I have a new neighbor who has read my blog and listened to Tuesday Talk for years. Renee!

Love her already and I have not yet met her.

I was in the parking lot to my home when a fellow who parked nearby came over to introduce himself. I had seen his car for about 3 months.

He said his name was Joe. From Jersey City. He told me about his wife Renee and her affinity to the blog. It thrills me to meet people who read and enjoy the blog.

Joe said he reads it occasionally, but Renee all the time.

Got to meet Renee! Sure we will run into each other soon.

Renee and Joe, welcome to the Sanctuary!

A shocking experience last night.

I expected the price of gasoline to go up. Pizza, no.

I ordered from Pizza Hut a medium pizza with pepperoni and sausage. Also, 6 wings.

Cost $35. Are you out of your mind I asked as I cancelled the order.

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to be a low life. She referred to Judge Jackson yesterday as “ignorant.”

The Judge is supposedly to be approved by the Senate later this afternoon. She has the necessary votes.

Putin has outlived his time.

What follows involves Mariupol.

We are all aware Putin knocked the hell out of Mariupol. People have just begun to be able to return. What they are finding not nice. Actually, not human.

The Russians have moved out. Leaving behind many dead. Way more than anticipated.

Present estimate 5,000. Could be in the tens of thousands.

What remains has been described by Mariupol’s Mayor: “This is the new Auschwitz.”

Before leaving, the Russians used their mobile crematoriums to destroy body remains. Hopefully to make sure no one would know what had occurred and to what extent.

Many of the good people of Mariupol were first tortured. For the simple sake of torturing them. Then had their hands tied behind them and shot in the head execution style.

Just like the Nazis used to do.

Many of the bodies remain uncremated. Lying on the streets in the fashion described.

Putin must have ordered the tortures, deaths and cremation. Who else? He was “destroying” any evidence of the crimes committed.

The day will come when Putin will pay for his sins. First in an earthly manner. Then in the hereafter. He will go wherever Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Franco and Mao Zedong are today.

If Putin tries to run, he will be caught. You can run, but you can’t hide. Recall Sadam Hussein. The picture of him emerging from his underground mud hovel when caught.

Another big day sports wise. The Masters begins.

The world will be watching Tiger Woods. Will he be able to play all four rounds? Will he be able to win?

A haircut and manicure later this morning. Have to cut the blog short.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “RENEE

  1. Lou, substitute the town of Mosul, in Iraq, instead of Mariupol, in Ukraine. Then please tell us why Russia is any worse then America, when it comes to war crimes.

    Let those who have not sinned themselves cast the first stone.

  2. Lou,
    You are from the Utica, NY area. How about a column on Chicken Riggies. That famous, and delicious, dish from your native area. I love them.

  3. The corrupt Republican smear machine, falsely tried for years to convince the world that Hilary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a DC Pizza Parlor, that didn’t even have a basement.

    Now we have Ruben Verastigui, a former senior staffer for the Republican National Committee sentenced to 12 years in prison for operating a child pornography ting and not a peep from anyone in the GOP or their media stooges.

    This is what the modern Republican party, and their supporters, have become.


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