Sixteen days to elections. The midterm perhaps the most important in U.S. history. In less than 2 years, Trump has taken us down a dark road. Evil at every turn.

Time to save the country. In the manner prescribed in the Constitution. The ballot. Vote!

Vote not as a Republican or Democrat. Vote as an American. To save our country.

The Republicanism Trump proclaims is not that your fathers knew. It is different. Tending to fascism and dictatorship.

Stand together. Republicans swallow your pride and vote for a Democratic Congress. Your vote must be cast to repudiate Trump. To vote Republican, is to validate him.

Trump has begun making immigration an up front issue again. A “caravan” of 4,000 has left Guatemala and Honduras and is on its way to the U.S. They are escaping death.

Trump says he will send the U.S. Army to the border to stop them. He also continues to believe separating children from parents will eventually put a damper on immigration efforts.

Does Trump ever wonder why people would walk 2,000 miles to reach the U.S.? Things must be extremely bad for them to undertake such a trip.

What happened to…..”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?”

My mother and my four grandparents came from Italy. All poor. Peasant stock. “The wretched refuse of your teeming shores.” They yearned for the better life. For themselves and their children born and to be born. “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

The 4,000 walking the 2,000 miles to our southern border a humanitarian crisis. Our borders should be open and not closed to them. The U.S. once took in masses in greater numbers from Ireland and Italy. They should do the same today for those soon to be knocking on our door.

One of Trump’s quirks is name calling. He finds a name for anyone he dislikes or disagrees with. I thought the names flowed freely from his demented mind. Turns out they are crafted and planned.

It has been reported Horseface for Stormy Daniels was practiced in the White House by Trump. He went around asking people what they thought.

Apparently as President he had nothing better to do at the time.

Then there is Jamal Khashoggi. First, the Saudis cut off his fingers. Then decapitated him. Concluded by using a chain saw to cut his body into parts.

Trump is not disgusted, not infuriated. More concerned with “friendship” of a country some consider an enemy and with money. The deplorable acts committed upon Khashoggi’s body cannot and should not be tolerated by any civilized person. Yet in his own fashion, Trump does.

I share these most recent examples of Trump actions to give further evidence of the road the U.S. is on. My friends one and all, vote Democratic next month. Repudiate Trump. Validate him not. Save our country in the process.

Yesterday, a full one. A haircut with Lori. Followed by lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Last night, Hard Rock Cafe and Chart Room.

Donna and Terri had me as their guest at Hard Rock. Enjoyed a large rack of ribs and the good company of my lesbian wives.

Stopped by the Chart Room on the way home. Visited with the new bartender Tammy. So lovely! Soft spoken. Sweet.

The Chart Room is her second job. Her first, the Garden of Eden.

Ollie was at the bar. A while since we last had run into each other.

Ollie’s full name is Oliver Kofoid. Why I share this with you, I am not sure. The name and the man do not fit.

Ollie is friendly and witty. A good guy. Community oriented. A citizen and scientist.

Ollie began his early life by getting kicked out of high school. Never returned. Eventually was able to get into a college. Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science.

Today in his 50’s, Ollie has worked at the Key West Water Treatment Plant more than 20 years. The operator of the plant is OMI which is part of Jacobs Engineering. Ollie is a Lead Operator. A position of some importance.

He was dressed in his Coast Guard Blues last night. Ollie is an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Two rows of ribbons on his chest.

He has refereed soccer and served as a lacrosse official for Key West schools for years. He is President of his condo association. Ran twice for a seat on the Mosquito Control Board. Lost both times. Why I do not understand.

Ollie dislikes mosquitoes. Seriously. Considers them a plague.

Ollie has a strange sense of humor. He deals with sewage. He once had tee shirts made and gave them out to his friends. Inscribed thereon: “Input From Every Asshole In Town.”

Irma did a number on the wastewater treatment plant Ollie is responsible for. He and several others recently accepted on behalf of their company an award for their performance during the hurricane.

