Blog late this Sunday morning. Sorry. I spent most of yesterday working on this week’s KONK Life column. There was more to do. It took from 6-10 this morning.

The title is Making A Star. The Tom Cotton story. He is the U.S. Senator who penned the Iranian letter that 46 Republican Senators signed. The column an eye opener.

Some 15 years ago give or take, the State of Florida decided the Australian pines at Fort Zach Taylor Beach had to go. The pines were purportedly dangerous to the rest of the foliage enviroment, etc.

A group of Key Westers got together and fought the removal of the pines. It was not easy. However, after much grief, joy, and BS from the State, the group won. The pines still stand tall at the Fort Zach Taylor Beach.

The pines are perfect. If the sun gets too much, one can sit anywhere under them. Very cool.

Key West Mayor Cates announced that today is Save Our Pines Day. An annual pot luck picnic will take place at the Beach under the pines. Open to the public.

St. Patrick’s Day coming. Green beer day! The bars will do a booming business. Tourists will enjoy. Streets will be closed off for partying.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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