Male legislators could end up wearing skirts and panty hose. With the skirts required to be 3 inches above the knee. I kid you not. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

The Missouri House has tightened the dress code for its female members. They are henceforth required to wear clothing covering their arms. The full requirement: Female lawmakers must cover their arms and wear blazers while in the State Capitol.

The same old story in operation again. Men controlling what should be a right solely within the judgment of a woman. It is the abortion story all over again. Men have this inherent need to dominate the other sex. I suspect because they feel the male gender is weakening and women are taking over.

Women are taking over in many respects. They are a growing power politically. Even to the level of state legislatures. They can perform two tasks at one time whereas men are lucky to do one and do it properly. How many women work full time, take care of a family, and perform a multitude of other tasks?

Again, I believe men fear women. Especially the women of today.

The strange thing about Missouri was a Republican female legislator, Ann Kelley, proposed the law as an amendment to a House dress code which was passed in 2021 which required women to wear a “dress or skirt or slacks worn with a blazer or sweater and appropriate dress shoes or boots.” Kelley’s position is that is is “essential to always maintain a formal and professional atmosphere.”

Democrats, especially the women, called it “ridiculous.” Kelley amended her proposal to include “cardigans” in lieu of jackets, but still required a woman’s arms to be covered.

So was born the new dress code for the female House members.

Beware Missouri male legislators. Ladies are tough. They have memories like elephants. They continue to grow in numbers and will be in the majority in the Missouri House and in many other states within a decade or two. Then the retribution. They won’t bother with male arms. Your lower extremities will be of concern. Short skirts and panty hose! Deserving retaliation!

It might not bother some. There must be one, two or more male members who enjoy cross dressing.

Laugh not. Did you ever think abortion would be where it is at today? Did you think in the slightest that a legislature would vote for its female members to wear clothing covering their arms today?

What has happened in Missouri is a reflection of increasing male insecurity.

A shark was in the waters of Fort Zachary Taylor beach January 8. Near the Naval Air Station property. It “appeared to be a large shark.” Its victim received puncture wounds to his thigh, knee and calf area.

We are into another cold spell. Eight in the morning and 62 degrees. The high today will only be 64 degrees. Tonight 57. Tomorrow the high 61 and low 57. Projected to warm up monday. Slowly, however. The high 70, low 66. If you are a resident, anything 74 degrees and lower is cold.

The debt ceiling problem has its beginnings this friday. Will be an increasing problem till June. If not dealt with, disaster will befall the U.S. economically. Simple.

The Republicans played the debt ceiling card twice in the past 15 years. Failed for them each time. As it will fail again. Many in the U.S. will be hurt during the process. Social Security recipients at some point will stop receiving their checks. That is when the real disaster will hit on a practical basis. Many live on the meager amounts in those checks.

Love Bess Levin! A comment by her re George Santos: “George Santos, one week away from claiming to be Ronald Reagan’s biological son.”

A falsehood, of course.

A recent Bess Levin article concerned Donald Trump and North Korea. It appears in Vanity Fair 1/13 and is titled: “Donald Trump wanted To Nuke North Korea.”

The substance of the article to the effect that Trump desired to nuke North Korea and blame it on another country. Levin claims recent information reveals Trump spent much of 2017 suggesting such action “behind closed doors in the Oval Office.”

I enjoyed a long and cheerful dinner with Dan and Lisa Riordon thursday night at Antonia’s. Our last time together was a year ago when they were visiting.

It was the first time in years I have dined at Antonia’s. Never changes. Always the best atmosphere and food.

TK was bartending. Donna and Terri enjoying dinner at the bar. it was good to see them.

Terri is singing at Kate Miano’s Gardens sunday.

Syracuse/Notre Dame tonight at 7. My fingers are crossed.

Enjoy your day!

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