The generator had failed. Ollie and his team effected emergency repairs and kept things running. Critical wastewater and storm water services as a result continued till a new generator arrived. Property and the environment were protected big time because of their efforts.

The National Water Environmental Federation recently gave the Key West Wastewater Treatment Operators its highest award: The Water Heroes Award for going ABOVE & BEYOND.

Lynda and Bob Frechette are back in town. Welcome! You were missed!

Tonight, Goombay. I meet Jean Thornton at 7 at Bourbon Street to begin what I know will be a festive evening.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Vote for Democrats = Open borders, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and higher taxes.
    Vote for Republicans = Secure borders, legal immigration and economic prosperity.

  2. The Borders are secure, illegal immigration is overblown just for rightwing (Republican) political reasons. Trump isn’t deporting any more illegal immigrants that was Obama. lowered taxes have caused huge problems with the debt. We are now paying more now just to service the debt than we are for some important public services like medicaid, the increase in our defense budget (under Trump) is more that Russia’s entire economy. We need to stop this stupid charade and fix the important stuff. Vote the embarrasing clowns out of office and restore real democracy. Lou is right, Vote ’em out NOW!

  3. Trump charged his tax cut to US debt, the budget deficit is now approaching a Trillion. All of sudden the Republicans are not worried about their grand children’s debt ladened future anymore. It’s back to “deficits don’t matter” for them.

    • …and during a speech at a dinner last night, Outgoing UN ambadasador Nicky Haley said that president Trump had asked her if she was from the same tribe as Elizabeth Warren. This is the person we have as our president. We must vote in people now who can at least keep him in check. This is no longer funny.

  4. How many of our ancestors entered this country illegally ? I dare say they come and registered legally as they were supposed to do and then became citizens.

    Republicans need to win the mid-term whether anyone likes Trump or not.

    • The better question .. how many entered this country for sanctuary.

      Sorry Patrick…..Blue all the way…for the sake of America!

        • I chuckle when “my people came the right way” line. As if the immigrants in the 1850’s to the 1900’s or before that filed paperwork in advance and waited their turn or received an invitation more formal than word of mouth when they hopped on a ship to make the journey. What has remained is the propaganda now pushed by Trump and others that the folks to the south are trash, criminals and scum just as the Irish, Italians and Jews were labeled on their entry into the “promise land”

          Of course Trump has only good things to say of the blonde haired, blue eyed folks from Scandinavia as immigration prospects, or his In-Laws for that matter.

    • Today and for the past 100 years the vast majority of immigration has been for sanctuary and economic reasons and is almost entirely done legally. The “illegal” outcry is completely overblown and done so for political reasons. But why debate this with you. You are more interested in ‘bating’ than debating and the truth, as normal people know it, is not important to you, only winning any argument by any means.

  5. Illegal Immigration is NOT an issue, it is strictly a Political diversion, used by people like you, simply to change the subject and start a fight. We already have immigration policies in place and they are being adequately enforced. If it was our most important problem, as you keep trying to make it, Trump would be deporting more than Obama ever did and then bragging about it. Your consistent harping on this right wing talking point only makes you look like a foolish partisan hack. Hurry up and get to the post where you accuse democrats of being mean and any opposing statements to yours are nothing but an attempt to suppress you. Then you can go away with your perverted sense of accomplishment and resume kicking your dog until he obeys you.

    • You need to go down to McAllen Texas and camp out in one of the parks, north of the Rio Grande River. Hopefully you won’t be stampeded by the number of illegals who run through every night.

      You are woefully uninformed.

        • Uh no, Lou, Actually winter in the spot in Texas I mentioned. The border patrol holds regular meetings with us to provide us with information on how to stay safe.

