An interesting week ahead. A dangerous one. Whether a losing demagogue will try to recapture his claim to the Presidency. Assuming of course he loses the election.

If Trump does, it will not be by peaceful means. Impossible. Involve violence? Definitely. Blood on the streets? Probably.

The issue has been out there for months. The media has discussed it extensively. However in recent days, not so much.

The Atlantic and the Washington Post have approached it right on  the past few days. The Atlantic’s article of 11/1/20 and Washington Post’s of 10/31/20.

I draw on the 2 articles and my own thoughts in composing today’s blog.

The election result may be violent and chaotic. As bad as the 1850’s leading up to the Civil War and the 1967 Weather Underground civil unrest.

Happenings have already set the stage. Extremists recently plotted to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, militias are recruiting police and soldiers into their ranks, the President has encouraged followers to monitor polling places, and asked the Proud Boys to “stand by.”

In addition, Trump refuses to agree to “a peaceful transfer of power.”

Present signs suggest a high risk of violence as soon as this week. A continuation of the rage and tension which are part and parcel of the U.S. today.

Americans are more polarized today than the years leading to the Civil War. Two prominent contributing factors: Protests against police racism and far right militia groups.

There is another which must not be forgotten. Probably the most important. In Trump, the U.S. has a President who is prepping his supporters in what to do in case he loses.

Unquestionably, disputed elections are more likely to lead to protests and violence. The consequences of losing are unbearable to most.

Some feel the need to rescue their nation through heroic action. Some by engaging in acts of violence and extremism.

The source of violence today in the U.S. is the far right. Most believe far right groups will be responsible for future violence. Indicating violence will be spontaneous and localized. Right and left wings clashing in only a few cities.

I do not agree.

The “war” will be national. Trump will rely on groups such as ICE, the Border Patrol, and certain military units to “verify” his Presidency, support the militias, and guarantee his reelection as a fact.

There is another factor that could initiate violence. Earlier than later. Trump sending in armed people to take over election administration centers and recount centers in an attempt to move the vote to his favor.

As with a wildfire, a spark could set things off.

Take Portland, Oregon for example. A right wing armed group plans to show up at ballot drop off sites on election day tomorrow with weapons in plain view.

Some extreme left wing organizations are planing to take to the streets in counter protest.

In Portland and elsewhere, street rallies and protests will be prevalent. I read somewhere that “a riot is the language of the unheard.” An interesting comment.

Violence in the present instance will be the result of Trump becoming that which he so despises: A loser.

There are signs in addition to those earlier set forth indicating violence is a moving black cloud that may set over the U.S. A sharp increase in gun sales. A spike in chatter re a civil war when right wing extremists gather together. An increase in violent language by Trump and others in his administration. Finally, some Americans showing an increased willingness to view violence as an acceptable tool against political opponents.

You need not me to tell you these are bad times we have been living through. Evil. Diabolical. Never saw it before in my lifetime nor as a student of history in the 244 years the U.S. has been a nation.

Hopefully there is a new day coming. One where the American family will be reunited. It’s kumbaya time again!

Enjoy your day!






    • As in wanting to own slaves again?

      Or getting your land, that was ceded to the victors (northern states) who won the civil war, back?

  1. Cities are already boarding up windows in anticipation of the coming violence this week.

    But you are mistaken Lou, about who will be causing the violence.

  2. Do these Republican hard heads really think that these Trump Train Flag waving pick up truck blockages on streets and highways today and tomorrow are really going to help them persuade ANY undecided voters towards their candidates?

    I got caught in one here in Chicago and I’ll tell you I really got pissed off, big time. These guys are no better that the BLM protests, just more heavily armed. it is uncalled for and disgusting.

  3. If they (Democrats) did have one, I certainly wouldn’t want to be part of that! It is wrong and just acting out like petulant children.

  4. Dixville Notch where their total incomes from the Federal Government Forest Program and GT’s mountain division, the population is dropping each year, now down to 5 voters, and only one paved road , US 16. But like Fl., not state income tax. Democratic and Tax Free!

  5. Sandy is a pest and a relentless troll, who often post vulgar and dishonest information on Lou’s blog. He famous for comprehension problems and often makes no sense, like today. Some people believe that’s really due to a Russian to English problem.

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