Trump held a press conference at his private club in Bedminster, New Jersey saturday. He signed 4 Executive Orders having to do with the stimulus package during the conference. All 4 one way or another gave less to the poor.

There is no question things are especially tough economically these days because of coronavirus. People need more, not less assistance. The need was not reflected in the 4 Orders signed.

The fact that Trump was cheating the poor while trying to make it look like a generous gift on his part bothered me enough. One factor even more.

Trump signed the Executive Orders in front of members of his private club. The membership admission fee is $350,000. They cheered the execution of the Orders.

The stimulus package seems to be taking longer than normal to come to agreement. I blame a member of Trump’s negotiating team. His Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

Meadows a Republican who served first for 7 years as a Congressman from North Carolina. He was one of Trumps’ closest allies while in Congress.

A person’s character is reflected by the way a person lived.

Meadows’ character is wanting. Such I suspect is the primary reason why the stimulus negotiations have failed thus far.

Meadows misrepresented his educational background. He attended Florida State University for one year. Yet he claimed in his official biography maintained by the Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives that he held a BA from the University of South Florida.

He actually graduated from the University of South Florida with an Associate degree.

Meadows was active in the Tea Party movement. Came to Congress the same year many Tea Party persons were first elected.

His voting record less than stellar. Indicates a lacking on his part for the needs and problems of people.

Recall Hurricane Sandy. Devastated the northeast. He was part of the group of Congresspersons that voted against the relief bill.

He was one of the members who made Boehner’s time as Speaker difficult. Meadows’ tried to strip Boehner of his power as Speaker.

As a member of the Oversight Committee, he has been openly confrontational with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Insulting a better description.

He played a public role in the 2013 governmental shutdown.

He was openly opposed to Obama and occasionally insulting. A promoter of the “he should return to Kenya” theme.

A fellow by the name of West worked in his office. Internal complaints were made against West. West was discharged. Nevertheless, Meadows kept him on the payroll to the tune of $58,125. West was paid for not working.

In 2018, Meadows was fined $40,625 for keeping West on staff while not investigating sexual harassment charges against him and for paying West when he was not on the staff and working.

Can fair play be expected from Meadows?

I continue to find it difficult to understand Trump. He surrounds himself with basically bad people. I shouldn’t. They are people who think like him.

America is moving towards becoming a third world country.

The U.S. is on its way to double digit depression. Twenty to thirty percent of small businesses will have been shut down by the end of the Pandemic. Jobs will not return as part of the “new world.”

The result will be 30 million homeless.

America is “under developing.” It is moving from a “developed nation” to an “under developed nation.”

Many Americans have become too freedom conscious. Like I don’t want to wear a mask. They lack concern for their families and fellow citizens.

One of the reasons coronavirus is still with us big time.

Sturgis, South Dakota a perfect example.

Sturgis is into a 10 day bikers rally. “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.”

Thousands participating. No masks, no social distancing.

These are tough people. men and women alike. They fear not looking death in the face.

One biker said, “I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be cooped up all my life either.”

Go for it man! They should put those words on your tombstone! Merely change both “don’ts” to “didn’t.”

In 3-4 weeks, Sturgis will have a dramatic up swing in coronavirus cases. As will the families and home towns of those bikers participating.

A Key West coronavirus update.

Key West had 41 cases as of June 1 when U.S. 1 was reopened to non-residents. Today, 716.

An example of how swiftly the virus moves. An example of how rapidly Sturgis and the families and hometowns of the bikers will experience a dramatic increase.

Great PGA Tournament. A new star was born. Collin Morikawa. Only 23.

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholson were 23 when they first won the PGA also.

Morikawa has a great life ahead.

His PGA winnings $1.98 million. He will also receive endorsements in the next few weeks totaling in the millions.

God bless!

He only became a professional last year. He had 2 victories before the PGA.

A major not a bad place to play. Second place payed $968,000.

Enjoy your day!






  1. My son and his family have received their last unemployment check under the former relief act. They have followed the arguments while Pelosi and Schumer have refused to budge from their $3 trillion position. Likewise, the White House and the Republicans refuse to go higher than $1 trillion. The talks are stalled while my son watches in despair. Lou blames Mark Meadows, like a single negotiator could stall the talks and prevent an agreement between the two sides? I find that very hard to believe. Trump’s executive action probably exceeds his authority and is probably unconstitutional. But you know what? My son and millions like him will soon find new checks in the mail. Most of them don’t know who Mark Meadows is, and most don’t care if Speaker Pelosi has her knickers all wadded up. They need to eat.

    In case you need reminding, even the meager $1 trillion would go a long way to feed families and keep businesses open. A stack of a trillion dollar bills would reach from the earth to one fourth of the distance to the moon. Placed end to end they would circle the earth 3800 times. How much more is necessary?

    • Congress created a sensible and reasonable relief bill back in May and sent it to the Senate for their part of the process. The Senate ignored it altogether and chose rather to then recess and left Washington on an elective break.

      This could have all been avoided if you and your son had not voted for Trump in the first place.

