I never met Peter Anderson. My loss. He was a man about town. Respected. Secretary-General of the Conch Republic.

Peter died this past year. Everyone spoke well of him. As they had done during his life.

At some point, Peter and Mark Howell sat down. Probably several times. I am assuming when Peter was near death.

Peter told his life story to Howell. The story has been carried in KONK Life News E-Blast the past few days. To continue till finished.

Read it! An amazing tale. Of an amazing man.

Peter Anderson lived a full and exciting life. During which he touched many lives.

The Key West/Fantasy fest war is concluded. At least for 5 years. The principals have arrived at an understanding.

My opinion is the City Commission were pigs. Their hunger for money continues to adversely affect every part of Key West life.

Dinner last night with Tom and Fran Dixon at Hot Tin Roof. Their daughter and son in law joined us for drinks beforehand.

The party got bigger. Jean Thornton joined us. Then Stephanie Kappel.

A good time!

Fran brought me home made chocolate candy. All the way from Buffalo. Second time. Did it the last trip, also. At 10 last night upon arriving home, I attacked the bag.

The Dixons return in July.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me. I talk about interesting things. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Topics include the 28 pages involving Saudi Arabia, specific examples of U.S. dollar waste in Afghanistan, hard ass Tea Partier Gov. Paul Le Page of Maine, Lincoln’s nomination and election, Russia’s deals with China and Pakistan re oil.

And the Tom Brady fiasco, Obama telling Germans to take in 1 million immigrants,  Chernobyl’s fall out, and more.

Have to move fast. I am running late. Thought I was having lunch with Donna and Terri tomorrow. Turns out it is today. I’m getting forgetful.

Enjoy your day!


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