It finally happened! The first flight from Key West to Havana without all the red tape. Friday was the big day. The first regularly scheduled flight in 55 years. Havana Air the airline.

The start of something good. The remarriage of Key West and Havana is long overdue.

I started my research for this week’s KONK Life column thursday. Researched all day yesterday. I plan on writing the column today. The topic is Tom Cotton. He is the new U.S. Senator from Arkansas. He is also the author of the letter to Iran that 46 other Republican Senators signed trying to discourage Iran from signing any nuclear agreement with the United States.

His background surprising. He is to be taken seriously. A dangerous man who is being groomed for the Presidency.

A unique evening. Drinks first at the Chart Room. Then a long slow dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. My companion, June Hudson. We chatted so long that by the time we were ready to leave, we were the only customers left. A good time!

John Lukas was at the Hot Tin Roof bar earlier in the evening. I stopped and talked with him a bit. A good guy. I had not seen him since JDL’s Sports Bar closed several months ago.

We all have committed a faux pas or two. No one is perfect. Everyone occasionally makes a mistake. Some can be embarrassing.

The Key West Citizen published a Wedding Guide for 2015. Describes perfect honeymoon locations. No mention of Key West! A major faux pas. Especially since Key West is considered the #2 place in the United States for a wedding.

The main story in this morning’s Key West Citizen involves animal shelters. The three located in the Keys. The Upper Keys, Marathon, and Key West. Turns out the Upper Keys facility is performing more euthanizations than Marathon and Key West.

Eighty percent of dogs and 79 percent of cats are put down. Substantially more than the other two facilities. Something wrong in Denmark here!

When I was a young lawyer in Utica, I joined the Sons of Italy. My mother was born in Italy, my father in the U.S. After being an active member for several years, I dropped out. My practice had grown and I had to cut back on outside activities.

There is a Sons of Italy chapter in Key West. I never joined. The name has been altered. It now is the Sons and Daughters of Italy. Most of today’s Italo-Americans are second generation. Both genders are now accepted equally into the fold.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “FLY TO HAVANA

  1. I’d like to give credit where its due. I liked the KONK LIFE article. Some of the history is flawed,but, the overall article was good.

    On the paragraphs regarding Tom Cotton. I’m glad you think of him as being dangerous. We need some dangerous people to take back this country. I wouldn’t really think of them/him as dangerous, but, we need people like this at this time.

  2. Thank you for reminding your readers about
    Animal Shelters. If they have the opportunity
    to please visit their local shelter, there are so
    many wonderful animals looking for forever
    homes. Sometimes shelters will allow you to
    pet or walk some of their pets !

    Sons of Italy Lodge across from the best
    Italian bakery ever, in Utica, NY.

    I, agree with Mr. Petrone regarding Senator
    Cotton. He bears watching. I don’t think
    he has the experience to back up his arrogance.

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