The Chart Room’s Emily has a problem. An eye problem. She is in Miami having it attended to. Hurry back, Emily. The Chart Room was not the same without you last night.

My day yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Stopped steroid treatment two days ago. Back still holding up.

Went to the bank. Needed to hit the ATM.

Then to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch. Harpoon’s wednesday lunch special is a turkey meal. Like Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. All buried in gravy.

The Chart Room last night. Mari standing in for Emily. A good locals crowd. Enjoyed myself. Finally got to see Jean Thornton. Chatted with Sheila and David. Said hello to Kevin.

Met a popular Key West local. We had never met before. Sean came to the end of the bar where I was sitting. Sean and his wife Helen own the Grand Vin. Since 1997. Wine and beer. Best known as a place to sit and sip good wine. Grand Vin is the white house with a large round porch in the 1100 block of Duval.

Sean had a good sense of humor. I enjoyed my time chatting with him.

He is off to England today. His wife Helen is English. They are attending a baptism. Sean is of one of the Protestant faiths. I, Catholic. We got into a lengthy dialogue re baptism and confession.

I was at the Chart Room to meet Grant. We were going to have a drink together and then have dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Grant never showed.

I dined at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. Quiet.

Vanessa hosted. A lovely lady. Very beautiful. A Conch.

Anna left Amorgos at 6 this morning. A nine hour ferry boat ride to Athens. Sounds horrendous. Not really. When I did it for the first time several years ago, I thought how horrible it was going to be. To the contrary, it was fine. Actually, terrific. An experience.

The ferry boat is huge. Carries 500 people plus vehicles. Top floor is what we in the U.S. call a first class lounge. In Greece, referred to as business class. Greek business class is U.S. first class. An extremely large room with all type comfortable chairs. Great food. Fine service. Huge windows. I read, slept, ate and watched the Greek isles move by.

Greece and Key West have some things in common. One is immigrants arriving by water.

A few days ago, 87 Syrians landed on my favorite island Amorgos. They were in what I would describe as a large dinghy. Escaping the war.

The immigrants were provided medical attention, showered, fed and sent off to Naxos. Naxos is an island near Amorgos I never got to. The Mayor of Naxos welcomed them. They were provided with travel documents. Necessary to get to where ever they wanted to go. Most will not remain in Greece. They have other destinations in mind. Greece has made it easy for them to get where ever. Which means, the Syrian immigrants are out of Greece in a very short time.

Wisdom involved.

My KONK Life column this week is The Stealing of America. How money has bought our elected officials. The column hit the stands yesterday. It was linked this morning to my KONK Life website.

Republican Presidential debates tonight. Starting at 5. I am a political junkie. Love it all! I will sit at home in a comfortable chair watching the debates.

Food a problem. Cup board bare again. Very. I will be shopping later this morning. Buying the usual and also some special goodies to enjoy this evening while watching the debates.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Its nice that the Greeks took care of the Syrians, but, the Greeks sure aren’t the ones paying for that hospitality.

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