Coronavirus has closed many doors. There is one situation however where the virus has opened a door.


Couples sex. People who are married or live together. Doesn’t work for one night stands or booty calls. Those would require the 6 foot safe distancing rule. Such alone eliminates any notion of sexual intercourse.

Many couples are finding “imposed intimacy” a great way to cope with anxiety and stress.

Sex is highly recommended during the crisis since it keeps people calm, boosts the immune system, revives a lagging libido, and is a form of exercise.

Go for it! Remember however couples only!

For me, coronavirus has meant quarantine. Self quarantine. This is day 151.

There have been exceptions. Doctor and hospital visits.

Age seems to add calamities one upon the other. I now have a kidney problem. That is why my frequency for doctor and hospital visits have increased.

I have been told problem not serious, but can be. Doctor assumes it can be treated with medicine. Another pill to add to my already 19 a day.

I am not concerned. Will explain the problem to you another time. It’s interesting.

Airline industry going broke. Few flying.

Arabs are smart people. One nation has come up with an odd ball solution. May be a good one. Who knows?

It is expected that airline recovery to pre-pandemic levels will not occur till after 2024.

Emirate is a state owned airline and flag carrier of United Arab Emirates. The airline is offering customers a “safety net” to induce them to fly with them.

If a customer catches coronavirus on a flight, the airline will cover all costs related to medical treatment, hospital quarantine, and guarantees to pay funeral costs in the event of death.

A heart-warming inducement! Sick! The suggested offer and those who take advantage of it!

Vietnam an interesting country when it comes to coronavirus. A nation of 69 million.

Till late July, Vietnam had the best record for the virus. Its numbers the envy of the world. Seven hundred eighty nine cases and no deaths.

Vietnam did everything scientists suggested. Were not interested in their “freedoms.” Rather, “survival.”

A problem popped up since late July and has gotten worse. Like a second epidemic. Suddenly many being stricken. Vietnam has “quarantine centers” which presently hold 23,356 persons. Isolated, 6,717. An additional 140,384 have been ordered to home quarantine.

How quickly the virus spreads.

Key West  is now experiencing a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases.

The upswing began with opening U.S. 1 to non-residents June 1. On June 1, Key West had only 41 cases.

The businessmen were more interested in their pocketbooks rather than the good health of the community. Since June 1, the number through yesterday has risen to 705.

The tourists drive down from the mainland and bring the virus with them.

To those businessmen responsible, you can’t spend the money if you are dead.

The State of Florida’s numbers rise dramatically. Because of an “asshole” governor who follows Trump’s dictates to the letter.

Brazil is a festering pot for coronavirus. Its numbers rising dramatically. Expected to be #1 in coronavirus cases at some point.

Flights from and to Brazil still operating at Miami International.

Governor DeSantis should do something on his own for once. Ban any flights from or to Brazil.

A poker game is being played between the federal government and the virus. The virus is winning.

It does not appear the game will end soon. Could be a year or two before the virus is defeated. In the meantime, what do the government and the people do for money?

The first stimulus was ok. Another big one needed. Right away. However the politicians are playing games. Games with the lives and health of the American people.

Whether the money comes from Congressional action or Trump’s executive orders, it will arrive too late and run out at some point. The feds will be required to continue with big time assistance. Only a federal government has the capacity to do so. It can print money.

The end could be inflation as never seen in the U.S. Off the wall!

The need is now however and must be addressed. Every decision a difficult one.

Trump’s 4 executive orders signed yesterday are of little help. People need every penny of the $600, not $400.

The $400 is a joke as to its source. One hundred dollars from the States. Where are they going to get the money. All are broke already. Note the States cannot legally print money.

Th personal tax thing a gimmick. It is taxpayer dollars going directly into the stimulus package rather than Social Security. Means in due course Social Security benefits will have to be lowered. At some point, there definitely will not be enough money in the Social Security Trust Fund for it to continue.

Nothing more than Trump playing games. He neither cares nor understands the plight ordinary people.

I occasionally write that the rich have taken over the Republican Party and the country. Most of those we “elect” no longer have the power they once did. Also, they have learned to dance to tunes selected by the elites.

Canadian blogger Ian Welsh had descriptive words for American elites/rich in a recent column.

“American elites are predators.”

“Greed is good.”

“Covid-19 is making the rich richer.”

At the end of the Pandemic, “U.S. elites will control a larger percentage of the U.S. economy than before. They will be richer and more powerful. And that means tens of millions of Americans are homeless and hungry.” Prices will go up. As far as the elites “are willing for YOU to pay.”

The Bahama Village Arch has returned. The overhang at the intersection of Petronia and Duval.

Years of sun exposure had faded the Arch. It had been taken down to be repainted. Work completed and Arch back up. I am told it is bright and shiny.

The Hackley baby saga continues. A sad one.

William Hackley’s diary entries for August 8 & 9, 1855 advise Mrs. Hews cannot nurse baby anymore. Her milk is no longer sufficient.

Hackley wrote the baby is now on corn starch and seems “to like it very much.”

The next day Hackley wrote a Spanish woman was found who lives nearby who says she will nurse the baby three times a day.

I wish Hackley would tell us the baby’s name. Is it “Baby?” He leaves me confused.

Enjoy your Sunday!


6 comments on “NOW A GOOD TIME TO HAVE SEX

  1. Trump promised he would protect Social Security, now he is openly doing EVERYTHING he can to undermine it.

    We should NOT forget this.

  2. I wonder if Trump things the resulting economics of this Covid pandemic is a hoax too? Something that was all created just to make him look bad? This guy Trump is turning out to be not just an embarrazzment, but an expensive one at that.

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