There is a saying that if something can happen, it will happen. What follows is an example.

Jacob was born in February at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the Tampa area. He died 3 days following birth.

The hospital lost the body. Even following extensive searching. The hospital is sorry.

I am not sure how the parents feel. It has to be horrendous. First, their son dies. Then the hospital misplaces their son’s body.

The parents have filed suit against the hospital for negligence and reckless infliction of emotional distress.

A horrible ending in every respect to what is normally a most happy event.

Sad beyond words.

The American public was first subjected to the cry that children don’t get infected by coronavirus. Then the word was a few do. However, not really sick and get over it in a few days.

Medical personnel and Trump were on board reporting the preceding.

Then the doctors began saying children’s numbers are going up. Trump saying not really a problem. Few cases and the children recover easily. Trump sticking with that line.

A total of 90 children have died thus far in the U.S. One a baby.

Very recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics and The Children’s Hospital Association reported children can get the virus. In the last week alone, there was a 90 percent increase in child coronavirus cases in the U.S.

Why have the number of child cases suddenly increased? The experts belief that when there are more cases overall in the general population, there will be more infected children cases.

The President has to get more serious about the problem overall. He thinks what he thinks. No one can tell him anything. In the meantime, over 5 million virus infected and 160,000 plus virus deaths in the U.S.

Wise up, Donald! You’re killing us!

Another child story. This one broke yesterday. Involves an event which occurred in December 2018. The world became aware because of a police video which went viral yesterday. Two million hits the first day.

The event occurred in Key West.

The video shows a Key West police officer trying to handcuff an 8 year old boy. The cuffs were too big for the boy’s small wrists and kept sliding off.

The boy was 3 feet 5 inches and weighed 64 pounds at the time. He was crying. The boy was being processed at an adult prison. He had previously been patted down.

The boy attended Gerald Adams Elementary School as a special needs student. He punched a teacher in the chest after being reprimanded for not sitting correctly during lunch.

The boy was charged with felony battery.

The parents have retained the services of a Tallahassee attorney to represent their son. The attorney released the video to Twitter and Instagram yesterday.

No further facts are available.

Everyone involved the day of the occurrence seems to have acted in a stupid fashion. I am curious how the judge handled the case.

Black/white issues come from many directions. Most right on. However, there are those that are a bit too far out.

Laurie Rubel is a Brooklyn College mathematics professor.

Two interesting opinions attributed to her.

Using the phrase “2 + 2 = 4” to demonstrate the objectivity and neutrality of mathematics “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.”

Rewards based on hard work are a “tool of whiteness…..that appeases minorities.”

Alice Reid was a Madam. She operated whore houses in the Key West area in the late 1930’s and into the early 1940’s. The houses of ill repute were known as Mama’s Tea Room.

On this day in 1941, Alice was arrested for operating a house near Fort Zachary Taylor. Three women employed by her were arrested for prostitution.

This was Alice’s second arrest in 1941. On May 6, she was arrested for operating a house at 1016 Howe Street.

Alice was arrested several times over the years. Always to reopen in another location. She was a revolving door.

Alice was not arrested so many times because the community was disturbed by the nature of her work. Her customers included local businessmen, fishermen, and U.S. Navy sailors. The U.S. had a large Naval base in Key West at the time.

The locals did not care. The males were good customers who enjoyed the pleasures her ladies provided. The Navy on the other hand considered her work immoral. It also was costing the Navy money. Many Sailors contacted syphilis.

The raids on Alice’s places of business were the result of the Navy pressuring local government figures to do something. They did. She was arrested. Some small fine or punishment followed. Following which she opened in a new location.

August 11, 1968 was a significant one in Key West history. On that day, David Wolkowsky opened the Pier House Motel. From that 50 unit motel rose the magnificent edifice known as the Pier House today.

KONK Life ran a picture of The Peacon House in today’s E-Blast.

The Peacon House is located at 712 Eaton. A beautiful octagon shaped edifice. It was built in 1885 by Richard Peacon (1840-1914).

Peacon was the owner of Key West’s leading grocery store at the time.

The house is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places in Key West.

Over the years. I have attended several parties at the Peacon House. Fell in love with the house the first time. Inside and out, front and back. A very special structure.

Putin and Trump appear to be in a contest: To see who can develop the coronavirus vaccine first.

Putin may have won.

It was reported world wide today by Russian news agencies that Russia had developed the first approved vaccine against Covid-19. The vaccine has been “registered,” whatever that means.

Putin said his daughter was among the first to be vaccinated.

The approval process appears to have been a rapid one. Medical experts are concerned that the vaccine was developed and tested “dangerously” fast.

Wonder what Trump will have to say at his 5 o’clock follies show tonight?

Tuesday again. Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. An exciting half hour of all kinds of stuff. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Join me.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Here in America we are in trouble with this Covid virus not just because our dictatorial leader CONTINUES to treat the situation like it was a hoax and will go away because he says it will, but because his minions and supporters will not dispute that or him and THEY are keeping us from solving the problem.

  2. “Wonder what Trump will have to say at his 5 o’clock follies show tonight?”

    The usual = Nothing useful or important.

    Plus, how good he is and how bad Democrats are

  3. Cases of Covid 19 deaths in Florida reached a new daily record high today of 276, now totaling 8,553 so far.

    Not so good for a state that isn’t really very interested or very diligent at keeping track. We could probably double those numbers and still not be accurate.

    BTW, they are touting that new daily cases have dropped by 38% but not mentioning that testing itself has fallen 46%. Feels a little cheap and sleazy living in a state so corrupt, doesn’t it?

  4. The story of the arrest of the 8 year old boy is unbelievable. What a failure of common sense on the part of the teacher, the school administration, the arresting officer and the police department. It’s a special needs child! I don’t pretend to know what the appropriate action was, but I’m sure that arresting an 8 year old was not it.

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