Gail Collins in a recent New York Times column commented…..Russia worked hard to get Donald Trump elected President. What did they get out of it? Multiple high level investigations…..these days in Washington you’d be much better off being a Mexican.

As to the Syria bombing, I believe these Middle East battles are not our headache. Especially a civil war. Our military should not die in such a fight. We are not the world’s protector.

However if fight we must, then let’s do it right. Hit ’em hard and hit them once. So hard they will not question whether we will return for a second visit.

We should have wiped out all six of Syria’s air bases in one night. Assad’s air force is his strongest military arm.

Six wiped out air bases proof to Assad and the world that the U.S. does not screw around.

Roostica for an early dinner last night. Limoncello wings.

Then to Tammy’s for a manicure. What a business! I am proud of Tammy and her husband Ricky. They work hard and deserve every success they are enjoying.

Then to bocce. Another no joy in Mudville evening. Team lost 2 of 3 games. Details bitter. Won’t even share them.

Something is wrong. The team is not playing as it has the past several seasons.

Weather changed. I woke in the night to a roar. A constant roar. It was the wind. Still blowing. From the north. 20-30 mph. Brought temperature down. From high 70’s at night to 65 last night. High today 75. Down from 87. Sixty five tonight again.

Amazing how Key West weather changes on the flip of a coin.

Our local Florida Keys Community College is to be complimented. There will be an April 12 ribbon cutting. Opening an era of offering an Associate Degree in Culinary Management. Needed in a  tourist destination community like Key West.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I’m concerned that there is a darker political play in motion with regard to Syria. Assad had no logical reason to put gas into play, he is winning. Is he that dense to hear Trumps prior hands off declaration as a green light for this, I think not. For Trump to reverse his position, consistent from 2013 to a week ago, to this makes me more convinced Trump is being massaged from inside the WH.
    Trump gave Russia a heads up so they could clear the field, that may be smart to avoid a WWWIII like escalation but at some point we have to accept that Putin is playing chess and playing well. Assad and Putin are holding hands on this and should be treated with equal disdain. Frankly, I’m not convinced Putin wasn’t behind the event that resulted in the strike. Putin is smart, a lot smarter than Trump.

  2. I believe there are 21Syrian military airfields. So, we hit just 1 ? And, we throw 59 Tomahawks at it ?! Doesn’t make much sense to me, but, what do I know.

    Russia has 2 warships now steaming toward our destroyers. I certainly hope we are now sending backup in behind the Russian ships.

    The old question keeps being brought up. Where did Syria get these chemical weapons. It was proven years ago they came from Iraq due to the UN incompetence. There have been a couple books written by ex-Iraq generals on the subject. These weapons obviously were not removed from Syria as opposed to what we have been told by our previous admin.

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