          • Wouldn’t you think the border control people, who spend so much time teaching you how to stay safe, might be better off spending a little time showing up at night pretending to be you “wintering” in the park and catching all those illegals who stampede you poor inconvenienced people rather than just doing nothing but warning you? Do you think maybe they have never thought of that and maybe you might want to mention that to them? Maybe call FOX news and tell them about this enormous breech and they then can send a crew down to show everybody what a problem it is and maybe shame the border control into plugging this stampede? Or maybe it just isn’t happening like you say it is.

          • Wow, Lou Hartman, you can’t be this ignorant. Either you are a liberal bot, trolling this blog, or you have never searched the internet or watched TV.
            The largest breach of the border is along the stretch of the Rio Grande, adjacent to McAllen/Mission Texas. Just put down your latte and step outside of your east coast Starbucks. You might be surprised by what’s happening in the rest of the country.

            November 7th is going to be fun, watching the heads explode.

          • Comments from: (Some Jamesons): Stop the smears and think about what you are trying to pull over on everybody. Yes, we know that the area near the Mexican border is the area most likely to have the most Mexicans crossing illegally (actually most come in by airplane and just stay). My point is that you are talking stampede and hysteria, and that ain’t happening. If you know of a place where those Mexicans are coming in in droves, as you’re trying to scare everybody with, don’t you think ICE would be there ready to catch them? Who you trying to kid. So put down your shotgun and spit out your tobacco and go back to trying to convince everybody else at your hate club about the stampede at the border that the border patrol isn’t doing anything about and leave the people here who can think for themselves alone.

            And why are you so excited about seeing peoples head explode, rather than doing the right thing, Talk about Trolling !!!!!

          • Mr Hartman and most others here are uninformed. After-all, they watch MSNBC, etc. They don’t believe the extent of the new wave headed for Texas. 7000+ is not an issue for our progressives.

          • Comments from: (You’re a Troll): Patrick, loosen your underwear a little and relax. This right-wing organized “October Surprise” so called caravan is nothing but a stunt and a ruse. The last time I saw you so excited about an invasion of this magnitude was when these same Hondurans marched before and by the time they got here they were what, 50 people. How hard do you think it will be to keep a crowd of 50 people or 1,000 or 7,000 or what ever you want to claim they are from crossing the border. Good lord, we’re only talking about a small number (compared to what we deport every week) and fewer than attend the average Trump rally (which I dare say are a MUCH scarier lot). We’re not talking the Spanish armada here. There are fewer of them than Russian Hackers. You have the AG in Georgia illegally restricting 50,000 people from voting and your worried about a group of peasants “marching on America.” Tell you what, if they get here, just say no to them. You’re the problem, not them. At least they’re tot liars.

          • Hey paddy, if you are so worried about these Honduran peasants swelling the ranks of the illegals beyond the capacity of America’s ability to function or govern, why don’t you call for your inept leaders, and particularly that Trump president to start actually exporting those here illegally in more meaningful numbers than the pathetic few he’s doing now. If there really is the 12 million illegals he wants to clam there are, then he’ll have to do better, far better then the 200,00 he only doing now. Stop with your phony tears about what is basically nothing but a political stunt and pay some attention to REAL problems. I’m surprised you have any pearls left to clutch.

          • Call me clueless, if you want, which is of course much easier than excepting that you are as wrong on this as you were about only 19, then 64 deaths in Puerto Rico after their hurricanes last year and just about everything else you bring up on this blog. You’re a bomb throwing troll whose comprehension issues have always been an issue. Feel free to think what you want, or get all excited about what any new Russian hacker wants you to get all roiled up about. But take my advise and go commensurate with those who choose to agree with your constant depressing views of everything and let the rest of us deal with reality in a more realistic and responsible way.

  6. I think I liked that guy Patrick when he had that hissy fit and said he was fed up of being criticized for his views (I think he meant being taken to task for his lies) and was going to take his ball and go home and not post anymore. That was just a few weeks ago, wasn’t it? Lied about that too, I guess.

  7. Saw a panel discussion made up of Texas voters. One woman suggested prison time for business owners who lure illegals here by hiring them on the cheap. There were no comments from the others about this.

