An article appears in this morning’s Key West Citizen about Longboat Key and turtles.

Hatchlings in Longboat Key returning to the ocean are being confused by highway street lights. The hatchlings are not going into the ocean. They are crawling in the direction of the street lights and getting run over. Longboat Key is considering dimming the lights.

Nature motivates turtles to move in the direction of the moon in order to enter the ocean. The turtles are mistaking the streets lights for moon light. Causes the hatchlings to find the highway by mistake.

Longboat Key is not going far enough. They should shut the highway lights completely off from May to October when the hatchlings are on the move.

Key West was confronted with a similar problem some 15 years ago. Along Smathers Beach. Smathers Beach lies between the ocean and South Roosevelt Boulevard. Bright street lines lining the Boulevard.

When the eggs buried beneath the sand hatch, the scenario once again is that nature causes them to find their way to the ocean. They are naturally drawn to the water by moon light over the ocean.

The Key West hatchlings were confused by the street lights. They mistakenly took the lights for moon light. They headed in that direction and were run over by cars.

Key West did the right thing. They turned the street lights completely off. Eliminating the confusion completely.

Longboat Key should follow Key West’s example.

I spent several day time hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Lincoln: Nomination and Election. The column publishes wednesday.

I was motivated to write about the 1860 Presidential election because of what is going on during the present primary season. Similarities and differences between the two. The column interesting. Especially to those who enjoy politics.

I finished around 5:30. Wanted to get out. Not really hungry. Not interested in chatting with anyone.

Decided on Louie’s Backyard. Sat on the deck with my feet up on a little table. Just me and the Atlantic. Had a couple of drinks while contemplating my navel.

Harry Truman again.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. As a result, I mention Truman whenever the occasion arises.

On this day in 1947, Truman officially opened the White House bowling alleys. An inaugural of sorts for the bowling alleys.

The two alleys were a gift from Truman’s Missouri buddies. Strange, since Truman was not a bowler. A poker player, yes.

Truman used the alleys rarely. However, White House staff from the Secret Service to the gardeners formed teams. A White House Bowling League was born.

Eisenhower ill treated the bowling alleys. He had them removed. Johnson had one alley put back in when he was President.

A side note. Truman bowlers were pretty good. A special team of the better players was formed. Labeled the White House Bowling Team. The team competed in competitions across the country.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Good ole Harry drank a shot of bourbon every morning to ‘ get the engine running’. That I can certainly understand and would have liked to have been able to have had one with him.

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