Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s book “Peril” has been published. Portions were reported for the first time today. The book basilica covers Canary 6-8 and what might be described as Trump’s disintegration.

Recall, January 6 was the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Only Woodward and Costa could have written such a book. Outstanding! Impactful! I can’t wait to get the book and read it in its entirety.

One word basically describes the book’s contents: Scary.

Trump literally went crazy when he lost the election. He was desperately seeking a way to retain the Presidency. A war perhaps? Even better, a nuclear war with China?

General Milley was Chairman of he Joint Chiefs. He sensed Trump’s mental state and apparent aims at the moment. He feared Trump would go “rogue” and start an unneeded and dangerous war with China.

Milley went “back door” and communicated with a high ranking general in China. Two telephone calls were had. Milley’s purpose was to assure Trumps words and actions were not to be taken seriously. The military would be in immediate control if Trump ordered a bombing of China. Milley could so assure since initiating nuclear weapons required his participation and that of certain other officers.

It was obvious to those surrounding the President that he had become “explosive and unhinged.”

Woodward and Costa recognize there was a fear that Trump might provoke a domestic or abroad war to distract from his “crushing election loss.”

As far back as 11/20/20, National Secretary officials were warning Milley: “We are on the way to a right wing coup. The whole thing is insanity. He is acting like a six year old with a tantrum.”

The fear existed that Trump’s “ego” would cause him to lash out.

Trump was listening to no one, except Steve Bannon. Like Trump getting his marching orders from the Devil himself. Trump sought Bannon out and had him return to the White House.

Keep in mind that Bannon’s primary goal in life is the destruction of existing governments. The U.S. first on his list.

For Bannon, January 6 was “his joy.” Woodward and Costa clearly indicate that Bannon played a critical role leading up to January 6.

Some comments/statements set forth in the book.

Barr to Trump: “The problem is this stuff about the voting machines is pure bullshit.” Another: “Your team is a bunch of clowns.”

Interestingly, Pence sought advice from former Vice-President Dan Quayle. A person who had been a disappointing Vice-President. Quayle told Pence, “You have no power.”

Ivanka three times told her father, “Let this go.”

And so it goes. A potent book to read. I can’t wait.

Were it not for Peril’s publication, Newsom’s win in the California recall would have been topic #1.

The election result was one without surprise. It has been a long time since we have experienced a comfortable feeling, a comfortable result. It had been obvious the past two weeks that Newsom was going to win. Elder’s race had turned backward. He stood no chance.

Makes me wonder what Elder will do at this stage. Will he sue to set aside the vote based on fraud as he had threatened prior to the election?

Hopefully not. A waste of time, money, and the country’s attention.

Newsom’s victory impressive. The vote 2-1.

As of this morning, we have yet to hear from Trump. Maybe he will not speak out. After all, Elder was a loser. I’m sure Trump does not “like losers.”

Newsom’s victory not the only significant result of the California election. There were a number of vaccine mandates on the ballot. All vaccine items received a huge vote. They will remain in place.

I have begun thinking recently that half the nation might not really be opposed any longer to vaccine mandates. People are getting their shots, etc. The only persons really opposed to vaccine mandates are politicians. It is hard for them to change horses mid stream.

California is a clear win for Democrats. Concededly a Democratic state. However, you never know.

I recommend that California Democratic politicians and voters remain vigilant between now and the 2022 elections. The wind is swift and political thinking has a way of changing rapidly.

A front page article in this morning’s Key West Citizen advises “King tides” are to be expected from today through the end of the year. King floods are major in consequence. Easily flood streets.

This year, King floods are expected to be worse than in previous years.

I close with a timely topic: Death and DeSantis.

It was recently reported that Florida’s death total has reached a point where it exceeds DeSantis’ margin of victory. Florida is averaging 20 deaths per day.

DeSantis is playing disaster politics the way he is handling the COVID problem.

His Presidential aspiration hopes for 2024 are slowly dissipating.

He may be lucky to be reelected Governor in 2022. Recent polls show him now trailing Democrat Charlie Crist.

Enjoy your day!


  1. As of this morning, we have yet to hear from Trump. Maybe he will not speak out. After all, Elder was a loser. I’m sure Trump does not “like losers.”

    That is comical, while there are varying perspectives on what a winner and a loser constitutes, Trump has a long track record of losing, in business, his personal life, and most recently, politics.

  2. Republicans and their “shout army” followers are already trying to make General Milley the scapegoat by calling HIM a traitor in their attempt to “change the subject’ about the President of the United States attempting to create a coup, after having lost the election in 2020.

    Truth is, Milley, a Trump appointment, was actually trying to save our democracy. and it was Trump who was clearly treasonous.

  3. Milley is toast. With Biden’s slipping off into dementia land, how long will it be before Milley pulls another chain of command breach? Biden may not be aware of it, but his handlers certainly are.

  4. Milley was a Trump appointee, how good could he have been to begin with?

    Thing is, he should be given a medal for what he did. That’s a patriot that few Trump appointee’s ever rose to. Without him we very easily could have been nuked in retaliation.

      • No, the word I wanted was PATRIOT. Traitor in this instance was Donald Trump who was attempting a coup for his own personal benefit at the immediate peril of the American people.

        Milley was keeping us (and the rest of the world) safe with no benefit to himself. Foolish and self serving Republicans, such as yourself are twisting this ONLY to try and minimize how close we came to destruction from the treasonous, self serving actions of the by then electorally defeated President of the United States, Donald Trump.

          • Ahhhhhhh, I think think the problem is really those people who don’t wear masks. Those who are still alive continue to display impaired judgement on all kinds of things and embarrazzingly they do it publicly.

  5. Well, I think Milley should be put up for the Nobel Peace Prize, and if he was, would have enormous support and backing from around the world.

    • If he was nominated, he would win, but it would have to be awarded posthumously as Republicans would definitely put out a hit on him, his wife Hollyanne, and his two children. All of whom who live at the same address in Maryland

  6. Hold on, Republicans don’t REALLY think Milley is a traitor. They are just pissed he would not go along with Trump’s coup and are trying to justify a payback campaign, even if that’s obvious.

  7. Republican’s are their own worst enemies, aren’t they. Painful to watch. Won’t they ever learn that eventually it’s one of their own who will turn on them?

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