Oh, what a night it was!

I had not been in the Chart Room for roughly 14 months. Because of the Pandemic, the Chart Room was closed and I self-quarantined the entire time.

It was great seeing John the bartender again. Whereas I self-quarantined, John spent the time traveling though Mexico and Central America. Did not work at all. Nor did he get sick.

Jean and Joe came in. Love that woman! We chatted and drank.

Seated next to me were John and Carol. They have a Key West home.

John is a retired labor lawyer from Michigan. Carol a former health care administrator for 17 Michigan prisons.

I look forward to meeting them again.

The Chart Room was otherwise busy. Many tourists.

It was good to be back!

The U.S. Open begins today. Great golf ahead for the next 4 days.

I watched much of the Biden/Putin summit coverage yesterday. Putin left me with an odd feeling.

He looked like a man out of place. Different from former appearance.

Did anyone else notice? Am I wrong?

Malia Obama has grown up. She is a senior at Harvard. Graduates in June.

She has trained to be a writer. A TV writer.

She already has a multi-year Netflix deal with a Hollywood production company.

Texas Governor Abbott continues to be an ass. A Trump person in every respect.

I suspect Abbott wants to be the Vice-Presidential candidate in 2024.

He already has been on the attack against Biden. The wall! Claims immigrants coming in big time. Purportedly doing all of nasty things to Texans. Biden not caring and permitting the bad things to occur.

Abbott announced last week he was going to repair and finish the Texas portion of the wall. A few days later, he announced Trump was visiting on June 30. The wall the attraction.

Yesterday, Abbott announced he was going to have Texas throw in $250 million to start a fund to finish the wall. The money would come from public funds he would raise. First Texas money. Later turned into donated public funds.

One of the biggest mausoleums in the world is the Taj Mahal.

Many, many years ago, Mughal emperor Shah Johan I ordered the Taj Mahal built. His wife Mumatz Kahal had died during child birth.

He spent 20 yeas building the Taj Mahal. One of the world’s most beautiful buildings.

I wrote yesterday re North Korea being on the brink of a drastic food shortage. More news available today.

Farmers in part of North Korea are required to donate 2 liters of urine a day to be used as a raw material to produce fertilizer.

An early dinner tonight at 5 at Two Friends with Sloan. The purpose to chat about some development ideas I have for the blog.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. My primary note on blog development would be to refresh that header image with something that has higher resolution than a Betamax recorder made in 1975.

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