This is the week! Hemingway Days!

Tomorrow, two events I enjoy the most. The Running of the Bulks at 1 and the Look A-Like Contest at 5:30. If you are in Key West, do not miss either event. You will be cheating yourself.

I think my birthday celebrations are concluded. Donna and Terri hosted me at Hogfish for lunch yesterday. Always good company. Love the girls!

Larry and Christine have been away about a month. Recently returned. Stopped by their home for a visit. Very enjoyable. Sat on their back porch overlooking the pool and greenery. An excellent setting to enjoy good conversation.

I started feeling week at lunch. Had ordered fish and chips. Ate the fish. Hogfish, of course. Not the fries. Continued to feel out of sorts.

Was going to skip Larry and Christine. However, I had earlier in the day agreed to stop by. Felt worse while visiting with Larry and Christine.

Went home and laid down. Continued to feel out of it. Weak. What now, I thought.

I have been on a diet for two weeks. Lost 10 pounds so far. Not a bad diet. Just cut everything I ate by 50 percent.

Could my body need more food in spite of the fish?

I went down and had a sandwich and glass of milk. It did not take long before I was A-OK.

Had to be the diet. My body was starving.

A political junkie am I! Trump spoke like an angry man  last night. Portrayed our country in far worse shape than it is. Relied many times on fabrications.

A dark speech. Made by a rabble rouser.

He is building his campaign on sand. He may win. A house built on sand cannot stand, however. The next four years could be a disaster.

Lobster mini season next week. The lobster season is annually headed by a two day season. The 27th and 28th next week. Then a shutdown till August 6th when the season opens for several months.

The mini lobster season is an event. The boats will be out in armada fashion for two days.

Party time!

Finally aware of William Hackley’s wife’s name. Matilda. Next, Baby.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “He is building his campaign on sand. He may win. A house built on sand cannot stand, however. The next four years could be a disaster.”

    Trump cannot win. I was at a concert last night and some statements about Trump were made in front of an audience of thousands. No way they were all blue blood liberals. Everyone laughed and I mean everyone. Anyone with a brain cell still firing in their head knows he would be a disaster. I miss JEB! Seriously!

    I’ll vote for the crook Hillary as in my worst of two evils view she remains the lesser by far than the disaster if Trump wins. Heck, he recently said the US would not even defend NATO! No wonder Vlad Putin loves him.

    • Hmm. I feel about the shrub the way you feel about trump. There’s no way however I could vote for HRC. She is one of the authors of the craziness of the state of the world and a congenital liar. I’d stay home before I would do that. As for whether or not trump gets elected, we shall see. I don’t trust polls and certainly not concerts. We may be witnessing the Bradley effect. I never thought he had a chance, but after the last few weeks I’ve changed my mind. I think the leftists think so too, because their hysteria level is rising. Also every left wing pundit refers to trumps speech as “dark”. Sounds politically incorrect to me. The news reported yesterday that 70% of the country thinks we are headed in the wrong direction, sounds like the trumpster might be speaking for them.

      • We can agree to disagree. I sort of like the Libertarian candidate and he is polling at 10% and should be in the debates though I’m sure Trump/Clinton will make sure he is cut out.

  2. We may be approaching the time for a viable 3rd party, but, we’re just not there yet. A vote for such is a wasted vote, a vote for the wrong candidate.

    As said before, any election is a vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I’m in the anyone but hillary camp.

    The majority does think we are and have been heading in the wrong direction, hillary will just continue that trend.

    We need a change and certainly not a change like we voted for the last 2 elections. We need a positive change. I’m willing to give Trump a try, he knows how to get the right people for the job at hand.

    • Well, until he goes bankrupt that is. He males reckless statements and has no experience in national leadership. To me HRC is the lesser of two evils and granted she is the elite candidate. They are both the most hated candidates in US history I have heard and this is the choice?

      Not me, I am voting my conscience as the Cruz said and it ain’t for either of these two bozos. The sad part is I like some of Bernie’s ideas, Trumps and Hillary’s, just not their complete and total wacky platforms, parties and such. If only there was a way to have a hybrid candidate with only the best ideas and positions and the far right and left lunacy gone? Dream on, I know.

  3. Well, I just hope everyone realizes what a liar she is, how she changes her mind depending on which way the wind is blowing that day, how incompetent and despicable a person she is. And, one has to think if she is elected that she will be sitting at the same desk that Monica was sitting under. [ smiley face]

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