Strange as it may sound, dust clouds from the Sahara Desert in Africa may pass over Key West this weekend.

The wind whips up a dust cloud from the sand and carries it from Africa to the Caribbean. Same route as hurricanes that form off Africa and arrive somewhere off the coasts of North and Central America.

If any small hurricanes or tropical storms are developing, the dust clouds basically squash them down.The dust clouds even protect against thunderstorms.

A Sahara dust cloud is described as a “major storm outbreak.” As mentioned, destroys “infant hurricanes.”

A negative, however. Though the dust cloud will knock out a tropical storm or small hurricane, it is bad for air quality. Understandable. Breathing will be aggravated, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Save your face masks! You may need them this weekend.

What has been described is a normal or more than normal Sahara dust cloud. There are small ones. If this weekend’s is small, you may not even know it passed over. It will be high enough and lacking in density so as not to affect humans below.

Every day there is more news of Trump wrongdoings.

The most recent involves Trump pressing the DOJ to investigate a crackpot theory that Italian satellites changed Trump votes to Biden ones.

The DOJ paid no attention.

Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin wrote in a 6/15 article re the topic: “One of the things that makes Donald Trump a unique figure among U.S. Presidents is that, in addition to being basically illiterate, he’s a rare combination of both corrupt as all get-outs and batshit fucking crazy.”

Levin pulls no punches.

A COVID-19 update.

Deaths in the U.S. have passed 600,00. Bad. However the number of deaths per week has dropped to 330. Three hundred thirty was last that low on March 30 last year. Good.

What 600,000 means. One in every 550 persons in the U.S. has died from the virus. Scary.

One coronavirus danger replaces another, however. There is a relatively new COVID-19 variant out there. Called the Delta variant. Presently, 10 percent of the cases in the U.S. are Delta variant.

Vaccination creates a protection against the variant. A “full vaccination” (2 shots) has been found to be “highly effective” as far as hospitalization is concerned. Pfizer and Moderna have proven to provide the best protection so far.

Experts refer to the Delta as a “variant of concern.”

In the U.S., 43.9 percent have been fully vaccinated. Those who have received only 1 shot are 52.63 percent of the population.

There is a message in all this. If not vaccinated, get the 2 shots. If only one so far, get the other. Your life and the life of your loved ones may depend on it.

At the moment, Biden and Putin are meeting in Switzerland.

I am anxious to be made aware of the immediate news re the meeting.

Biden is different from Trump! Obviously and no question! Perhaps he can calm the beast. In this instance Putin, not Trump.

Kim Jung Un is facing a “tense food shortage.” He has told his people that food insecurity is “a top problem.”

Experts warn the worse will begin being felt between August and September. Experts claim it will be a “harsh lean period.

North Korea’s last famine was in the 1990s when millions died.

I guarantee those in the “camps” will be the first to go.

Kim says here are 3 causes: Extensive flooding, the coronavirus epidemic, and international sanctions.

Note Kim remains fat in recent photos. As does Trump. Guaranteed neither would suffer in any food shortage.

Someone mentioned in a Comment that I often refer to the past. Suggesting perhaps I live in the past.

Not so.

An admonition and the reason why I often refer to the past. History repeats itself. If you don’t recall yesterday, you will fail today.

My blog talk radio show was last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Half the show was devoted to  a history of the Chart Room.

Tonight, I shall be off to visit the Wizard of Oz. First however a visit with Dr. McIvor my heart physician. Followed by a short business meeting downtown. Then to the Chart Room! Excited I am!

Enjoy your day!



  1. in addition to being basically illiterate, he’s a rare combination of both corrupt as all get-outs and bat*** f****** crazy.”

    LOL– priceless!!!

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