Front page headline in Key West Citizen this morning: Key West Residents Pay Some Of Highest Monthly Bills In Florida.

We had to be told? Those of us who live here know. And it is not getting cheaper.

The Citizen was reporting the results of a new study by Doxo. The study indicated Key West  residents pay 38.6 percent higher monthly expenses than most other Florida communities. Rent being the largest part of the computation.

Key West listed as #4 in the study. The three communities more expensive are Windermere, Pembroke Pines, and Wellington.

The Justice Building Blog has a humorous strain which it occasionally exhibits. This morning’s one of those.

Florida Federal District Court Judge Middlebrooks has been assigned the recent new Trump lawsuit brought by him against Hillary Clinton and others re their attempts to tie Trump to Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Trump’s basis for the lawsuit is Bill Clinton appointed Middlebrooks to the judgeship.

My opinion: The case won’t fly. Will eventually be dismissed.

One reason, too many years involved. Clinton was President 1993-2001. Clinton nominated Middlebrooks 1/1997. Middlebrooks was confirmed 5/1997. Hillary ran in 2016. Trump’s lawsuit initiated in 2022.

Again, too many years involved. Not my reason for seeing the suit failing, however. Trump’s sole basis is Bill Clinton made the appointment. Not enough to warrant a disqualification in this matter. A suit based in politics. Political lawsuits of this type are frowned upon.

With the background in place, following a few examples of the Justice Building Blog’s humor. They are such that Trump might have relied on.

Middlebrooks may be of Mexican descent because one of his ancestors was known as El Middlebrooks.

From the years 2008-2016, Middlebrooks worked in a court house that had a picture of Obama in the lobby.

Middlebrooks likes catsup on his french fries. So does Joe Biden AND so does Hillary Clinton.

Middlebrooks was overheard laughing when the former President recommended at a news conference that people drink bleach to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Middlebrooks has been frequently seen wearing a mask.

Yesterday a vote took place in the House of Representatives. Its primary purpose to express support for NATO. Sixty three Republicans voted against the resolution.

The final vote in favor was 362-63. One hundred forty three Republicans did vote in support, as well as 219 Democrats.

Helen commented on the vote in this moring’s Key West Lou blog: “Anyone concerned for why there is a problem in America right now, need look no further than the pathetic state of Republicans in our country nowadays.”

A relatively new site recently appeared. Titled: 1440. Presents daily up to date snipits of what is going on in the world.

I immediately subscribed. Love it!

Why the name 1440? Two reasons. First, the printing press was invented in the year 1440. Second, there are 1440 minutes in a day.

The husband/wife team of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been in the news the past few days. Both testified before the January 6 Committee. Jared on friday. Ivanka, tuesday. Jared testified for 7 hours, Ivanka, 8.

Both volunteered to testify. A subpoena was not required for either. Neither took the 5th Amendment.

Post interview comments by certain Committee members indicated satisfaction with their testimony.

Jared was on a plane flying back from the Middle East when the rally/insurrection began. Though still ongoing when the plane landed, he went straight home. Never attended the event.

Ivanka was in Washington January 6. Several times during the day she tried to get her father to do something to stop what was going on. He refused. Her testimony is considered valuable.

Are the kids turning on the father? Covering their asses? Could be.

The ” darling” of the Republican Party! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She and Ginni Thomas are destined to walk hand in hand on their way to Hell.

Three Republican Senators announced monday they would be voting in support of Judge Jackson. Senators Romney, Murkowski and Collins. Guarantees Jackson will win the Senate vote, though by a close margin.

Yesterday, Greene referred to all three as “pro-pedophiles.”

Greene by so doing revisited the QAnon attack against Senators supporting Jackson. Greene’s accusation an “ugly one.”

You have to dig deep why QAnon is against Jackson.

Recall 2016 and Pizzagate. QAnon was promoting the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats were pedophiles, operated child sex abuse facilities in the basements of certain Washington restaurants, and participated in selling the children into sex slavery.

The theory was obviously debunked. However many believed it. Many still do today.

Pizzagate was born. A Washington pizza parlor where child sexual activities allegedly were taking place: The Comet Ping Pong pizzeria.

Edgar Maddison Welch a 28 year old North Carolinian. He believed. Took his rifle and went to the Comet Pizzeria. His purpose to save the children.

He fired his rifle once into the restaurant. No one was injured.

He was arrested and charged.

Welch plea bargained and made a deal to plead to 4 years.

The judge who sentenced him was the same Judge Jackson awaiting her vote by the Senate.

QAnon hate Jackson because she sent Welch to jail for 4 years. Those Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who rode her hard are three Senators who hope to be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2024 and are seeking QAnon support.

We close with Ukraine and another dastardly Putin deed.

Olha Sukheko was the Mayor of a small Ukraine village. The Russians wanted her to collaborate. She refused. She, her husband and son, and two others were killed and buried in a shallow grave. Simply because Sukhenko refused to cooperate.

All news reports indicate the Mayor’s hands were tied behind her back. No reference is made to the 4 others. Nor is in any media report information whether she was shot in the head execution style or what.

May all five rest in peace, as well as all shot dead in the streets the past few weeks everywhere in Ukraine. Putin’s brutality knows no end.


  1. Alachua, is a far less expensive place to live then Key West, So is Destin. But who wants to live there? What’s your point?

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