There is a centuries old saying…..Like rats abandoning a ship. Goes back to the days when ships were constructed of wood. Full of rats. When a ship began sinking, they could not jump off soon enough into the water.

It was assumed the rats would swim to shore. They would have had to be excellent swimmers to make it.

The phrase been reworded to modern terminology. Its meaning today is that the least loyal, trustworthy, or dependable people will be the first to begin abandoning a failing endeavor.

I write with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in mind.

Mitt Romney generally a class act. Sometime he falters and submits to the will of the Republican majority.

Not yesterday.

He voted to confirm Judge Jackson. He was the only Republican in the Senate Chamber to stand and applaud her confirmation.

It is said a congeniality exists in private Supreme Court Chambers. Especially the room where they discuss and decide cases.

It should stop.

The congenial conferences should stop. It should be all out war on some issues.

The Supreme Court increasingly is failing the people. They vote for the Republican right and corporate America.

The American people are being cheated.

I hope Justice Jackson will put the gloves on.

I watched the Masters all day yesterday. Especially the play of Tiger Woods.

Except for two brief occasions, he failed to smile. His face constantly grimaced in pain. I felt sorry for him. It was a bad day for Tiger physically.

Will Smith will not be slapping or otherwise assaulting anyone at an Academy Awards function for the next 10 years. He has been suspended for that length time because of the the Chris Rock situation.

I question the punishment. Especially the severity of it. It would have been enough had he gone to Chris Rock the next day and apologized. The two would have ended up embracing and that would have been the end of it.

First it was gas, then pizza, and now first class airline tickets.

Singapore Airlines announced yesterday that its new first class suites for a trip from New York to Singapore would cost $17,000. Don’t know if one way or round trip.

The amenities are many. As they should be. The charge covers 6 people. The suite has two private baths.

Brings me back to the first class of many years ago. I had a condo in the 1970’s for several years at the Jockey Club in Miami. Spent at least one long weekend a month there. It was Heaven!

I flew first class Syracuse to Miami non-stop. First class round trip ticket $100. Economy class $80. You had to be crazy not to fly first class.

The food was excellent also. If I flew mornings, it was the finest preparation of eggs, etc. Dinner time was a standing prime rib brought to your seat on a cart. You would tell the stewardess (in those days) the cut you wanted. Everything with the meal outstanding also.

The seats were wide. Plenty of leg room. Knitted slippers generally provided.

Time for the flight 2.5 hours. For real. No stopping.

Putin has taken bestial brutality and moral depravity to another level.

I refer to the missiles directed into the Kramatorsk railroad station in eastern Ukraine. It was a known departure point for those fleeing  the Ukraine.

Adults and children killed. A portion of a missile was still intact. It read handwritten on its side in bold letters: “For the Children.”

Kelenskyy said, “Evil knows no bounds.”

Putin is totally out of hand. How long before the free world has to step in physically and encounter Russia on the battlefield. Such includes the U.S.

I understand Biden’s problem. And that of the rest of NATO. Putin has nuclear weapons. A nuclear war would erupt.

A tough one to handle. The decision mind battering. God help the good guys in making whatever decision they do.

Putin’s pure unadulterated crazy way out war calls for a Putin punishment beyond what I have been recommending. I have been saying he should be dragged from his office into Red Square and hung from a pole. Last week, I added his genitals should be removed and stuffed into his mouth immediately before hanging.

He has gone so far this past week that such is not enough. He deserves more and far worse. The problem is I do not know what. Guess I was at the end of my punishment thinking with my last suggestion.

Enjoy your day!


  1. So regards Chris Rock. Do you also think if a man beats his wife but he apologizes the next day and they hug and make up he shouldn’t be punished?

    • …or for that matter tells outright lies one day and then believed on anything he says the next day and not be punishes?

    • No, I don’t have to ask myself anything, I am definitely better than I was two years ago. Far less embarrazzed to be an American, Far lessembarrazzedEllen with my president, back to work, back to restaurants, finally vaccinated and about a million other things. I don’t fear a dictator in the White House and I applaud an economy that’s finally working better for me than just for the fat cats.

    • No, I don’t have to ask myself anything, I am definitely better than I was two years ago. Who’s Brandon? – LET’s GO BIDEN !

  2. The only thing making life in America worse these last few years is a dramatic increase in violence and hate coming from Republicans and their wacko right wing supporters. Gun violence is up dramatically too, as we have fewer and fewer good guys with guns. Women rights are freedoms in general are seriously under threat with a ‘blind’ extreme right Supreme court and Patriotism sseem to only be with those people no longer calling themselves republicans or conservatives.

    The country is in trouble, but t is all coming from Republicans and others on the right who have absolutely NO respect anymore for law and order.

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