his life.

Story has it Washington’s teeth were made of wood. False! His false teeth consisted of 3 sources: The teeth of slaves, filed down teeth from animals, and those fashioned from ivory.

Mark Twain was not always an author. The Civil War got him into writing.

Mark Twain his writing name. His real name Samuel Longhorne Clemens. In the years immediately prior to the Civil War, Clements was a qualified pilot on the Mississippi River.

Commercial traffic on the Mississippi ceased when the Civil War began in 1861. Clements went to Nevada and California hoping to strike gold and silver. No luck.

He turned to writing. Took the professional name Mark Twain. Wrote much about the Mississippi River. Became recognized as one of America’s greatest authors.

Tino as an extra. A homeless person. Tino says he is selected to play a homeless person often.

On this day in 1931, Pauline Hemingway was out fishing with husband Ernest. She caught a 7′ 1″ sailfish. The sailfish set a season record.

Bolton did not get to testify. Trump and the Republican Senators successfully barred the truth from the trial.

A trial is not a trial without witnesses and document exhibits. I know. I tried cases for 46 years.

A trial without witnesses and exhibits amounts to a cover-up and sham. Should not even be called a “trial.” In this instance, the Senate “trial” defrauded the American people.

The truth will out in due course. Before the November election. Hopefully it will affect the judgment of voters at that time.

Get rid of Trump!

Today a big one in American history. Groundhog Day!

The world’s most famous weather predictor.

The first groundhog event occurred on February 2, 1887. The groundhog’s name Punxsutawney Phil. Today’s groundhog still so named.

The crowds gathered this morning immense.

Punxsutawney Phil emerged at 7:28 am. A light snow falling. He did not see his shadow. Means an early spring.

Many things are broken in the U.S. The federal government one. Especially the Presidency and Republican Senate.

Another is the criminal justice system.

A 36 year old Pennsylvania woman with advanced cancer a perfect example.

The lady stole $109.63 in groceries from a supermarket. She wheeled the cart out without paying.

She was arrested. It came out prior to and during the proceedings that she had about 1 month to live. Advanced uterine cancer and cervical cancer. She required immediate surgery to remove her uterus and tissue around it. A last ditch effort. Her doctor told her, “If you don’t get this done, you will die. It is eating you up inside.”

She was sentenced Monday. That same day she had an appointment with her doctor to make final arrangements for the surgery.

The judge sentenced her to at least 10 months in jail.

The woman had a record of petty thievery and drug addiction.

Should not have been an issue under the circumstances.

The supermarket says it had nothing to do with it. The authorities are responsible. Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor has gotten involved. Said he was going to the supermarket and pay the bill himself. The supermarket said again out of their hands.

The United States of America. Doesn’t sound like it. Or, maybe it does. We seem to be in a steady decline in all respects.

Appears Trump will be acquitted of Impeachment on Wednesday. So be it. I hope American voters will remember all the deviousness involved in the proceeding and vote Trump and whatever Republican Senators they can out of office in November. Throw out the Republican Congresspersons also.

We need a clean slate!

The Trump tragedy we are experiencing did not begin with Trump’s election. It goes back to 2010 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. FEC Rulings. The decision determined a corporation was a “person” and could contribute funds in an election.

Major corporations are contributing mega-bucks.

Money can and does buy elections. It is happening. Trump a benefactor. The 100 plus federal judges McConnell has successfully appointed to the bench another example.

It is the money that controls. Not Trump or McConnell. They are merely the beneficiaries and tools of the rich.

Pete Buttigieg’s husband Chasten Buttigieg was in Key West Wednesday evening for a fundraiser.

Stock Island was once famous for its dog track. One was built in 1953. Took all of 6 weeks to build. Opened with a crowd of 4,000.

How times have changed. Can’t build anything of significance today in 6 weeks. The soon to start repair work to the Cow Key Bridge an example.

The Key West Citizen continues to publish May Johnson’s diary. From 1896.

May a 19 year old school teacher.

I mentioned last week my suspicion that May’s Mom did not like Miguel. Miguel appears to be May’s boy friend.

The newspaper’s Citizens’ Section printed a comment in yesterday’s paper: “Inquiring minds want to know when May and Miguel hook up. Can’t wait.”

China is the worst hit by the coronavirus epidemic. The Florida Keys are also affected. though not by the virus itself. Rather by the huge number of spiny lobster shipments Chinese brokers have cancelled.

China loves spiny lobsters from the Florida Keys. Import them big time.

The Chinese New Year celebration last week was cancelled. Crippled Keys’ sales.

Last year at this time, spiny lobsters were selling for $20 a pound. Three weeks ago, down to $10 a pound. Now, $6 a pound.

Primarily because of China cancelling orders.

You do not have to get the bug itself to suffer.

Today, Super Bowl. Tonight at 6:30. Most of America will be watching.

An exciting event!

There was a time I attended Super Bowl religiously. Eleven consecutive ones till I retired to Key West. Key West replaced the Super Bowl trips for me pleasure wise and fun wise..

The most memorable Super Bowl in history involved the New York Jets and Baltimore Colts. The AFL and NFL.

The AFL was relatively new. NFL teams were the powerhouse.

Super Bowl III was played January 12, 1969.

Joe Namath was quarterback for the New York Jets. Considered a loud mouth at the time. The AFL second rate.

The Colts were projected to win decisively. Namath did not agree. Three days before the game he said, “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.”

The Jets won 16-7. Namath was correct. Eventually became respected as one of the great professional quarterbacks of all time.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. “A trial without witnesses and exhibits amounts to a cover-up and sham. Should not even be called a “trial.” In this instance, the Senate “trial” defrauded the American people.
    The truth will out in due course. Before the November election. Hopefully it will affect the judgment of voters at that time.
    Get rid of Trump!”

    Perfect, no further comment needed.

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