If this story does not motivate the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, nothing will.

Those who continue to refuse are smart ass unwise know it alls. I wish there were stronger words to describe them. Perhaps there are. In certain instances, they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse carrying disease and death.

A California couple died of COVID-19 two weeks apart. Daniel and Davy Macias. Well educated. Daniel a middle school math teacher. Davy a labor and delivery nurse.

Neither vaccinated.

They left 5 children, including a newborn. The children range in age from 3 weeks to 8 years.

Daniel and David spent 18 months prior to their deaths discussing the pros and cons of being vaccinated. They lived cautiously to protect against the virus, except for the vaccination part. Home surfaces were wiped down, each showered after work, had their groceries delivered, etc.

Davy was 7 months pregnant when the baby was delivered. Several doctors involved in the delivery because of her COVID condition. Davy was incubated during the birth process. The baby was delivered Caesarian. Davy never got to meet nor hold her new born. She died immediately following the baby’s removal.

Husband/father David died 2 weeks later. He never saw his newborn son. Only pictures.

The children are presnetly with Daniel’s parents. Daniel’s mother Traci is a retired kindergarten teacher.

Daniel was supposed to name the baby. He never did. The baby remains unnamed. Terri says they are waiting for her “son to name him.” A revelation in the middle of the night?

In the meantime, the family refers to the newborn as “Baby Boy.”

Traci believes Daniel and Davy contacted the virus following a recent family trip to an indoor water park as a last hurrah for the children before returning to school.

Traci says, “We didn’t see it coming. COVID doesn’t discriminate.”

Two educated parents. One in the medical field. Thinking about the feasibility of the vaccine. Parents of 4 with another on the way.

Respectfully, stupid! As a result, five children will grow up without parents. Grandparents will do all that is necessary. Not the same, however. The grandparents are older and though the children are family, the burden heavy for them to carry.

All this could have been avoided had Daniel and Davy been vaccinated.

A recent study reveals 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans will quit their jobs if vaccines are mandated. The mandates will have been put in place by recent OSHA regulations which are being worked into the legal system.

Don’t believe 70 percent will quit. It is bravado talking. The smart ass know it alls.

If not working, what would they do for money? Once the paycheck stops, who will pay for the food, rent/mortgage, gas and electric, water,  and other recurrent living expenses? More touching, new sneaks for the kids.

In most states, if the employee quits, unemployment checks start later than normal. Additionally no one should expect to receive any more stimulus checks. The well is dry as far as new stimulus legislation.

Biden recently signed 2 Executive Orders mandating all federal employees had to be vaccinated. The new Orders do not apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress and the federal court system.

Before everyone gets upset and starts throwing stones about an issue they are not totally familiar with, let me explain why certain branches of government will not fall under the mandate.

“Branches” is the operative word. There are three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. A Biden Executive Order can only cover those working for the Executive branch. Biden by Executive Order does not have the power to set rules for Congress and the Judiciary because of the legal separateness.

It was only a few years ago that Key West was the Florida city with the highest number of bicycle accidents resulting in injury and death. I believe it. Everyone who lives in Key West believes it. Some tourists, perhaps.

Key West is referred to as the Bicycle Capital of the World. Says it all.

The problem lies primarily with tourists. They come down and ride bikes while visiting. Something they have not done in years. Sixty year olds who have not been on a bicycle in 50 years. Families with several little children riding in a line one after another. Many of the children young.

Key West streets are narrow. Traffic heavy. Bicycle accidents inevitable.

I do not know of a solution other than to ban bicycles. It will never float, however.

So why this portion of the blog?

A backpack that deploys airbags to protect bicycle riders has been developed. Electronic sensors detect a bike fall and inflate football style shoulder pads for upper torso protection before the wearer makes impact. It is claimed the backpack lessens the force of impact by up to 80 percent.

The manufacturer is Commute Air Pro 18.

A friend from Iowa telephoned yesterday. He said he read that Hemingway hated his mother. Was it true?

As far as I was concerned, yes.

Throughout his life, Hemingway had female problems. Many believe they were “mother derived.”

I referred my friend to a blog I wrote a few years ago which dealt with the matter in some detail. The blog can be found in Key West Lou 12/8/18 and is titled Hemingway Hated His Mother.

New York City schools fully reopened monday for the first time in 18 months. Certain small parts had been previously opened. However for the most part, the public schools were closed.

The reason I share the reopening is I learned something new. The actual number of students in the New York City School System. It is 1,094,138. The largest school district in the United States.

Not every company pays its employees well. There are examples of those who do, however. Like Amazon for example.

Amazon has had an average $15 per hour wage since 2018. Amazon announced yesterday it will be moving its average wage to $18 per hour. Additionally, Amazon announced it plans to hire another 125,000 warehouse and transportation workers.

That’s not all. Amazon will also be paying a $3,000 bonus to each employee.

Enjoy your day!














5 comments on “GET VACCINATED!!!!!!!!!!

  1. More people in Florida have now died from Covid than DeSantiss’ margin of victory in his governor’s race. Now that’s Covid poetry.

    Covid fixing stupid on a mazzive scale

  2. Mike Huckabee blames COVID-19 “vaccine hesitancy” on Biden ‘boring us to death’ with science, and he said this in public.

    You just can’t male this up. Apparently Mike Huckabee thinks Republicans won’t dispute this! Just one more example about Republicans being stupid and their leaders knowing it!

  3. Why is it that no main stream news organization is reporting that Larry Elder’s California campaign is being robbed of the victory he surely would have if the election wasn’t such a fraud?

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