Pleasure time for Louis last night. The Republican debates. Love politics!

The first debate was scheduled for 5. I had to prepare. Went to Publix and bought all kinds of bad soul satisfying foods. Had to do things in proper fashion. I figured I would be TV bound six hours.

The debates.

Two debates wrong. The first group came over as second class citizens. An insult to those willing to make a run for President. No audience. Moderators inept. Questions bland.

They say Carly Fiorina distinguished herself. The only one to come out of the second class citizen group.

I was not impressed with Florina. I have been watching her the past two weeks. Her TV interviews prior to last night have been terrific. Her attire and hair right on. She also repeated on each occasion two separate canned lines that hit home. One tough woman.

Last night, she pulled a Hillary Clinton. She was different from the person in the earlier interviews. Her hair done differently. Stiff. The easy going smart looking woman drab. Even her suit. Which neither fit the event nor her image. Some sort of bland pink thing. It was notย the Carly Fiorina I had come to know.

Everyone this morning is singing her praises. Wow, could she hand it out! They were referring to the two canned responses I had been hearing prior to the debate. No one seems to have picked up that they were canned, not spontaneous.

The second debate, the main event, an altogether different story. Top shelf, first class. The place packed. The moderators tough.

I was impressed with most of the candidates in the second event. The Republicans are fielding a good team of possibilities for 2016. Two should be eliminated from my perspective. Donald Trump and Rand Paul.

I thought Trump had it till last night. He is a buffoon.

Rand Paul not ready for prime time.

The moderators were hard on Trump. Unfairly. He handled matters well, however.

Jeb Bush is being knocked this morning on TV. Why, I do not understand. I thought he gave an impressive performance.

It was after one by the time I got to sleep. I watched the followup shows.

Rick Boettger is a local writer. A journalist. He writes a column weekly for KONK Life as I do. Recently, we have become friends. Rick and Cynthia are good people.

Rick’s column in this week’s KONK Life his last. He told the world he was getting things in order. He has prostate cancer. Finality not imminent. Yet, on the way. Sad the only way to describe the column and Rick’s circumstances.

I was extremely tired yesterday. Unusually so. It may be steroid withdrawal. I had been on steroids for a week. Off, two days. I spoke with a doctor friend. He suggested steroid withdrawal.

This Iran deal mind boggling. I know as much as you. Which is not much. We have to rely on our political leaders and their judgment. I have mentally lined up with those supporting the deal.

I fear if we do not come down on the side of approving the agreement, war in the next five years or so could be inevitable. The scenario reminds me of the League of Nations which the U.S. Senate voted against following World War I.

Enjoy your day!

13 comments on “REPUBLICAN DEBATES

  1. If Trump gets dumped, all that’s left for the GOP are a bunch of bought and paid for, business as usual, career politians. Could Trump be worse than the incumbant??

  2. “Jeb Bush is being knocked this morning on TV.” I agree, I thought Jeb did well and I can see him as a President, Trump not so much, maybe a card shark hustler but not POTUS.

    “This Iran deal mind boggling.” I agree again. The world is naive to think it will really stop the ayatollahs from getting their Islamic nukes. Look how well North Korea went. Soon we will see nukes in the hands of a crazy over-fed idiot (N. Korea) and death cult jihadist Islamists (Iran). I suggest, strongly, that we really start building the Gipper’s Star Wars missile shield as we are going to be needing it and needing it to work.

    The next Presidential election is crucial, that is why I am liking Jeb right now, I say bring on Bush III. He appears to be the smartest one.

    • With due respect, Marty, and not to start a war here, but if Jeb is the smartest of the lot, the GOP is in deep doo-doo. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I can’t imagine having a president with a name like Jeb, anyway. What were Barbara and 41 thinking, when they named that boy?? Again, all good natured here. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No offense taken, it is sort of like choosing which horse in a “Three-Legged Horse Race” to bet on. You know they are all gonna fall somewhere on the track.

      • JEB stands for John Ellis Bush. Look it up. Frankly, I’d take anyone of the republican field over any of the dems and Hillary Clinton is a disaster and should be indicted soon for her private email server and failure to protect classified info. The FBI would have seized the server long ago. She’s been getting special treatment. It’s been hacked, watch the emails start to drizzle out. She mase herself totally wide open to blackmail. Scary to hear her say the server was secure as it was protected by Bill’s secret service — she didn’t realize that physical security and Data security are different and not one and the same?

    • Probably Patrick because they are all…including Hillary (especially Hillary) bought and paid for by the powers that be. Perhaps Bernie is not but I even doubt that, perhaps an intentional side show to appease the die hard socialists. For a lark, why doesn’t everyone vote for a real third, fourth or fifth party candidate for a change. We could start a national “None of the Above” movement, maybe draft Mickey Mouse for President. He certainly couldn’t be worse than what we got.

      • I agree thats its time for another party, but, as it stands today I think such a vote would be a vote for the opposite party [ which would now be clinton].
        Until a third [ or fourth] party becomes viable I’ll stick with one of the accepted/usual two. The lesser of two evils, so to speak.
        I have friends that have written in various names such as Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mantle, but, I still feel they were votes that were thrown away and offered up for the ‘other’ party.

        • True, but at least I can vote my conscience and honestly say I didn’t vote myself to keep perpetuating the two clown shows. Eventually, maybe, one day, we will all do regardless of the effect on Part R or Party D, then maybe we get to a real Party C and D and even F.

  3. As of August, CNN has already mailed out 15 debate-invites. A change in Gilmore’s polling performance before September 10 could qualify him for an invitation; the same logic theoretically applies to other candidates who have filed with the FEC to seek the Republican nomination in 2016, should polling-firms begin to include such candidate-names in their nationwide polls.

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