A spectacular late lunch yesterday. Geiger Key. One of their specials: A Prime Rib Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. The prime rib real. A huge slice covered with melted cheese, onions, mushrooms and peppers.


Began my day at noon. A haircut with Lori. Then decided to drive up to Geiger Key for lunch. The view from the restaurant outstanding! The help cheerful.

Each member of the work staff smiling. Kind words.

Bobby Mongelli stopped in. We chatted a bit.

Bobby owns Geiger Key and Hogfish. The menu the same. However, Geiger Key a step better.

Try it sometime. Guaranteed you will enjoy!

Two military happenings of significance this day June 4.

Today the fourth and last day the Battle of Midway.

The U.S. was still reeling from Pearl Harbor. The Japanese considered themselves invincible at the time. Midway was upon them. Japan had conquered many U.S. installations on the various Pacific islands leading to Japan.

The U.S. was outnumbered. Yet succeeded in destroying 4 Japanese carriers while the U.S. lost only 1.

The numbers speak of the U.S. victory. Japan lost 4 carriers, the U.S. 1. Japan suffered 2,500 casualties, the U.S. 149.

Winston Churchill was not a popular head of state prior to this day. b The big politicians in Parliament wanted to approach Hitler and work out a peace plan.

Churchill opposed surrender. June 4 was the very same day England was close to losing in excess of 30o,ooo Ally troops. They hugged together on French beaches with the English channel on their other side.

Churchill came up with a brilliant idea. He had every private boat and its driver relinquished to cross the channel and take 300,00 off French soil.

Three hundred thirty eight were saved. Mostly English.

The unpopular Churchill went before Parliament to announce the victory. Saving that many lives was a victory! A portion of Churchill’s speech: “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall  fight in the fields, we shall in the hills, we shall never surrender.”

Parliament cheered. Each side. Church had given the then taste of “victory.”

Sexual abuse continues to rock the Catholic Church.

On May 21, Cardinal Rrienhart was the head of the Catholic Church in Germany. He asked Pope Francis to replace him. The Cardinal wrote the problem was not being handled effectively from the top.With regard to  Germany’s Catholic Church, he was its leader and responsible. Responsible also for many of its failures and administrative mistakes.

Germany’ Catholic clergy were and are not “disillusioned and ashamed” by child sex abuse .

Trump claims he will be “reinstated” in August to the Presidency was an outright fabrication on his part. Media responders and columnists hit Trump big time.

Vanity Fair’s HIVE published an article by Bess Levin

Levin thinks Trump is crazy.

She wrote, He should be taken seriously – as indicative of a “complete and total breakdown.”

The title of Levin’s column: REPORT: Trump Has Fully Lost It, Won’t Stop Telling People he is going-to be President Again This Year.

Time to shower, shave, etc. I am having a chest/heart cat scan at 1. Not serious unless something is found. Part of my annual heart check up.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It can happen here. The storied shining city on the hill is sinking into darkness. Nothing built by the hand of man lasts forever.

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