  8. What is the phrase, there are none so blind as those that that will not see.
    I write a short, simple, polite, respectful, factual response and look what happens.
    I think President Reagan said it best, I didn’t leave the democrat party, it left me.
    The new democrats are nothing more than progressives, the nastiest people I know of. They remind one of the nazi storm troopers of the 1930s. Fall in lock step or suffer the consequences. I understand why the WalkAway movement is growing.

    • ..”They remind one of the nazi storm troopers of the 1930s. Fall in lock step or suffer the consequences. ..”

      Thank you Patrick for giving us the perfect description of Trumpism, Trump and the compromised GOP. Well done!

  9. you are totally dulliosinal patrick and way too impressed with yourself. your post was not polite, it was boastful and snide. This is all some sort of game to you and nothing else. you need help.

  10. I just read that the number one topic for Russian hackers this 2018 election cycle is immigration. No wonder Patrick, Lou’s resident provocateur, is all over this blog with that issue. That guy can’t seen to think for himself.

  11. Hmm, seems I remember Daiv=d bringing up the immigration issue. Doesn’t that make it open for debate ? Well, I guess not if it differs from your opinion. Talk about someone that can’t think for themselves, stick with the crowd as there should be safety in numbers.

    • Total nonsense on those immigration figures as is the larger issue in general. Those figures are straight out of Russian posts. Even double what Trump used during his campaign. The whole thing is just a diversion during the 2018 campaign to keep the public’s eye off the ball. Typical nonsense Patrick and you know it.

  12. Those figures are totally bogus and based on worst case ASZUMPTIONS! Most respected reports say the facts are the opposite and that if the draconian efforts to stop them are factored out, they have a positive effect

  13. The 20+ million report came from Harvard. Remember them ? They are the ones that came up with the 4600+ figure in Puerto Rico. You liked that figure.

    • Yes you were wrong, again! Wrong and sloppy, not only that but you chose a cheap shot with the PR smear while doing so. You are a phony operative, only trying to make political statements at any cost.

    • That Yale study is mostly based on supposition and a lot of reverse engineering. But working with this figures it seems to make Trump’s efforts to do remove illegals a TOTAL failure? After all, according to most reports, he has so far actually removed somewhere less that 500,000 illegals since his two years in office. That’s less than Obama did during a similar time. At this rate it will take nearly 40 years to export the 20 million and that’s if not even a single additional immigrant more comes in. It sure doesn’t look like he’s really doing very much, or even trying very hard, does it? I mean if there’s 20 million (or more as you suggest) a some what larger amount than say 500 thousand should be easily found, wouldn’t you? Especially given the huge resources and money spent on this since he has been in office. Perhaps there’s a different answer, perhaps there isn’t really that many illegal immigrants after all and that’s why he’s unable to export what is really been a paltry few? Seems to me we’re in a cesspool of a nothing burger, meant just for political gain.

  14. Gee, nothing like kicking a guy while he’s down. He apologized. It doesn’t mean anything to admit a mistake to anyone here.

    • Patrick misrepresents or lies about almost everything and on a constant basis, then tries to tries to apologize his way out of something he tried to get away with in the first place. That’s not kicking him while he’s down, that’s making him own up to his obvious shenanigans.

  15. Patrick is a Troll and has a long history of posting garbage on Lou’s web blog, often with false and obscure nonsense for what is almost always meant to just start a fight. Every time he’s caught with a lie he claims he’s being discriminated against and then usually lashes out with personal attacks, often using a phony alias to post. What really makes no sense is why Patrick keeps posting his garbage.

  16. Wow, Patrick is complaining about Patrick not getting a break for misrepresenting (probably lying) about something he posted on this blog and was then forced to correct by someone else who called him out about that. That has to be the absolute height of conceit. All of this from a guy (Patrick) who openly gloats (and will post his gloats) when he thinks he’s scored a point and made someone react. Talk about arrogant.

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