The drums of war are beating. Increasingly so. A serious multi-nation conflict is moving from a possibility to a probability. Most anti-U.S. nations have long range nuclear capacity. Portions of the war will be fought on U.S. soil.

U.S. reaction will be the same as when World War II occurred. Most will volunteer to immediately defend our nation. In today’s society, such will include females as well as males.

Which my friends means though I in my late 80’s would not qualify, my grandchildren would. Robert is 19, Cameron 26. Even Ally would be eligible at 18.

The world is out if its mind. Those in our country who contribute to an inevitable war are likewise not thinking rationally. What we are seeing daily on TV which is occurring in Gaza will happen here. Minds will change once young family members are off to war and their homes and friends around them in the U.S. are being destroyed.

It is a sick world we live in!

Syracuse lost its fifth straight football game last night. Defeated by Boston College 17-10.

I give up! I feel sorry for the school, the team, the students, and the die hard alumni like me. I have reached the point where I even feel sorry for Coach Babers. Though I primarily blame him. His coaching sucks! That simple.

I watched the first half from the bar at Brady’s. Enjoyed a bowl of chicken soup and a couple of drinks. Left at half time. I could not take any more.

Calora bartending. Respect the lady. Her day began at 10 in the morning and she was still there when I left after 9 last night. Today her day off. She has a full day of soccer, etc. with her 11 year old son. I recall those days. We had 4 children within 5 years. Always running somewhere with them for something. Though my former wife did it much more than I. My time was committed more to my law practice. It required day and night attention and even a good portion of the weekends.

Robert had two articles published in Nole Gameday yesterday: “Jeremiah Byers On Offensive Line Depth And Brotherhood At FSU” and “Florida State Tight End Kyle Morlock Feels Like The Offense Is Finally Hitting Its Stride.” NoleGameday.com.

Robert may be a sports writer in the making. Who knows. His inquiring reporter talents obvious.

Key West’s Tourist Development Council is referred to in the short as the TDC. Been in operation 20 years. Receives a small percentage of hotel billings. Close to $60 million a year.

Very little, if any oversight over the years. Now an “audit” discovers serious irregularities. Mismanagement of money. It always happens if no one pays attention. Which seems to be the case here.

The matter cannot be swept under the rug. Requires deep investigation and future serious scrutiny.

I have never seen it to fail in my many years. A public or semi-public entity will go along seemingly doing a good job and all of a sudden it is discovered some one or more persons are misusing funds for personal benefit.

Conservative former Federal Judge Michael Luttig on friday warned in his continuing charging of Donald Trump that the former President is an “imminent danger to América…..the Constitution must disqualify him.”

Emily’s List added new House Speaker Mike Johnson to a list of Republicans it is targeting for their views on abortion ahead of the 2024 election: “Johnson and his supporters have made their plan to ban abortion crystal clear.”

I continue to warn re Johnson. He masks his “evil ways” with religion and a warm charming wit. Beware! The man is dangerous.

Johnson is the enemy of democracy in many ways. He has supported and is expected not only to support but now push for dramatic cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

He’s a “bad guy” in disguise. A danger to social programs designed to help American people in need.

Will Donald Trump openly testify (though in a shaded fashion) as his sons did in the New York City civil fraud case monday, or will he repeatedly take the 5th?

Anti-Semitism and Columbia University.

Forty year old Dr. Shai Davidson is an Assistant Professor at Columbia. He received his doctorate from Cornell. He said yesterday: “I’m a Jewish Columbia professor. I wouldn’t allow my children to go here now.”

John Roberts is Chief Justice of the Supreme court. He has led the Court for many years. He has lost control in recent years, however.

The Supreme Court is now a ship afloat without a captain.

When is someone or some group going to do something to get Tommy Tuberville off his kick?

Republicans have found the way to have one of their own or a small handful practice destructive government. I recall when they once were the holier than thou’s of government.

Enjoy your day!


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