        • What? Do you actually think the rest of us don’t remember some of your previous posts with your pearl clutching political comments? Practically every post you have ever made is some sort of gaslighting or weasel twisting cover upping ploy. Now you want to be taken seriously. Remember adios?

          • This may come as a shock to some, but there are actually more than two political parties in the US. Just because I post comments that seem to favor conservative thought, that doesn’t make me a Trump supporter or voter. Did you somehow overlook my past posts that supported liberal views? But that doesn’t make me a liberal voter either. If I don’t sound like a donkey, then I have to be an elephant? I Is that how this blog works? Use caution Readers. Unthinking, shortsighted, tunnel vision directly ahead.

      • “Some One” and “Ron” seem to be confused about the makeup of Congress. The House of Representatives is not Congress. It is the representative side, with the Senate being the other side. In May the House conceived the HEROS act, a $3 trillion bill to address Coronavirus issues. The Senate found the “sensible and reasonable” bill to be too expensive and unreasonable. The Senate rejected it. A few weeks later the Senate proposed the HEALS bill, a much less expensive proposal. The House rejected it, and the stalemate resulted.Trump has rightly or wrongly broken the dam.

        You have every right to slander me on this page and accuse me of whatever comes into your head. But you have no right to say anything about my family members. Decent people who post here do not disparage a person’s family.

        As to “find another job”, you managed to insult millions of Americans who are in an impossible situation that they did not bring on themselves. Your remark is completely insensitive and hurtful. Shame on you!

        • That was an actual Trump quote.

          You are a false flag enabler. Trump would not be here today if he wasn’t surrounded and supported by blind sycophant enablers like you with their thinly veiled support and poor arguments based in blind support.

          Trumps breaking the dam is nothing but a stunt after he created the dam in the first place. If you were honest you would know that and not create a false narrative to spew your crap.

          And if you don’t want your fake story family slandered (exposed is more like it) don’t bring that crap into your posts, snowflake.

          • Trump’s “find another job” quote is from four years ago (August 2016) in reference to Ivanka’s campaign against sexual hara$$ment in the work place. It had nothing to do with any virus or unemployment or relief package. You knew that, of course. Why do you find it necessary to dig so far back to find a quote that sounds like it might be current? Are you that desperate, or just lazy? I can find plenty of Trump quotes from just the last two weeks that make him sound ridiculous.. And of course we dare not look at any Biden quotes.

            I won’t bother to comment on your vicious personal attacks against those who post comments on Lou’s blog. Especially if a family member is mentioned. You have already shown us your lack of decency there.

            • Not true, he said that in a speech last week directly to those who would be cut off when the $600 stimulus ran out.

              Stop with the snowflake “I’ve been personally violated” statements you ALWAYS revert to, regardless of what is said, enough already. Besides, I can’t find my tiny violin just now.

            • “No One” wants to quote Biden, in an effort to compete with “Trumps quotes from just the last two weeks that make him sound ridiculous.” as if that help’s him (“No One”) look fair and balanced. My God man, go ahead – let’s have at that ‘tit-for-tat’.

              But before you do that, please cry about those “vicious personal attacks on you, you won’t comment on” so that we can get your snowflake crybaby stuff out of the way first.

    • “No One” defends the swamp!

      Trump himself has given people like your fake son good advise about what to do in these hard economic times, he said and I quote, “Find another job”

      What is necessary is that Trump should stop with these cheap, unrealistic and unworkable stunts and require the Senate to negotiate the bill sent them by congress.

    • Republicans deliberately sabotaged any relief package from being pazzed by either house of this congress, because Trump wanted to make this all about him and him only helping the American people. His heavy had can clearly be seen in the Senate, which he owns, in not letting them pazz the latest House recovery bill and then with criticizing the admittedly lame Senate bill which never had a chance at going anywhere anyhow. It was only then Trump was able to “save the day” with his reelection campaign ‘hail Marry” stunt. Not that it has any chance of working, but only that he and his minions, can then blame the Democrats for haven blocked everything. Truth is all the experts, including some Republicans are saying, “hey bub, you can’t do that.”

  2. Better pay attention old folks. Trump has big plans for Social Security. Youngsters want the cash now and screw the future.
    That’s how Trump crippled Obama care by eliminating the individual mandate. Will he make the FICA payroll deduction “optional”?
    Bye bye Social Security.

    Vote for him and cut off your nose to spite your face.

    • Even privatizing SS will yield the same result as privatizing prisons. Failure. Make your private investments and know there is something protected and guaranteed(for now). The damage done to SS by Ronald Reagan pilfering was enough, now this?

  3. The first thing Reagan did when he entered the oval office was to water down the little guys’ IRA investment program.

    • Then he closed all government mental health facilities and defunded government subsidies to private mental health facilities.

      Then he allowed the selling of American military arms to Iran (a huge enemy at that time) so as to fund secret and illegal wars in central America.

      Then he invaded Granada, starting a war that congress had not approved.

      ….and more!

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