Yesterday was the day! After 3 years of preparation, Key West’s Guy De Boer began his epic journey.

Guy is one of 16 participants in the Golden Globe Race. The event began yesterday from Les Sables d’Olonnois, France. It is anticipated the trip will take 7 months to complete.

An onerous trip. A solitary one. It is Guy and his boat. That’s it. Considered one of the most difficult in the world. A challenge. Participants have no regular access to modern communication or navigation. Pure isolation.

The trip will take Guy over some of the the most dangerous waters in the world, through some of the fiercest capes.

I admire Guy’s courage. I also think he’s crazy. However the experience is one he wanted to attempt and one he believes he can win. So good luck, my friend. God be with you.

I stopped at Geiger Key for lunch yesterday. Wanted to see if anything was different under the new ownership.

Nothing. The crowd a usual holiday one. Packed. Actually, there was one difference. A new manager or what I assumed was a new manager. He was all over the place assisting. A smile for everyone. A kind word here and there.

I enjoyed hogfish fingers and chatted with two lovely matronly woman sitting to my side at the bar.

Sheila Cullen and Vicky Shields had an interesting post this morning on Facebook: “Our granddaughters should not have to fight the battles their grandmothers already won.”

Truer words never written.

Sunsets worldwide are God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world. Key West’s sunsets are best reflected from Mallory Square. Steve Thompson recalls Mallory Square Sunsets in the 1970’s.

Sunset on Mallory Square was the thing to do. It was laid back and not much a zoo. When the sun went down, there was a slow applaud. Like worshiping some kind of God. Everyone was smiling, everyone was cool. You felt euphoric like some happy fool.

It got a little busier everyday. Now it’s a three ring circus and you pay.

Artemis I did not get of the ground for a second time. A hydrogen fuel problem. New date not certain. Could be into October.

I recall clearly the U.S.’s first attempts into space in the 1960’s. Each trip successfully made it off each time. There may have been a day or two delay on occasion. However our space ships were off and flying basically as scheduled. Soon with humans. Eventually to the moon. The first serious problem years latter when one of the ships carrying 6 or 7 persons exploded on take off.

With all the money, companies and people involved today, why the problems? Inadvertent? Accidental? The way it is?  A harsh criticism on my part. However the reputation of the U.S. is on the line with every flight. We should do better. We did do better when we were novices.

Enjoy the end of the holiday weekend!



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