Christmas is my favorite holiday. Especially Christmas Eve.

Seven fishes, Santa Claus, twenty plus to dinner.

The meal outstanding. Baccala that took three weeks to prepare. Shrimp fried in egg batter. Smelts. All to die for. Prepared only at Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus always visited. Just before dinner. For my children and grandchildren. He visits in Key West also. Dinner tonight is at Lisa’s. Santa will be there. He will arrive just before dinner.

I think Robert and Ally are conning us. They are 11 and 10 respectively. Still believe in Santa Claus. I find it hard to believe. Most kids know the truth by their ages. Friends at school have had to tell them.

Lisa will have prepared a seven fish meal. The food excellent. However, she has yet to hit seven. I think the best has been five.

Jake will eat well tonight! We are generally told not to feed him. Everyone does.

I look beautiful! I have eight blood scabs on my head. All visible.

Yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. It was work for some reason. Staff all dressed in Christmas attire. Friend Dave working out.

Followed the treadmill with a manicure. Tammy. The place was busy. Very crowded. Women getting ready for the holiday. Coming in without appointments. You must do me! Come back in an hour! Tension.

I was the only male. I had an appointment.

Then did Christmas shopping! Could not get it done all in one day. Two more items to get. I know what. Will be easy later this morning.

I stayed home last night and wrapped gifts.

How life changes. I never wrapped gifts when married. I have to do it now. If not me, who?

I need a woman. You already are aware for sex and cooking. Wrapping Christmas presents has now been added to the list.

The Trump/Clinton battle is warming up.

Sex is on the table. Hillary says Trump is “angry and vulgar.” A “sexist.” That he has “a penchant for sexism.” Trump countered with a threat that if we are going to get into sex, Hillary should BE CAREFUL.

It is leaning towards the down and dirty. Trump has thrown the gauntlet. Will Hillary respond?

I do not like the way the discourse is going. Trump’s fault. No question. Sex is not what a Presidential campaign should be about.

This week’s KONK Life column An American Christmas was linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. Enjoy!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve also!


16 comments on “SANTA CLAUS IS COMING!

  1. Merry Christmas, Lou! Once again, you’ve filled my year with the news from the island, great viewpoints on politics and life! You keep me connected to Key West, the haunts and people so well, I feel like I visit on a regular basis. Hoping to make it down in the second half of 2016 and a dinner invitation will be yours with plenty of time to plan.

    I can’t wait for the possible Hillary/Trump face-off for the presidency late next year. I’m sure your keyboard will be heating up!

    Spending my Christmas Eve morning watching some old Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra Christmas specials from the 50s & 60s on YouTube. A great way to start the festivities!

    Take care of yourself, continue the spot-on commentary and I hope you and your family have a blessed time and safe, healthy new year! Thank you for sharing your life!

    Happy Christmas!

    Scott in St. Louis


  2. Merry Christmas !

    When you mentioned seven fish, I first thought you meant the restaurant.

    I’ve always wondered if there are ever any other men at the salon getting pedicures or manicures.

    I hope Trump and clinton don’t start slogging around in the mud about this sex thing. But, I’m pretty sure Trump would win, for what little that would mean.

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