Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville chosen for entry into the Library of Congress.

An honor.

Buffett completed Margaritaville 66 miles south of Miami on U.S. 1. He began writing it on a napkin in a Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas while driving to an airport to return to Key West. On the drive down from Miami, there was a fender bender on the Seven Mile Bridge. He found himself sitting on the sidewalk, starring out at Pigeon Key, when he finished Margaritaville.

Buffett played Margaritaville for the first time that evening at Crazy Ophelia’s on Duval Street. Everyone loved it so he sang it a second time.

On this day in 1829, a Temperance Society was proposed for Key West.

There was a temperance movement nationally in those days. I could not find one ever being established in Key West, however.

Jack Teixeira is the 21 year old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who leaked hundreds of pages of classified military intelligence.

Two observations.

The first is he has only been charged with two crimes. One carries a 10 year sentence, the other 5 years. If sentenced consecutively, he will only face 15 years. Not enough time.

The man has revealed secret military information. Among the highest of military information. His crimes worthy of a minimum of 20 years, with no time off for good behavior. The Rosenberg’s were executed for providing atomic secrets. Teixeira lucky his wrongdoings short of what the Rosenbergs did.

I am generally soft in my feelings. However blowing military data is a big deal. It jeopardizes the lives of many others. In the hundreds and thousands. He must pay. And others must see the payment is severe. Otherwise, many will start doing what he did. The first gun killings were minimal. Look how they have increased over the years.

My second observation involves Marjorie Taylor Greene. A winner!

Crazy Greene has spoken out: “Jack Teixeira is a white, male Christian, and anti war. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime.”

Teixeira did not do it because he was anti war. He did it to show off to his 20-30 friends in a chat room.

Clarence Thomas’ list of sins grows!

Harlan Crow purchased 3 houses from Thomas. Total price in excess of $100,000. One of the houses was Thomas’ mother’s home.

There is a federal law requiring Supreme Court Justices to disclose any real estate sales in excess of $1,000. Thomas did not disclose the sales per the law.

All his “wrongdoings” lead me to believe I was correct 30 years ago when Thomas denied Anita Hill’s claims at the Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearing. I thought Thomas lied at the time.

Thomas is in a position where he should resign. Would be a class act. If the man has any class. I doubt he does.

Will the Supreme Court act on its own? I doubt it also. Who knows whether any other Justices have skeletons in their closets?

Senator Timothy Eugene Scott is a Republican from South Carolina. H announced this week he is exploring a run for the Republican nomination for President in the 2024 election.

He is anti-abortion. Openly pronounces himself pro life. He supports the NRA. He is black. Even if Trump and DeSantis are not in the race in due course, no way the far right Republicans will support a black man. If I am wrong and he gets the nomination, no way is this country going to support an anti-abortionist and NRA supporter for President.

A Barack Obama he is not!

Like a thief in the night…..DeSantis signed a new Florida abortion bill in the dark. At 11 pm thursday night.

He lacked the balls to openly sign the 6 week abortion law in the light of day with witnesses all around.

My friends Theo and Dina Markis are in from Greece. They visit Key West 2-3 times a year. We are having dinner tonight at La Te Da. 

I look forward to seeing them again.

Enjoy your day!

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