The Comments Section of this blog generally a war zone. Opposing political positions. No place for the timid.

A comment today emotionally moved me. A video. Touched my patriotic nerve. Brought tears to my eyes.

I recommend you view it. Seven minutes long.

Food for thought. Hatred is being spewed by those at the very top of the American political stage. Such the case, the Pittsburgh synagogue incident didn’t just happen. It was bound to happen.

Though the Comment Section has its moments of ferocity, occasionally a touch of humor appears. I consider the following humorous recognizing at the same time it insults a portion of American society: Ban Pre-Shredded Cheese. Make America Grate Again.

My last night began with the Chart Room. Vacationing trial attorney Scott at the bar again. He knows a good place when he finds it. I have seen him there 3 nights recently.

Also at the bar were Sheila, Carol and Jean Thornton. Carol visiting with Sheila for the week. A Californian. Professionally, a costume designer. She and Sheila were out every night of Fantasy Fest in a different costume.

Love of my life Jean Thornton sitting with them.

Chatted with all 3 ladies for a time. Then Jean suggested I join her for dinner. Stone crabs at the Pier One Restaurant. She was buying.

How could I say no.

Jean and I pigged out on stone crabs. Ordered nothing else except a drink each.

A glorious day for Syracuse. The college football rankings came out today. Syracuse is ranked #22. The first time Syracuse has been ranked since 2001.

Syracuse travels to Wake Forest saturday. Hope the ‘Cuse winning ways continue. Syracuse 6-2, Wake Forest 4-4.

When the federal government recommends privatizing jails it is for the benefit of the corporations owning them. Not the tax paying public. Mucho dinero involved. Political donations huge.

I have been opposed to jail privatization since day one. Two primary reasons. The U.S. crime rate has steadily been going down. The other is that corruption occurs within the privatization system. An issue I have written about in the past several times.

The New York Time Editorial Board in an Opinion Piece 10/28/18 titled “The Hate Poisoning America” wrote in part: “Violent crimes remains at historic lows across the United States. But by various indexes, hate appears to be on the rise.”

Justice moves slowly. The axiom Justice delayed is justice denied occurs in many scenarios. One is the length of time it takes for a death sentence to be carried out. Ten to twenty years not uncommon.

I am totally in support of a defendant sentenced to death to receive every legal theory available to avoid the death sentence. However, 10-20 years is a bit long. The victim died in a much shorter time frame. Minutes to days in most instances.

It was not always a long stretched out period. An example involves President McKinley.

The President was shot on September 6, 1901. He died September 14, 1901. His assassin was executed October 29, 1901.

Eighty four days from the commission of the crime to the carrying out of the death sentence.

The assassin was executed by use of the electric chair at Auburn Prison.

I go out of my way to mention Auburn Prison. I was in the prison several times to depose witnesses. Not a pleasant place even to visit.

Terri sings tonight! Guest performer with Dueling Bartenders at Aqua.

Enjoy your day!


11 comments on “PATRIOTIC EMOTIONS

  1. Auburn Prison. Not a pleasant place is an under statement.

    Pay no attention to ron. I thought the video appropriate, specially now. Everyone should be able to find some common ground, but, apparently not. Plus, had I got my name typed in time it would have been criticized sooner.

  2. Pure kiss-asz, if you ask me. All your other “name forgotten to be added in time” posts were despicable. You tried to make it look as if this American terrorist had no connection with Trump. When that didn’t work and your accusation that liberals were calling you names was totally without merit, you suck up with a patriotic video, rather than some warm and fuzzy comment on the Syracuse sports rah-rah, as usual. Nice video, deplorable intention. Brown nose all the way. And to quote you in a recent similar action “you got me!”

  3. “you got me!”

    Don’t understand sarcasm do you ron. No big deal, there doesn’t seem much that you do. Your above post is asinine even for you.

    As for Syracuse, Dino is doing good.

  4. I remember some time ago Patrick, where you asked someone you were arguing with about this other persons answer and you requested he (or she, I don’t remember) to please say so, when they were being sarcastic because you couldn’t figure that out. Then for some time many people posted something they’d label it as such, just for you. It was hilarious then and even more so now, when YOU, of all people, wish to hide behind sarcasm (or rather your rather awkward interpretation of sarcasm) NOW. You’ll wiggle, squirm or lie you’re way out of anything, won’t you?

    But why have you turned your attention to attacking me, rather than explain to us all why you constantly wish to come on this site and defend people like Trump who is inciting others to violence?

  5. Or better yet, could you please explain why you come on this blog and so often just throw out these nasty remarks most of us see as something to just provoke an argument for no good reason, rather than giving your reasoned opinion on maybe some topic in discussion. And while you are at it, can you please explain why you are always pretending to be a victim of something?

      • See Patrick, you can’t even be honest on the most basic stuff. You are almost ALWAYS the one who starts something. You toss out a remark, mostly under a post where you “forgot” to get the name right, then claim you didn’t say that. Then you personally attack whoever calls you on it and eventually cry like a baby on how you are always picked on, after which you brown nose Lou and then take a victory lap, remember “hehehehe”

        You’re clever alright, only just by half.

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