When the social media sites declined to carry Trump, he opted to begin a blog. He intended to  write one each day, thereby keeping in touch with the many followers he had on the social media sites.

Trump called his blog: From The Desk Of Donald Trump.

The blog lasted less than a month. Trump was not a blogger. The reasons given for the shutdown were a lack of readership and the public mockery incurred.

Embarrassing for Trump? Definitely. His blog died quietly with only a whimper.

A technical reason was involved also. His investment in the venture had to be minimal. The blog technical equipment he used was outdated.

In announcing the birth of his blog, Trump said it would “completely redefine the game.” It only did so to the extent of proving Trump was not a blog guru. Communication had always been his forte. In this instance, it was not.

It appears Netanyahu is on his way out. Good riddance to bad rubbish. His later years in office were awful. He hurt his reputation at the same time he hurt Israel and the Palestinians.

In his latter years, he was a Donald Trump. Birds of a feather.

The new government will not be able to take control for 12 days. That leaves Netanyahu in power 12 more days. The 12 days should be of concern. In the words of Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

I have been at this blog for 15 years. It has steadily grown in that time without any promotion on my part. It simply took hold and took off.

The blog’s followers are world wide. It became big in South Africa almost immediately and has continued to hold its own.

South Africa is in trouble. Ebola. In the city of Goma, which is situated near Rowanda. The U.S. government is concerned.

The issue is whether the U.S. should increase its funding to South Africa to help treat and fight the Ebola attack. The White House believes it is a “public health emergency of international concern.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote in this morning’s publication re the breaking out from the COVID problem by the U.S.

His first paragraph very simply says it all: “For millions of Americans, the next 6 months are going to be great. The power that COVID had over our lives is shrinking, and the power we have over our own lives is growing. The image that comes to mind is recess. We’ve been stuck emotionally indoors for over a year. Now we get to sprint down the hallway and burst into the playground of life.”

My yesterday began with a visit to my primary care physician Dr. Norris. Purpose was to go over recent blood work. Generally ok.

He found the 20 number for coronavirus anti-bodies especially impressive. Twenty being the highest number given when testing for anti-bodies. The number great! It is not a 100 percent protection against getting coronavirus. However if I do, it will be slight not even requiring hospitalization.

Then on to Marylin’s to hear Terri White sing. She was to perform 3-5. So I thought. Three came, no Terri and only a handful of customers.

I called Donna. I was early. Terri was scheduled to sing from 5-8. On sundays she sings from 3-5.

I told Donna love you and Terri, but don’t think I can hang in till 5. Will try.

I had a drink. Then decided to eat something. Only 4:15 when I was finished. I left. Could not make it to 5. It was home for me.

While at Marylin’s, Laurie came in. I helped with her radio show 2 years ago. It was good to see her.

We chatted. She gulped down a hamburger. She had to get back to the studio.

Short blog today. Overslept. Haircut appointment at 12. Then plan to drive up to Geiger Key for a late lunch.

Tomorrow a chest scan ordered by my heart doctor Dr. McIvor. No new problems. Merely part of my annual heart checkup.

I have an allergy problem re intravenous dye. Since the cat can is with contrast, I have to prep my body so the allergy does not interfere. Three pills tonight. Five tomorrow morning. The scan at 1.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “A BLOG NO MORE

  1. Why is ANYONE surprised by DT abandoning his blog. He has failed at about EVERYTHING he has ever started or done.

    I think he is more interested in the buzz of starting things, than actually making them work. He is a loser and has now made America the same.

    • He did focus the lower end of the political spectrum. I don’t think he will get the Nobel Prize for that one.

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