Today is my birthday. Eighty four years old.

Never thought about getting this old. The years move swiftly. All of a sudden, you are there!

The years get shorter, also. There was a time when a year took a long time to pass. No more. They add up rapidly now. Too fast.

The body ages, not the mind. At least in my case.

My body has been having problems since my early 70’s. That’s the way it is. Things start breaking down. The body is like a car. The older it gets, the more problems it has. You hope when a problem occurs, it is fixable. Lately every time I get sick I wonder if this is the one that will not be.

The mind is amazing! Mine is still 35 years old, except as to wisdom. I have heard many times during my life wisdom comes with age. No question about it. I am mentally sharper today than ever before. I also know more. New things are learned every year. They add up.

Tonight, Donna and Terri are taking me to Tavern and Town to celebrate. We will have fun. Terri will rock the place when a cake is presented. She will sing Happy Birthday in her loud magnificent voice.

Lisa and family are out of town. Taking Robert to tennis camp somewhere in mid Florida. He will be there a whole week. Robert may be tomorrow’s Roger Federer.

Earthquakes. California getting hit bad. Two in 2 days. The first a 6.4. The one last night 7.1.

I have experienced 4. Number 3 was Acapulco. Thought it was the worst till the one I experienced about 10 years ago in Italy. I thought the walls were going to collapse on me.

I was staying at Anna’s apartment in Novara, outside of Milan.

Anna’s apartment magnificent. A 10,000 square foot apartment. For real! The building was old. Constructed around 1500 A.D. The outside had been redone giving the impression the building was new.

The apartments were not. Remained as they were in 1500. Why 10,000 square feet, I cannot tell you. Covered 2 floors.

The rooms beautiful. High ceilings and windows. Frescos covering the ceilings.

I was in Anna’s office writing my blog. All of a sudden the building shook. Walls moved. Chandeliers swung. Books fell off shelves. Pictures off walls.

An earthquake. Not a quicky as most are. It kept coming.

I sat there waiting for the walls to collapse. Saying to myself, I don’t believe this. Anna went crazy. She was running around screaming.

The earthquake occurred about 100 miles away. TV later showed buildings down big time. Damage similar to that from a hurricane. Some buildings down in Novara. Actually not much damage. The shock the worst. I can only imagine what it was at the actual place it occurred.

I don’t recall the rector scale number. Probably never heard it. The media in Italian. My Italian not good enough to comprehend.

About 2 hours after the initial shock, the first aftershock hit. As bad as the earthquake itself. I thought what a fun trip this is going to be.

Minor aftershocks continued for 3 days.

Italians handled the earthquake well. Anna called her friends and had a huge earthquake party that evening. I enjoyed!

Last night, the Chart Room first. David was there. We chatted a while.

The Hemingway Look-A-Like contest about 10 days away. One of the contestants came in. White beard and all. This would be his 26th competition. He felt confident he would win this year.

Not drinking bothered me. David was knocking down the beers. The Hemingway look alike hard liquor. Louis, diet soda.

Suddenly, I had to get out. I could not take it any longer. Everyone was happy, laughing, getting boisterous and having a good time. I was sitting quietly, disenchanted with everything going on. I was not part of what was going on.

Stopped at La Trattoria for dinner. Carrie bartending.

Holly was having dinner at the bar also. I had not seen her in years. Holly is part of the Gerber baby food family. They sold years ago. Everyone has seen Holly’s picture over the years. The baby on the Gerber label.

Enjoy your day!


16 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you! I read your blog daily. I’m a friend of Sheila’s and we met in the Chart Room a year or two ago.

  2. Happy Birthday Lou – eat well and forget the booze, you’ll live longer and get to enjoy the people and your remaining time in paradise more.

    My heart doctor keeps telling me I get all my fuel and nutrition from what I eat, adjust that with poisons (medicine) and screw things up with alcohol. He told me ten years ago that if I can figure out a way to mitigate (he said avoid) that,

    • ….I would live at least five more years. I’m still here and I spend most evenings in bars and restaurants, totally without booze. It’s the conversations and the laughter that matters. You can do this too, don’t give up, just adjust.

  3. Happy Birthday. Have fun today and celebrate. If we were inKey West today, we would spent the whole day with you. Yes, you are now a wise young mind. Theo and Dina

  4. Happy Birthday from Fran and me!!!

    We tried to get down there a few weeks ago, but it did not happen.

    Stay healthy..

  5. Happy Birthday Lou!!

    Been following you since Irma. My husband and are Canadians who visit KW annually and hope to make it a retirement gig. I just love reading your perspective. Have an amazing year Sir!

    Patti & Aaron McPhail

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